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Friday, December 28, 2012

The Three Gossips - A Scarlett Rock?

  The Three Gossips
  Photograph Provided by Molly Dog Images

Here we are again.  The end of another year.  I could have spent time making up resolutions that I know I would have difficulty keeping;  or better yet, lament over the past year.  Speaking plainly, and without much detail, 2012 SUCKED.  One event, worthy of mention, was my grandson Christopher Corry turning 1 year old, following in his beautiful mother's footsteps literally, and walking ahead of schedule.  The other event was the success of my talented son, who has continued to excel in his career as a professional master chef.  So, as a parent, to be able to brag of childrens' accomplishments is a gift!

Christmas gave my husband and me a trip to one of our favorite spots on the map.  Moab, Utah offers a splendid and magical experience.  At one point in my life, alas, not too long ago, there was the ability to run through some of the hundreds of trails hidden throughout the "back 40" as well as the national parks.  The mighty "fins" that can be found within Arches, allow a weary runner a moment of respite from summer heat.  It was there, in the fins, that I could sit for moment and listen, truly listen and absorb the strength of the wind.

Truth be told, December 25th, and the days leading up to it are not my favorite time of the year.   I believe the true message of the season has been replaced by commercialism.  Every year there seems to be yet one more group that wants to erase Christmas. Most religions have their holidays, or times of year which they revere.  Hell, even we as patriots seem to bow to the Muslim holy time of Ramadan. Why can't Christians have their festive time to celebrate the birth of Christ? 

I don't have a problem with the winter solstice because it gives me hope that spring is just around the corner.  Granted, in the Rocky Mountains, spring is on the calender, but Mother Nature may have a slightly different idea.

So, when my husband surprised me with the adventure of Moab for Christmas, I did not think twice.  Brrrgh - Moab was cold.  Frigid temperatures and even snow on Christmas Eve day couldn't dissuade my husband from getting out and capturing the scenic utopia of red rocks with brilliant snow.  The glory of red rock stretching upwards to the heavens takes my breath away.  All 4 seasons of Moab still offer me the same experience, but snow atop the desert scapes is something rather unique.

So, this trip, or should I say, the glance at my husband's photographs, got me to thinking about the names of these God like monuments, all within federally funded National Parks. If certain groups or individuals expend so much energy trying to dismantle the display of a Christmas tree, or a creche in front of a courthouse, then where is the outrage with regards to the names of some of the monuments' names, inside federally funded parks?  The Three Gossips, Tower of  Babel, The Lamb, Zion's Angel's Landing, just to name a few, all have a religious connotation to them.  Hell, Zion, actually means"City of God".

Is there hypocrisy?  Yes!  Do some groups shy away from an attack on the names of National Parks, funded by U.S. tax dollars because they find such joy in visiting them, and being taken in by the grandeur of a rock column?  Were the National Parks not introduced by a President?

So, with the demise of 2012, the birth of 2013, my hopes are for more tolerance when it comes to non-violent displays of one's faith, and less pissing and moaning over a tree with lights, or a menorah and more focus on peace.

Monday, December 17, 2012

NEWTOWN, CT - GOD was there, but so was mental illness.

I suspect that no matter what I write in this entry, there will be a line drawn in the sand.  Some readers will be on the side of GOD. God absolute.  The other side will be in defense of gun control.  Defiant, adamant gun control.  Somewhere in the middle will be those who want to bring awareness to mental health and how it reaches out to every vein of society.

Ask anyone on the street if they know someone who has been affected by mental illness, and chances are, those brave enough to discuss it, will answer with an astounding YES.  The mere mention of mental illness seems to give some people pause, while others recoil.  Sadly, most Americans would rather look at other factors, such as gun control or ultra-violent videos games as plausible reasons for these heinous acts of violence, rather than entertain the other, much more documented case of mental illness.

The phrase, "Guns don't kill people, people kill people" is accurate.  So, now you are probably drawing a line in the sand.  "Oh she's one of those people".  A crazy, gun enthusiast.  Without even knowing this author, I've been branded a gun lover.  I don't love guns, so much as I believe in the 2nd amendment.  I do not love violence.  I abhor it, just as most Americans do.

I am willing to step back and look at all angles of this most recent tragedy.  Just earlier in the week, a lone gunman, someone with mental health issues, opened fire in a crowded mall in Oregon.  That gunman killed 2 innocents, along with himself.  On December 14, 2012, the unthinkable happened, and a young man with mental health issues, decided that he'd go to Sandy Hook Elementary, and open fire.  The tragedy that blasted across the news waves was horrific, mind numbing, nauseating and heart wrenching.

People process their grief in multiple ways:  Guns, mental illness, violence in video games.  Somewhere the shooter disconnects with reality, and often times hell breaks lose.  Mass murderers do not use only guns.  History shows that if someone is hell bent on committing a crime of violence, they're going to do it by whatever means available. Guns, knives, cars, bombs, etc etc. 

Hollywood must also take a certain bit of responsibility in the violence showed on the silver screen.  This is not to imply that every single violent film in Hollywood is going to drive someone who is manic, or schizophrenic to commit an act of violence. But, it plants the seeds.  So are the numerous video games which turn intelligent youth into almost catatonic zombies, after 4 hours of straight playing.

No one takes responsibility.  Pass the buck.

Someone who was at Sandy Hook School on December 14, 2012 was GOD.  He was there.  He gathered those tiny children and carried them to heaven.  He gave teachers strength and a sense of bravery, as they protected their school children from harm.  Just as there is good in this world, there is also evil; otherwise referred to as free will.  GOD combats Evil every day.  We are mere mortals who might not see it, but it's there still.

GOD doesn't live in schools much.  You will most likely find him in Churches or synagogues.  He is also present in the souls of those small children.  But we, the American people, have gone to great lengths to make sure that GOD, Christmas Trees, Menorahs, or any type of religious symbol are absent from public view, or on public land.  We've washed GOD right out of our every day lives.  Then we ask, at time of troubles, where was GOD?  Incredulous!

I pray for those wee souls.  I pray for their parents, and for the teachers who stood in the line of fire.  I pray for Adam and his mother, who he savagely murdered.  I pray for those who erase GOD from public view, for those battling mental illness, and for children who are being taken over by the growing displays of violence at every street corner, or turn of the channel.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Demise of Hope and The Renewal of Spirit

At times, more often then I might like, I find my mind wandering.  To where I do not know.  Shades of muted violets, greys and black.  All along my path, the insidious obstacles of life seem to hurl themselves at me.  I wander past these blocks of depression and fight my way back to the top of my life.  Everyday brings another sunrise, hours of daylight, more wandering and finally, at night's first glimpse, the God given strength in knowing I have conquered yet another day.  These are the times of greatness.

We all face demons in life.  To think otherwise would be foolish.  How we go about battling the perils is up to us.  I'd like to see my world as a canvas.  Stark white paper, stretched across an artist's easel, waiting for brush strokes from the owner.  Wide sweeping strokes of  color.  Colors too vibrant to imagine as they hurt the eye to even look.

My canvas has the brilliant shades of spring.  Spring, with its rebirth of  all life - runs like a deep, blue river through my soul.  Brush strokes of violet, regal royal purple, with a dash of striking yellow, on tender blooms of  tiny flowers.  Green pokes it head through the remnants of winter's snow, and once again, my spirit is suddenly struck with the warmth of renewal and the eternal hope of yet another season blessed.

This is the hope for joy.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Virgins for Mohammed or BHO as a Savior

Recently,  it would appear that the American people have been delivered a bunch of gobbly gluck as to what exactly caused the tragic September 11, 2012 attack on our embassy in Benghazi, Libya.  Most of the confusion is coming out of the omnipotent palace of "Our Lord and Savior" [thank you Jamie Foxx] in other words referred to B. Hussein Obama.

Was it spontaneous?  Was it the result of some unknown video? Was it the result of Hostess going out of business - and Muslim terrorists,  all over the world are in an uproar over the possible demise of the Ho-Ho and Twinkie?  No one, especially the American people, seem to have a clue what caused terrorists to attack our Embassy and murder Ambassador Stevens, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods.

Last night I sat at supper with my husband, a former Navy man, and another friend, a former Army man.  Ideas were tossed around the table as to what is going on in Washington, D.C. and just how much should the American people be made aware of.  In its most rudimentary example, our Army friend moved water glasses around, and mentioned the famous lines of bait and switch, deferring attention from one water glass to another.  Are the Americans tax payers that stupid?  Are we that complacent that we no longer care, or wish to engage in a driving, burning desire to know the truth - something we are entitled to?

Never one to sit in a corner, and remain silent, I announced my desire to start writing letters to my Senators and Congressmen about why I voted for them, and exactly what I expect from them.  I'm not like the TIME Magazine nominee, Sandra Fluke, who wants some free condoms or birth control, so she can continue to entertain herself in extra-curricular activities.  Shit, I'm a grandmother, mother, wife, daughter, sister and TAX PAYING AMERICAN CITIZEN (well past menopause ...no birth control needed...)who wants some bloody answers.  I don't want tap dancing, or water glasses being moved around a diner table.  I want to know what happened in Libya.

Can anyone imagine what it would be like if all Americans made the same demand of their elected officials?  Nothing vindictive, or provocative, just the plain and direct truth.  Sec of State Hillary Clinton still seems confused, potential nominee Susan Rice goes on 5 Sunday morning news programs and trips over her secret Intel ..."I'm going off what has been told to me..." robotic rhetoric, and how do I even begin to describe the utter disgrace of our newly re-elected disaster of a president?

General Patraeus and the mess of extra-marital affairs seemed so convenient.  Almost too convenient.  And if you look on the cover of People Magazine, you see a picture of his biographer.  Disgusting.  How much time will the media spend on the love lorn females climbing upon horny generals, and tap dance around what smells, no, wait - actually reeks of cover-up.  What are colleges and universities producing now-a-days with respect to investigative journalism?  Isn't anyone willing to dig into the cesspool of corrupt Washington, D.C. and for the memory of 4 dead Americans, discover where the truth is?  Will these 4 Americans be placed in a little box, and left to gather dust in some secret room, in the corrupt White House?

The POTUS has big plans for America.  He managed to play mind tricks on more than 52% of the American people towards an indoctrination of Socialism.  He thinks he's going to push Obamacare through, even though the 10th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America argues against it.  He's basking in the glow of his newly appointed title of "Lord and Savior" vis-a-vis moron Jamie Foxx, a movie star.  Who will be the first to pound a nail into the POTUS' hand on that crucifix? Obama even managed to leave GOD out of the Thanksgiving Blessing.

So, I will take up a pen and paper, and bombard my elected officials with letters demanding truths to the murders of 4 Americans who gave their lives on September 11, 2012.  And if I, all of a sudden, disappear, you may be able to find me in the box in the White House marked and cataloged, Menopausal Grandmother.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Country Music, Conspiracies and The Haters

So, here we are, fresh into a rerun of the stale, lying, corrupt and just plain disgusting Obama's presidency.  Did things "change"?  Nope.  Have things moved "forward"? Nope. Is there "Hope" for America?  Nope.  Wow, if I did not know any better, I'd say that the auto rewind spiraled out of control on my 1980s' styled tape deck.

I held my tongue - as long as I could.  Has anyone even tried to hold their tongue?  It's not all that easy.  Your hand gets kind of wet, you drool a bit, and well, your jaw gets sore.  Wait, are we talking about holding our tongues anymore, or describing the royal blow job that America's Uncle Sam is getting?  Ah, a little too graphic for some of you - try bending over in the shower then, grab that bar of soap called justice, and take one for the team.  Quit using the scales of justice to measure your pot and "fast and furious" weapons that killed Border Agent Brian Terry.

Okay, now that I got that out of my system, let's get down to it.  Conspiracies and The Haters.  Country Music - it's what I am listening to now on my Pandora Station to keep focus on my mood...to control it!!  The Haters.  I recently found out, by virtue of someone who does not know me, that I am a "Hater".  Apparently, Haters are those who voted against The POTUS, and decided to vote new blood into the White House.  Haters are morally bankrupt, we hate people of color, we hate women, we hate government supplied birth control, we hate entitlements, we hate the poor, we hate the pro-choice movement, we hate health care for everyone, we hate Hollywood, we hate Michael Moore, George Clooney, Alec Baldwin, Maureen Dowd, Rachel Maddow, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC and NPR.  We love money.  We love our country.  We love capitalism.  We believe in moral responsibility,  We believe in less government. We are pro-life.  We are against medicinal maryjane (4:20), we apparently love taxing the poor,  and giving the rich a break.  We love freedom of speech.  We believe in and support our U.S. Military.  We believe that a cross in the middle of a remote California desert which honors U.S. military dead is OK.  We believe "In God We Trust" should be left on money, and that "One Nation Under God" means something.

So, I am confused.  Now, do not misinterpret my sentiments to imply that non-Haters don't love their country, or that I question their patriotism, BUT, why then should a non-Hater have the audacity (using their leader's wordage) to exclaim me to be a "HATER"  when I respond to the vapid drivel coming from the mouth of the fat one - Michael Moore. Free speech, in the mind of the non-Haters, means you recite the pledge of life according to the liberal thought pattern.  If I could get my mind to that small size, well, maybe I'd be amongst the holy ones - the non-Haters.  But, since I stand firm in thinking outside the box of the non-Hater lifestyle, I guess I'll just have to excel myself into being the best Hater I can be.

Okay, enough hating.  Let's graduate on to the world of corruption.  How many remember old Richard Nixon?  An exceptionally intelligent man, who was paranoid, shy, in a constant state of worry; talking in secret about this and that - which led to the Deep Throat and Watergate?  I, for one, thought Richard Nixon wasn't really that bad.  Or should I say, he just got caught doing what most of modern day politicians have been getting away with.

Watergate, Whitewater/Rose Law Firm, Contragate, Clintongate, or was that Cigargate?  Now we have a newly coined "gate" to look towards.  "Benghazigate".  How sad that we still are not smart enough to get past what seems to be a prerequisite in politics -  sex and corruption.  Here we sit, on Veteran's Day, a time to reflect upon those who have served in our Armed Forces, and learning about Gen. Patraeus (a married man and head of the CIA), Mrs. Broadwell, his biographer (a married woman), and their playing footsie while she was writing his biography.  What, exactly, was she writing about?  His penis length, how good he was in bed?  What cologne he wears?  Then we learn, about another woman, a friend of the General's who received menacing emails from Mrs. Broadwell to "stay away from her man".  I'm waiting to hear about a diaper clad biographer making a trip to Florida to look for that other woman, and maybe we can throw another General or national security/intelligence person under the bus, for grins and giggles.

FOX News (and other news sources) reported earlier today that the now freshly resigned General Patraeus is not going to testify before a congressional panel about the fine details of  Benghazi.  Given that the Obama Administration still has Eric Holder in office, after Fast & Furious, and no action has been taken against him,  I must begin to wonder if  a congressional subpoena will be issued for General Patraeus, Sec of State Hillary Clinton, or the FBI.  I wonder just how many people involved with the MURDER of our Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens,  as well as Sean Smith, Glen Doherty & Tyrone Woods, will magically slip the hands of justice and the power of a Congressional Subpoena, and either take the 5th, and/or magically become unavailable for testimony before Congress.

What do we owe this country?  What does this country owe us?  JFK stated during his inaugural speech, "Ask not what your Country can do for you, but what YOU can do for your Country" [emphasis added YOU].  With those famous words, what should WE THE PEOPLE expect from our Government?  Should we become familiar with lies, cover-ups and corruption or should we expect more?  Should we expect a Government that strives for honesty?  Can those even co-exist in a free country meant to be democratic in nature?  What would George Washington think?

We don't need not inquire as to what Ret. USNavy SEALs Glen Doherty or Tyrone Woods would do - America got their answer on September 11, 2012, during a fire fight, living and dying the creed - Leave No Man Behind.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Oh no - You're A Cowboy? Does Your Scrotum Hurt?

A few years back (excuse me while I adjust my Pandora music station to Pure Prairie League genre for added calmness, sans Ativan), I was at a farewell party for one of the ER docs.  It was a gathering of many personalities, mostly ski patrol, EMS, fire, police and hospital employees.  We all came from different sets of circumstances, that brought us to a point in our lives, where being first responders was what we craved as our drug of choice. Adrenaline. "The ride, the ultimate ride".  There's nothing like it.

Red light blinking fire trucks, sirens, the noises, the smells, the guns, the sight of a trauma surgeon slicing into a stabbing victim's chest, and performing open heart massage (at Denver General); the smell of blood and the endorphin rush that follows. From the First Aid worker who might apply a band-aid to a small blister, all the way up to CPR on someone you know is already gone; the job is never easy, and you take home each and every patient you treat, no matter the outcome.  Some sit in the back of  my mind to this day - almost a 1.5 yrs after I started my last IV on a patient, at 35,000 feet, in the back of an airplane, on the way to Phoenix.

My birth mother had suffered a near fatal cardiac arrest back in March 2010.  Ironically, as a flower power protesting fool of a liberal loving Democrat, she was at an Obama styled health care rally, when she suddenly "grabbed her chest and dropped, mid sentence", as one witness later told us.  The last 2 pictures of my mother were her holding a sign  "Obamacare for everyone", and the next one was of her on the ground and 2 off duty Wyoming EMTs performing CPR, and a Tempe Police Officer trying to get Fire/EMS to the scene.  My mother was lucky that she survived her ordeal.  LESSON ONE HERE FOLKS - LEARN CPR, IT SAVES LIVES!

In May 2010, one day after ankle reconstruction, I boarded an airplane for my "turn" at being with my grandmother, and also to see my mother.  Crutches and all, I hobbled on to a United flight.  It never fails, I usually have a kid who's parents failed "Control Thy Child", to the larger person who kicks my seat, to the little table that doesn't stay up for the duration of the flight.  This particular flight was like every other I've been aboard.  I got the "kicker".  A big bubba, with a 10 gallon cowboy hat, and cowboy boots for added seat kicking ability.  Well, damn it all to hell, 45 minutes into a 90 minute flight, my beloved kicking cowboy starts really gets restless behind me.  Forget about the fact that I'm in a cast, with a set of toes that scream, "Pedicure Please", when I over hear the cowboy say..."I think I'm having a heart attack".  You've got to be kidding me?

This is your decision making moment.  Do you remain silent, for fear of some crazy outcome that results in litigation, or do you do the right thing and turn around at look at the flight attendant and say, "I'm a medic, can I help"?  Okay, so I have a knee high cast, one day fresh from surgery, and purple toes...what are you going to do?  Let the guy croak?  So, to the back of the plane we head, where I then discover that the budget cuts allow airlines to fly "pillow free.".  Bubba gets a huge wad of plastic garbage pail liners as a pillow, and I ask the flight attendant about first aid kits, IV solutions and needles.  And an AED.  Bubba's main concern was that he not lose sight of his gigantic, "I ride livestock for a living" belt buckle.  In the cowboy world of bulls, broncs, etc...these heavy belt buckles are like gold.  "Sorry buddy, but I've got to get your shirt open, and loosen your pants a little bit."  Bubba, being a true cowboy says..."well okay darling, if you've got to let the dragon out".  Really, do you honestly think being in the back of an airplane at 35,000 feet has summoned a sexual encounter out of me?  Settle down cowboy!

The first aid kit...if that's what you call it, was by no means set up for cardiac arrest.  No cardiac meds.  Bubba could ask for aspirin, but there are so many fine guidelines of what one can administer.  Sealed aspirins in blister packs are ok; nothing out a bottle.  "Bubba Cowboy, are you allergic to aspirin?"  "No...good take these".  He got the full pat down; all 4 quadrants palped, BP, and me listening to his heart and lungs.etc,(He informed me that his heart was beating for only me) the rapid assessment, and subsequent assessments.  What I had the most regret for (and it was for him, not me) was the only size catheters were 16g, and those suckers hurt going in.  He had a great AC vein, and I got it on the first try...good thing since the first aid kit only had one. No LR on board, only saline.  It's better than nothing.  He got the 12 lead  EKG and 2 big AED patches applied to the big old bubba barrel chest/belly, and we landed in Phoenix 25 minutes ahead of schedule.

As we were prepping to land, he looked down at my foot, which by now, had blood seeping through the post operative cast, and said to me...."well what did you do little lady?"  This guy was a charmer a minute.  I just finished up asking if you had scrotal pain, and you want to call me little lady?  Did you think that was a marriage proposal earlier?  I told him, "oh, just some ankle surgery yesterday, no biggie".  He proceeds to tell me of this great cowboy surgeon he knows in Steamboat.  I look at him and ask really, who. "Well, little lady, Sisk is his name, and broncos and pretty women are his game."  8 seconds with this bull riding bubba was simply too long.  Of course, the master of surgery was indeed Dr. Michael Sisk, my doctor, who's last words to me were, "Anniemac, please try and relax in Phoenix, and be a good girl and please don't over do it".  Rules are made to be broken, right! 

P.S.  Big Bubba Cowboy did have severe hypertension, and earned himself the birthing of a calf sized kidney stone out of  the "Dragon in his pants". He's probably out there, still charming little ladies, with a healthier heart. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012


My Daddy was an Korean War vet who served in the United States Army.  Born in Ireland, he came to this country, became a U.S. citizen, and then did the honorable thing, signing up for the military.  There are a million plus reasons why I admired my Daddy, but his willingness to serve in the Armed Forces is right up at the top of the list.

He taught his children many, many valuable lessons during his life.  I have them stored and cataloged, sans the Dewey decimal system, in my heart and head, so that on any given day, as a crisis arises before me, or I am struggling with some problem, I can scan my brain and, instantaneously,  the answer is there.

Every parent tells their  kids, "Don't run with a pencil, scissors, or sharp objects", "Don't tease your sister", "Don't tell your mom I caved in and bought sugared cereal". All wise craic coming from the Irishman, who was my Daddy.  He died in 1995, and left his family with a wealth of information, little bits of fine, devious and clever anecdotes, hidden treasures of  Irish craic, that to this day, we use in good humor.

The one lesson that Daddy bestowed upon us was the proper way to shake a hand.  "Hold onto to it like you mean it - otherwise it's waste of time, and you've got no character left."

How fitting a statement given last night's revelations regarding the attack on Benghazi that took place on September 11, 2012, where AMERICA lost 4 heroes. We now know that President Obama's current administration failed to act upon calls for more help from the now deceased, Tyrone Woods.(U.S. Navy Seal, Ret.), and  instead, gave orders to stand down.  Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty had a creed that they were living by.  You never leave a man behind.  Never.  Had they obeyed the fishy, smelly, mess of a President's indecisive attitude, there may have been more U.S. citizens slaughtered in our Embassy's attack,  What we do know is that Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods did not die in vain.  They are heroes.  What we also know is that the Obama Administration has been covering up the "spontaneous act" of terrorism. To quote the President , "this is not optimal".

Cowards in the White House, that's what Charles Woods has described to the American People in last night's interview with Sean Hannity.  I implore my readers to click on the provided link and hear the words of Mr. Woods as he describes what his son and the 3 others endured in their final moments, and how the Obama Dog and Pony Show responded to the U.S. murders of our Ambassador on U.S. Soil, via our Embassy.  These were acts of terror.  It wasn't, as we are probably now all sick of hearing, a response to some obscure video.  Higher ups in the White House can't even gets their stories straight.

A firm handshake, goes along way in conveying your character. Since it is painfully evident, given Mr. Woods' recount of the "dead fish" handshake he received from Obama, there's a great deal of qualities lacking from Obama in the honesty category.  "There are six things the LORD hates, seven that are detestable to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a man who stirs up dissension among brothers." - Proverbs 6:16-19 

As a church going gal,  I have to believe that GOD has some wisdom.  Apparently, by reading the above Proverb, Obama is on his way to a fiery future.  I am not judging the guy; maybe he was dropped on his head as baby.  Maybe he fell into a load of donkey crap as a baby, in Kenya.  I don't know; I wasn't there, and quite frankly, I don't care.

However, there are events occurring right now that we, as FREE AMERICANS, should start to consider.  An ever growing deficit, topping over $16 trillion,  a country on the precipice of socialism, an empty headed moron sitting high on our tax dollars in the White House, a moral compass that is crumbling before our very eyes, and the loss of the firm, heart felt handshake.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Foreign Policy vs. Blood Clots

My "Summer of George" has not exactly been as I would have wished. After successful back surgery (I'm an expert at herniated discs at this point) performed by Dr. Henry Fabian of Steamboat Springs, relief seemed to be just around the corner. And relief did come, as it related to the herniated disc. If ever you want professionalism and expertise, Dr. Fabian is your man.

Then came the wonderful word, DVT.  Well shit!  For the non-medical readers, DVT stands for Deep Vein Thrombosis, aka blood clot.  These pesty little buggers usually settle in for a good time after surgery. They are not the result of the surgeon, but rather surgery itself.  Not everyone will be on the blood clot fan club list.  They find homes within your veins, and there they sit until one day they either lose their guts and go away, or, in my case, break free from their uninvited presence, and make their move into your lungs.  Then they cause PEs.  This is not to be confused with physical education.  Pulmonary Embolisms.  No fun, and often times lethal.

The luck of my family's  Irish-ness was shining upon me, and I had enough sense to realize that the shortness of breath I felt on a Friday evening, in September was not the result of viewing 72 hours straight of news on the shitcan disaster of Libya, but a true medical emergency.  "No way", I thought to myself as I struggled to make sense of my cell phone and the realization that 911 was the call I needed to make.

Having been a EMT since 2001, I knew what was going on.  What I wasn't looking forward to was seeing my friends OR THEM SEEING ME, in my very own medical drama.  Age has a way of creeping in slowly, when the paramedic is a young kid you went to EMT school with.  I was one of the "older" students in my EMT class. So, to see a youngster at my bedside just set the tone for evening.  I thought maybe the fact that I had a scented candle burning next to the Lysol can was going to be my thrill.

The ride of a lifetime in the "big red box" would have been just enough for this old granny, but then my medic realized that the only way to properly affix the 12 leads was to slice open my nightgown.  All dignity and vanity flew right out the window.  And there they were, the "sisters" for this poor young medic to have to look at.  I wonder now if he has recovered?  If seeing the sisters wasn't enough of a thrill, the "secret stealth blood clot pantyhose" would be the topper of the most miserable and humiliating event of my lifetime.

Once at the emergency room, lots of familiar faces, and a CT Scan, the diagnosis was easy.  I was the proud owner of my first and hopefully last PE.  I earned myself months of coumadin, and the latest fashion trend of secret, sexy blood clot pantyhose.  Arrrrgh, a huge grimace is upon my face with the slightest mention of these shockingly white, tight and impossible to get on, medical pantyhose that help alleviate more blood clots.

So, what does my "Summer of George" medical history have to do with Foreign Policy?  Have any of you ever tried to put on blood clot hose?  I know a few tricks of the trade; plastic bags on your feet to help slip the hose on. And of course, after having back surgery, one can only imagine how difficult it is to attempt to bend over to apply the clot hose, hereinafter referred to as "TED hose".   

TED hose are the enemy, just as the ever present Al Qaeda are!  Cut off one pair of  TED hose, and another appears.  If you listen to the POTUS babble, he claims that Al Qaeda are no more, and that he has defeated them with his omnipotence and killer instinct.  Oh poor silly man, Obama!  Al Qadea is like a lizard.  You grab the lizard by his tail, and another tail grows.  Cut the head of Al Qaeda or the Taliban, and this enemy multiplies by 100 more.

The mentality of these vicious cowards is that they will achieve their eternal rewards in the hereafter with dozens of vaginas, oops, I meant to say virgins and martyrdom.  Since not one Taliban bad man has returned from his den of virgins in the next world, I will take the words of Our Lord and know that these bastards are headed on a one way trip to the bowels of hell.  I'm sure Lucifer and his minions are getting their jollies with a full house right about now.

On the eve of  what is to be last Presidential Debate in 2012, Foreign Policy is the topic.  How far have we come as a nation when it boils down to relationships with the evils of this world?  Chavez, Castro, Putin, Al Qadea, North Korea, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood - the evils that proliferate in alarming numbers; are these criminals under control? Oddly enough, our current POTUS seems disinterested in these very, very present and perilous warriors of evil.  Their mission is to seek out the infidels (The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) and murder us and democracy.

I look at the Muslim Terrorists, Extremists or whatever politically correct term they wish to have branded upon them as the nemesis I faced earlier this summer - a nasty blood clot that needs to be sent packing, whether its coumadin or a scud missile.  

"I believe with all my heart that our first priority must be world peace, and that use of force is always and only a last resort, when everything else has failed, and then only with regard to our national security."  President Ronald Reagan, Presidential Debates with President Jimmy Carter.

So, what defines a "last resort" as President Reagan stated on October 28, 1980?  One would think that any number of recent events coming out of the Middle East could easily be defined as a threat to our national security.  Al Qaeda hasn't gone away, or been quelled, even though President Obama claims it has in the last debate.  bin Laden may be dead, courtesy of the UNITED STATES NAVY SEALs, but there are more of these crazy terrorists that will rise up and take bin Laden's place.  Are we to sweep Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith under the rug?  Do we look the other way at 2996 souls who died on 9/11/01 and the four brave men mentioned above who died on 9/11/12?  Do we discount the thousands of men and women who have fought for our freedoms while under President Obama's reign?

Why do we, America, continue to play poker with opponents who cheat, lie, steal, kill and destroy like Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and other factions of terrorists throughout the world?  At what point will Obama decide that a LAST RESORT isn't an Eagles song, or some catch phrase and that this great nation is still in the cross hairs of  evil, and the time for playing cards or golf  is over.  

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Facebook once had a section where one could write "notes", that you could then publish.  It was sort of a cheat sheet so that a "status" would not turn into some sort of manifesto, with no ending in sight.  Apparently, the notes section no longer exists, or I am simply too old to find it.  Thus, I return to my blog site, a week sooner than expected, to blog about BIG BIRD.

When I was younger, my parents banned quite a bit from us when it came to television viewing.  On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd say my folks were a well meaning 50!  Of course, there were only three channels to make a selection from.  CBS, ABC, NBC.  Oh and let's not forget PBS.  As time passed, there were more channels, which my mother was convinced were going to corrupt us; becoming delinquents in society.  If watching "Happy Days" could turn a youngster into a gangster, well that might explain the rise of crime in modern day America.  Go Fonzi!

I'd say the constant viewing of the leftist CBS and Walter Cronkite were some sort of brainwashing experiment my Democratic parents were conducting.  Sadly, God love them, the experiment failed, and out of 4 children, all voting adults now, 3 of us saw beyond the tactics and cast our votes to the right side, while my youngest brother has fallen into a hole of no return.  A giant bunny hole, where Obama and Nancy Pelosi sit at a little table, grinning at each other like Cheshire cats.  They're are both despicable.

A recent stint in our local hospital, after a unexplained syncope episode, gave me the opportunity to watch the Presidential Debates.  Okay, so I was stoned out of my gourd on valium, oxycodone and other treats, but I recognize and appreciate a good ass whooping when I see it.  The first showing was somewhat vague as I had nurses and my doctor coming into the room, taking those pesty vital signs, and making sure my cardiac functions were normal.  However, after all the fuss was over, I sat in a state of glory watching Chris Matthews have a mental, head spinning meltdown, and even more entertaining, hearing Al Gore try to explain that high altitude must have melted Obama's brain.  BIG MYSTERY HERE.  I LIVE AT 6,800 FT, STEAMBOAT, COLORADO, AND AS OF YET, MY BRAIN HAS NOT MELTED DUE TO ALTITUDE.  Thank God, FOX News replayed the entire debate at midnight, thus I was able to view it, without interruption.

So, what's with the Big Bird remark?  I like Big Bird.  He's a funny Muppet, although not quite as entertaining as those two curmudgeons who would sit up in the eaves, giving their own satirical take on the Muppet Show.  Jim Henson was an incredibly gifted man, creative, funny and most likely helped raise quite a large number of latch key kids, who sat at home for hours alone.  I just can't find myself having that much malice to go after a deceased icon such as Jim Henson.  Who doesn't love Kermit?

Recent television commercials put forth out of Camp Obama are now replaying the PBS/Big Bird comment made by Mitt Romney, who by the way, handed the POTUS his ass during the debate.  Has anyone ever noticed that Obama can't give a straight answer?  This country is faced with one of the most important elections of modern times.  Our country sits in an ever ticking $16+ trillion debt, the Muslim Brotherhood hates our guts, Libya and Egypt are countries out of control, Sandra Fluke is some sort of modern day Joan of Arc because she feels WE, AMERICA, should pay for her birth control, and that there is some mysterious war on women.  Hmm, I'm a woman, and do not feel even the slightest breath of war against me coming from the Republican Party.  Unless Obama somehow flips his mind, shows us a Muslim side, which we all really know exists within him, I feel pretty content in holding on to my clitoris, and its safety from being hacked off.  (a delightful practice, still commonplace for thousands of Muslim women...).  Why aren't these gals like Sandra Fluke, Eva Longoria, Roseanne Barr, or Nancy Pelosi getting on their soap boxes and trying to make women worldwide aware of this inhumane Muslim ritual?

Back to the PBS/Sesame Street tragedy.  My kids are grown and gone now, but they did learn their ABCs, in part, from the public station.  Of course, things were much more mundane then.  Now things are more subversive. As a mom, I'd like to offer the more adult version of the ABCs since Obama seems to fixated on Big Bird.

A - Well, that's easy.  A is for Ann
B - Barack, Joy Behar,  Biden, Burt, Big Bird, BENGHAZI
C - corruption Chicago style, Chris Matthews, cookie monster
D - Democrat (I like corruption and Democrat together)
E - Egypt, or excuses Obama uses, Ernie
F - Fatwah
H - Haiti (millions of dollars sent, but to whom) HAWAII, are we sure he was born there?
I - Islam, Iran (Bless ISRAEL, DEAR GOD)
J - Jihad or worse Valerie Jarrett
K- Killing of American Soldiers, KENYA, Kermit the Frog
L -Lincoln's Bedroom for Rent, Las Vegas...where Obama goes after Benghazi murders
M-Moochelle, Muslim Brotherhood, MSNBC, Miss Piggy
N- never working, always on the golf course, thus no time for Netanyahu
O - JUST VOTE NO FOR "O", OBAMACARE, Oscar the Grouch
P - Pelosi(she should also have a sub category as the CLOWN from "IT")
Q - Qouran (one of many spellings)
R - Regulations
T- Tehran, Taxes
U - Unemployment in the UNITED STATES
V - VOLT cars, veto, The VIEW
W - world power according to Rev. Wright
X - xanax needed to endure Obama speech
Y - Yemen, another Muslim hot spot

There is no need to do the 1-10 numbers lesson as each and every number is contained in the $16+ trillion debt.

Monday, October 8, 2012

What Would Columbus Think Of America Today?

Imagine, if you can, 1492.  Wow, it's not as though it was just the other day, or even a 4 hour cruise with Gilligan.  The Santa Maria,  Nina and Pinta, must have been some cruise liners.  Picture it - No running water, buckets for human waste, rough seas, rats, cholera, disease,  and slabs of salted meat that could give Paul Bunyon high cholesterol.  No where during Columbus' journeys, were there fictional LOVE BOATS, complete with a Captain Stubbing, or a cruise director, friendly steward and over eager bartender going by the name of Issac.  Oh, there may have been booze on the journey but I doubt John Jameson would have any part of this.  Maybe Johnny Depp as the crazy, compass challenged Jack and the Black Pearl just  may have been upon the seven seas.  Alas, no one can say.  Disney Corporation has made the Black Pearl almost real.  MGM made sure that Mutiny on the Bounty had the eye candy of Clark Gable to go up against the staunch, sea crazed Capt Bligh, portrayed so perfectly by Charles Laughton.

Sailing the open Atlantic in 1492, towards the New World was not a 3 day journey, and many before Christopher Columbus tried, meeting their final fate like those on the ill fated, virgin journey of the Titanic in the frigid waters of the North Atlantic in the wee hours of 1912. Big clue here as well, Kate Winslett and Leonardo DiCaprio were not on the only journey of the Titanic. 

Nope, Christopher Columbus was the brave one, not to mention the smart one, making his first port of call in the Bahamas.  Geez, right about now, the Bahamas sounds really good.  But you have to hand it to a man who had ships supplied for his expeditions via a Queen, and then is lucky enough to navigate his ships in to the Bahamas.  Hey, maybe Barack Obama was really born there, instead of Kenya, Hawaii or outer space.

So, looking around this country, what would Columbus think?  Better yet, what would the Pilgrims aboard the Mayflower think about America in 2012.

Native Americans, the true first people on this land, suffer from severe levels of alcoholism, obesity and often times live in true poverty.  During my drives to my beloved Utah, California and Arizona, I am continuously dismayed at the outer limits where reservations are located.  Usually, they can be found in desolate locations where nothing grows but the dust storms, desperation and plans on how to escape the treatment they have received at the hands of the United States government.  Take a drive through Cayenta, Mexican Hat or Tuba City and place yourself in that scenario, if only for a day.  It's not pretty.

These same people greeted the Pilgrims with curiosity, and thus the fairy tale of Thanksgiving began.  What would Columbus think about that?  His vision was for a new world, and to prove the world to be round.  To embark on such a journey must have taken courage and conviction.  Sadly, those qualities seem lacking in today's society, where people believe that the Government OWES them something.

If you watch the news...preferably FOX NEWS, the most accurate, non biased news outlet on television, you will hear the arguments for and against entitlements.  What's this catch phrase, "entitlement"  really all about?  Republicans are against it, Democrats love it.  Lines are drawn in big bold colors of Red and Blue.  You bloody well never step across enemy lines.  It's like a turkey shoot...with innocent little elephants and donkeys just trying to meek out some sort of existence.

So, the question is - What would Columbus think of all of this?  He's got himself a National Holiday.  Banks, schools, the post office all close in his honor.  What would he think of that?  Since history  shows us as somewhat of an adventurous spirit, I get the feeling that a day off might rub him the wrong way.  We have managed to destroy the once pristine America that Columbus came upon or that the Pilgrims later made peace with.

I believe Columbus would be disappointed.  I know I am.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Menopause, Politics and High School Reunions

Recently I accepted an invitation to my 30th high school reunion.  At first, sudden shock waves ran through my entire body like a bolt of electro shock therapy applied to McMurphy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.  The shock therapy, for better or worse with regards to the delinquent case of Jack Nicholson's crazy man act, caused more of a stir of entertainment  than any sense of therapy for the wayward character McMurphy.  Of course, it was the lobotomy, in the end of the movie that finally tranquillized McMurphy into a puddle of nothing, before Big Chief gave him a reprieve with the pillow treatment.

At the 20 year reunion, you could notice the difference in fellow cast mates, otherwise disguised as former class mates.  Boys with a head full of hair suddenly had none, or the rail thin gals were suddenly either pregnant, recovering from pregnancies or entering the throws of peri-menopause.  I was one of those poor gals who was constantly battling the last 30 lbs of baby weight, from my 2 children who were in their senior year of high school, and entering college as a freshman.

Here is sit, approaching the 30th reunion, and somehow the intentions of defeating the now permanent fixture of baby weight still hangs around reminding me that I am no longer 17, and my body has betrayed me. Such are the cruel acts of mother nature.  Why be referred to as Mother Nature, when she seems to attack females more than men?  Isn't there such a thing as camaraderie in the estrogen world?  Nope.  Once again, women seem to be their own worst enemies.  I feel like Erma Bombeck and her book about life being a bowl of cherries, but now some how squatting in a bowl of cast off pits.

Nearing 50 seems to turn both men and women into the world of the mid life crisis.  I'm not sure which carries more scars.  The middle east crisis or the middle age one. You become a battle ground for hormones that wage war on your body. A sex drive isn't sure if you are living in a Penthouse Magazine or an out of date Ladies Home Journal.  I suppose I'd take a little of both, just to know I am on an even keel. At least at this age, I've learned that making sex tapes are unwise, unless you are Kim Kardashian or Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee and strange sounds coming from my husband during his sleep cycles are a normal part of life.  Even more is the fact that a tattoo at 21 no longer appears as it did before estrogen zapped all the collagen out of your body.  Whew, I escaped that one, along with the sex tape.

A reunion gives you the opportunity to cruise backwards to days where daydreaming at the beach was all you needed and that suntanning should have been a sport. Summer vacations never seemed to end, and the return to school, fresh from summer keg parties and the often smoked joint, were seldom admitted to.  I started to realize that those days were some of the best.  Not the smoking joints (yes, I smoked a few in my time, and keg parties were a blast) - but days where you shouldn't have a worry in the world.  The most troubling event might be a geometry exam that you failed to study for.  Truth be told, I never understood that bloody quadrangle crap.

Upon meeting classmates, there are the proverbial meet and greet hugs, and "wow, you look great" and then bellying up to the bar to get the nervous, trying to fit in cocktail to loosen you up.  My drinking days are long gone, but somehow holding a glass in my hand makes the nerves less jumpy.  Gone are the red solo cup days, (please insert Toby Keith here) being replaced by the sophisticated martini to look good, hard liquor on the rocks, to proclaim you are the victor of the bar (my fave was the Jameson, rocks and water on the side) and dainty chards or Zinfandels for the puss who isn't sure of themselves.  No one wishes to admit that they drank a Mickey's Big Mouth or Lowenbrau at the drive ins or at infamous all night ragers, while some one's parents were out of town.

Then come the questions of "what do you do for a living".  Recently, a friend said to me..."wouldn't it be wonderful if someone approached you with questions more along the lines of, what interests you, or what are your passions", rather than questions that are intended to somewhat validate your success in life.  If after 30 years, all you have to say is, I have worked hard, yet never camped overnight in the rain with my kids, or crashed and burned on a ski slope, or took my wife on a second honeymoon, then in my opinion, you really haven't experienced life yet.  Success comes in many forms.  Sometimes it is 5 o'clock somewhere.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sometimes bumblebrains host TV shows

Always a fan of the sardonic, caustic, flame throwing bitch, Ann Coulter, I relish when she makes guest appearances on silly daytime shows like ABC's The View.  The thought of 5 women with not much common sense between them, presuming they are going to banter with the likes of Ann Coulter gives me the energy to entertain myself with a wee Irish jig.  I almost feel super human.  Maybe it's the name, Ann.  An excellent first name if I say so myself.

So, Ms. Coulter can whip out books faster than Obama get the hell out of Washington D.C. after learning of the murder of Ambassador Stevens.  I have every single one of her books, and read them with vim and vigor.

Apparently, during the re-election of George W., my debating style became too much for a few people, and one nice elderly gentleman referred to me as the sardonic, caustic, fire breathing, flame throwing bitch from hell.  Being raised in a household where one should always respect their elders, I typed vigorously, and with a broad smile on my face..."Well, thank you for the kind and gracious compliment, sir". I'm not a elder bashing kind of flame thrower.  I usually take aim at people who can handle themselves, hold a conversation and keep personal insults to a minimum.  Usually when the personal slams come out of a bag, you can draw the only possible conclusion - they feel cornered, and are getting ready to shoot sharp quills in your direction.

The View's hostess with the mostess,  Whoopi, caught a little wind of irritation today when Ann Coutler apparently did not offer the politically correct, regurgitated love poems of liberals.  Let's face it, The View ladies reach near orgasmic levels when they have their EYE CANDY POTUS in their midst.  It's all fuzzy, warm, with loads of love.  Almost like a Woodstock moment, and free love to be had.  The stage seems to drip with the odor of liberals getting ready to spawn.  It's easy to run a talk show with guests who hang on your every word, taking it in as though it was gospel.  However, when arguing a point, I personally believe it leads to far more weight in your favor if you spout or exclaim your point of view with clear, historical facts.  None of the pop cultural dialogue with these crazy dames makes sense.

So, Ms. Whoopi exclaims that Ms. Coulter has no idea as to what black people are thinking because well, let's face it, Ann Coulter isn't black.  However, Ms. Coulter brings documented historical facts to the table.  What Whoopi, Behar and the other gals don't realize is that Ms. Coulter, if she so desired, could turn all those gals into liver pate with a single swipe.

Apparently Ms. Goldberg has neither attended college and is alleged to have dropped out of high school.  Joy Behar did attend and earn a degree from Queens College and the State University of New York ) at Stony Brook. She also worked as a junior high school English teacher in 1968.  Sherri Shepard, earned a high school diploma, then attended technical school to learn secretarial skills.  She is a comedian by trade. Elizabeth Hasselback attended St. Mary's Academy Bay View in Riverside, Rhode Island, and then went on to earn a degree in Fine Arts from Boston College.  And she even did a stint on CBS' popular show, "Survivor", an adventure  that no doubt has probably prepared her to sit with the other ding dongs.And finally, the grand dame of them all, Mrs. Barbara Walter, attended Ethical Culture Fieldston School and Birch Wathen Lenox School,[16][17] private schools in New York City,[13] Walters graduated from Miami Beach High School in 1947. In 1951 she received a B.A. in English from Sarah Lawrence College

Ms. Coulter's resume reads as follows: Graduated with honors from Cornell University in 1984 and received her law degree at University of Michigan Law School, where she was an editor of The Michigan Law Review.  Coulter served as a law clerk in Kansas City for Pasco Bowman II of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit. After briefly working in private practice in New York City, Coulter went to work for the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee in 1995, handling crime and immigration issues for Sen. Spencer Abraham of Michigan. She is a frequent top 10 author on the New York Times list. She earned herself not 1, but 2 terminations from MSNBC.  Main stream medic can't handle strong willed, educated women.  I suspect the likes of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow suit the comic rhetoric of the sheeple audience over at MSNBC. 

So, Ms. Goldberg's voir dire to sit as a juror (hell judge and jury) on the panel of The View, pales in comparison to Ms. Coulter's accolades.  I'm not implying that a high school drop out can not obtain a self taught education, but Ms. Coulter's education is followed by a long line of accomplishments; alas no Academy Award nomination as of yet.  Maybe that's Ms. Goldberg's hidden ace. But after today's latest rant, it seems to me that Whoopi was having a difficult time grasping Ms.Coulter's responses to silly questions.  What the media received was a long drawn out soliloquy from Whoopi, that I still can't piece together in English, or pig latin.

What I do know is that at no time during the angry, estrogen filled, foul mouthed tirade from the hostess Goldberg, did she appear to even listen to Ms. Coulter's responses to questions being asked of her.  Calling our current POTUS, the Food Stamp President, doesn't sound the least prejudicial or racist.  Ms. Behar seems to glaze over with a smirk of malcontent when she thinks she's gained an upper hand.  However, food stamp kings can come in any color, and it just so happens that Obama is leading in the application for, and thus deliverance of food stamp aid.

Somehow we've turned into a country where some people want to throw a race card around.  Why is that?  I detest the periods of slavery in this nation.  It's a sad part of U.S. history.  However, almost every nationality in this country has had some sort of discrimination against them.  Irish, Jews, Catholics, Italians, Poles, Russians...you name it, and history can back it up.  We are a melting pot of opportunities in this country, although Mr. Obama seems to have stuck a dull thumbtack into the land of opportunity.  I'm fed up with hearing about the victims of racism.  It's time to move forward with this country's attitude that if you did not vote for Obama, no where does it warrant a label of being racist.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Budget Woes, 911 and Drugs

Usually, public radio, or even certain programs on PBS drive me crazy.  NPR for instance - the firing of Juan Williams, a liberal democrat drove me out of my mind.  Remembering that I am a conservative Republican, I may not have agreed with Juan Williams on most topics, but I believed and still believe him to be a fair and honest reporter. I also believe in Free Speech, whether uttered responsibly or not.  Hell, you have to start thinking that for FOX News; the "bad guys" against main stream media, to back Juan when he was dismissed from NPR, that there is indeed validity to my assertion of Mr. Williams' level of professionalism.

So, a routine Saturday evening found me watching a program on PBS about the history of the state park system in my native California.  I am of the belief that you can value the state park system and still be a Republican. Nothing can bring me more clarity then walking on a shaded trail, listening to silence. The sights, sounds and smells of a park can almost completely quell my anxieties.

Anyways, the state park budget woes.  The message, if you will, of this PBS program was chatting up one side and down the other of what I can only refer to as "confusion" of the masses.  PBS had different experts lamenting as to the budget woes in California.  Their argument was that more state parks and trails are falling to the wayside and being closed due to a budgetary crisis in the state.   While I can certainly appreciate their devotion to the preservation of California's beauty and the state parks, I'm also realistic that first and foremost, job preservation takes precedence over fig trees and forest space.

I'm not a cold hearted bitch.  I'm just speaking plainly about where the priorities of our nation needs to be; even where our states need to be.  In my opinion, jobs that create safety i.e. police, ems and fire need to be taken care of over state parks.  I love animals, and little furry creatures that run through state parks across our nation.  But what if we, as a nation, decided to pour money into land rather than paying our public safety servants a wage they so richly deserve?  Who cares if the spotted owl is endangered, when drug cartels own the streets, threaten our safety and there is no one to protect us?

I saw the movie, "End of Watch" over the weekend.  It's a very intense film.  If you can hear past the coarse language, and the displays of violence, there are many lessons to be learned from the movie.  Having lived in the Los Angeles suburbs growing up, we simply did not know about the gangs.  That was somewhere else; it was someone else's problem.  I knew that if I were to be on Parthenia Avenue, near Corbin Street, I was going to see a ghetto type neighborhood.  That was 40 years ago, and the gang infestation of Los Angeles continues.

Often times I ponder as to whether or not people living in the 'burbs realize just how hard core south central L.A. is, or what the drug cartels are doing to the City of Angels.  Our borders are simply not being protected enough.  I wonder if our President stops to think, between his rounds of golf, visits to The View, his jiggy fun time with celebrities,  the hard core cartels are making their way over our borders, filling our kids with drugs, and also putting our public servants at risk.

The POTUS is really just the white junk that comes out of a really big zit when you try to squeeze it. The meat of the pimple is the local politicians on the state levels.  Does Mayor Villaraigosa pay any attention to the LAPD, LA City Fire and/or EMS?  What about Moonbeam Jerry Brown?  Does he bring into consideration that cops are dying on the streets fighting against criminals that have body piercing ammo, being fired from weapons bought with illegal drug monies?  
Why do we hesitate to deport those who are in this country illegally?  How is it that Border Agent Terry was shot and killed with weapons that came from this country to fight the border wars?  Why is Eric Holder not being held responsible?  Shouldn't we, as voters, expect the people we vote into office to be held at a higher standard rather than keeping those same corrupt or inept politicians in office?

The argument being made on the program I watched via PBS lamented as to what will happen if California doesn't fight to preserve the state parks.  I think the state is on the verge of bankruptcy, and first and foremost, they need to be worrying about border control, protection of the private citizens and hefty raises for those men and women who so bravely walk out their front doors every day, to fight the good fight by protecting us.  What good is a spotted owl to a drug cartel?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Estrogen & The Middle East

So, as the title of my blog page actually is Musings from Menopause, I suppose I will preface this latest blog entry under the guise of actually being menopausal, and now without the use of my beloved Estrogen any longer.

That magic drug kept me sane, even keeled, fair minded and a gentle lady.  Well, now that the estrogen doctor said, "Sorry Annie, a blood clot and pulmonary embolism have now earned you the cessation of estrogen forever":.  My heart sunk and I began to feel a familiar feeling over take my mind and body.

No more calm Annie Mac.  The glove are off.  Some of you might think - "well, given how you pull Obama apart, wing by wing, why should we expect anything different?"  Watch out people...the Irish temper has been heating up since Friday.

We all know what we were doing 11 years ago, when Muslim Terrorists attacked our country.  I don't owe any apologies nor am I afraid to call them what they were and apparently still are:  Muslim Terrorists.  Obama is the Captain of the Ship of Apologies, and he needs his ship to sink before he does any more damage to our country.

Here we are 11, years later.  Has anything changed?  No.  Do Muslim Terrorists still hate us?  Yes.  Does the Koran call for killing of all infidels?  Yes.  Do we have a President with a set (insert your own imaginative phrase here please) __________, to announce to the world that we, as Americans will not stand idly by and watch as our allys', which Jim Carney and others want to debate as to its actual meaning.  Art, war, friend or foe, I don't care...Let's just get the nasty mothers (followed by the expletive that sounds like puckers) and do it right once and for all.  After that, let America attempt to set up some sort of protection for our friends, Israel.

Let's see - Pakistan apparently was unaware the the big bad guy UBL, was hiding out in their country.  The U.S. Navy Seals took care of that piece of shit.  Libya and Egypt both receive monetary aid from our Country, who's credit rating has dropped yet again.  WE give the nutjobs money, they rape our Ambassador Chris Stevens, and then throughout the Middle East, Muslim Terrorists are attacking our marines, and killing them.

At what point will Obama quit fucking around (let's be honest, I couldn't hold my manners any more - blame the estrogen) and declare these atrocities to be acts of war against the United States.  The Rules of Engagement are pretty clear...I'm but a mere civilian, and can't believe we have not taken further pre-emptive movements towards the Muslim Terrorists.

Maybe tomorrow on the View, Whoopi and Joy will get upset and walk off their own show declaring that it wasn't Muslims who attacked us, but simply terrorists.  I'm sure at some point, my doctors are going to need to find a way for me to handle my menopause.  Until then, watch out Muslim Terrorists.  I'm one hell of an angry woman; with no fear of saying what I want.

Mr, President, might I suggest you forget about your campaign stops, and the lying, and for the rest of your dismal presidency, get to the task of giving our military the support they need, have earned and either pull them out of harm's way, or give them permission to blow the mothers out of their little sand holes.  Also, please fix the economy you have managed to make worse in 3 years, and then go back to Chicago or even better, hit Benghazi - They could probably use a community organizer.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Genocide vs. Genocide and the Choice

I can already hear the roar.  It's either going to be coming from my pro-choice pals or the PRO-LIFE pals.  The way I see it, there's only one way to look at this - and it's coming from the PRO-LIFE corner of the boxing match.

Thank GOD that the RNC and DNC rallies are over.  I've seen enough of fools dressed as pink, fuzzy vaginas, and signs proclaiming that the Democrats are Pro Woman, and those terrible Republicans are all about taking away the rights of women.  Last time I checked, I am a Republican, and still have all my God given Constitutional Rights attached to my vote.

Ted Kennedy made an appearance, albeit, posthumously, and exalted the POTUS to near messiah levels.  For a party that spins its wheels pontificating, while dressed  in large screaming pink vagina costumes, that they are the party for protecting women and their rights of vaginas, the only person missing that night was Mary Jo.  Oh, that's right, Ted the do-gooder of women left her in a car underwater. The night would have been complete if they'd put JFK and Bobby up and all their dalliances.  Wait, did I see Marilyn Monroe in the audience?

Then came the night of the never ending speech from every one's favorite uncle, Billy Bubba Clinton.  He's got lousy "taste" in women.  But for Hillary, the rest of them look like something out of a dipsy dumpster, or what a wayward beach goer might find washed up on an empty beach. Others are European beauties with names no one has ever heard of.   He has no idea what a humidor is, and insists that cigars needs a good dipping before being smoked.  He finds women who have little to no self-esteem and then exploits the hell out of them.  I must ask you Bill - what if your daughter was treated in the same way you allegedly treated Ms. Lewinsky, Ms. Flowers, Ms. Stronach, Ms. Gershon, Ms. Karimova, Ms. Robson, Ms. Hurley, Ms. Klum, Ms. Mondale, Ms. Stone, Ms. Duff, Ms. Grucen, Ms. Perdue and  Ms. Browning?  Again, what are the Democrats thinking when they hold Bill up as a savior of the womens' rights movement.  All those in vagina costumes - close your lips.

It's not as though the Republican Party is exempt from this either.  What is it about politicians who seem to think that winning an election is like an open invitation to fuck whatever walks in front of them?  And why on earth are there some women dumb enough to fall into bed with a man who has a (D) or (R) after his name.  If you want to talk about the Rights of Women, let's start with building up the confidence and self esteem of women so that they are not putting themselves on some all you can eat buffet table for wayward politicians.      
So, what's all this got to do with genocide?  It is estimated that over 6 million Jews, Christians, gypsies and homosexuals were exterminated by the madman Adolph Hitler.  No one thought it could happen.  News of such atrocities reached the United States and even our government, initially found this difficult to comprehend.  "Mass graves" "concentration camps"  in a modern day society, never.  Time and time again, history repeats itself, yet we never learn. Obama can't seem to figure out if he's friends with Israel or Iran.  Hint, POTUS, go with Israel.  Take a glance at the Shoah Foundation (click on the link - LOOK, LISTEN AND LEARN)  One of the bravest women I admire is Anne Frank - the young lady who chronicled her life, hidden behind a wall, safe from Nazis, until she was found and died in the camps. Or even Miep Geis, the Dutch woman who saved that very same journal so that the world would be able to know the dreams of Anne. 

Even still, the POTUS wants to make nice with Iran.  Who the hell is he kidding?  The tyrant from Iran denies the Holocaust even took place. Iran's hatred of the United States and Israel.  Are we to believe that if the POTUS is, (GOD & HEAVEN HELP US) re-elected, Iran will become our new best buddy?  Like schoolyard bullies who gang up on Israel?  If so, my bets on Israel wiping Iran right off the map.

Then we come to the crisis of the other modern day genocide.  Abortion.  Argue with me or any pro-lifer all you wish, but it is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for a man and woman who copulate, to create anything other than a human being.  Any scientist on this planet can not prove otherwise.  Humans only are capable of creating another human.  We don't make Hostess Cupcakes or Dolly Madison Zingers. Planned Parenthood can sit by and boldly and contumaciously claim that a human being isn't a human being until the first breath is taken and the "fetus" has been completely expelled from the mother, but the simple fact remains, that a baby is a baby at the point of conception.

Since Roe v. Wade became legal in 1973, 50 million abortions have been performed legally.  50 million.   Does this number give you pause?  It makes me want to vomit.   61.8% of that 50 million are performed prior to 9 weeks of gestation.  The statistics are mind numbing.  What if one of those 50 million  had the cure for cancer?  What if one of those 50 million was able to bring about world peace?  50 million.  Let it sink in. [source, Guttmacher Institute]

Furthermore, the Democratic Party opposes any law which would cease the rights of a woman to make the choice to abort her baby. LATE TERM ABORTIONS. Again, read the facts.

Women who have donned their fuzzy pink vagina Halloween costumes a little too early,  I ask you this:  Of the 50 million abortions performed LEGALLY since 1973, how many of those babies were females?  Were you their in your vagina costumes to support their rights?  Did you protest the late term abortions performed on VIABLE babies? Are we to presume that the Pink Vaginas, sounds like a punk rock group, are only concerned with Womens' Rights when it comes to white, Anglo-Saxon, American women?  I sound harsh; some of you might even hate me right now.  But come on, women, don't be fooled.

We are smart, savvy, intelligent, loving, compassionate human beings capable of creating life.  We can cure disease, we can run for political office, we can vote, we can dry tears, hug children with boo-boos.  We can be authors, mothers, presidents, saints, sinners, Nobel Peace prize winners, such as Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma.  We can sit in the back of the bus and create a movement of civil rights (Thank you Rosa Parks).  We can create art, music, words of wisdom, we can be Grandma Moses..  We can sit on the Supreme Court.

In all the greatness that women can create, sadly the only thing we've been either been unable or unwilling to protect ourselves from the ultimate exploitation of abortion, stealthy hidden behind the word CHOICE. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Lady Who Wasn't Proud to be An American

Tonight brought all the pundits out; although some were along the coast of Florida wondering what happened to Issac, while the 9th ward and New Orleans wondered just how much God really disliked them.  Imagine the odds; another hurricane (albeit Cat. 1) almost 7 years to the day.  Odds like that make money makers in Vegas nervous. I personally enjoyed hearing that Samuel L. Jackson felt it unfair that the RNC was spared the Hurricane.  Oh, so sad for you Mr. Jackson.  Such a great talent, such a bitter human being.

Tuesday's speakers brought to center stage the effervescent and dynamic Ann Romney.  Not since The 19th Amendment was ratified, has the power of the women in politics held so much at stake. Granted, there are no women running for the top prize; although Michelle Bachmann could have given some of these men a run for their money.

But, the voters spoke, and Michelle gracefully and with class bowed out of the race on January 4, 2012.  She left the race with dignity.  No murky remarks, or underhanded, sly stabs against her all male opponents.  She rallied the Republicans, Conservatives, Tea Partiers, Independents and undecided together and spoke of the ability to make America GREAT.  I listened to Mrs. Bachmann's speech that morning,  I was not a supporter of her spot for the White House, but anyone with a drop of common sense could hear a well worded, and heartfelt convivial utterance of words.  She garnered my respect on that cold January  morning.

Chastisement has been the main headline of late.  Never has there been such turmoil over women.  Democrats care more;  no, it's Republicans.  At this point, I am sure on only one thing, the only man I know who gives a rat's ass about my well being is my husband.

"The Story So Far: two days ago, the Obama administration – using the fig-leaf/cutout of Super PAC Priorities USA – accused Mitt Romney of being a murderer because a company that Romney used to own closed down a steel mill (several years after Romney left that company) and that meant that the wife of the husband who lost his job at that steel mill (one Joe Soptic) didn’t have any insurance after the wife left her job several years after the layoff and several years after all of that the wife was diagnosed with cancer and then died. As Erick notes in the link above: if that’s an acceptable logic chain that legitimately leads one to a charge of murder, then (to give just one example) this administration murdered US Border Agent Brian Terry and Eric Holder needs to give himself up right now.
But wait! It gets even more convoluted. You see, the Media is balkingabsolutely balking - at taking this line of attack seriously, and the Obama administration has already done its best to distance itself from the Priorities USA ad, to the point where Obama for America (OfA) spokesman Stephanie Cutter denied that they had any knowledge of Soptic’s story.
So… who’s that voice at the end of this conference call, Stephanie? Your evil twin?"

Really?  Is this what we come to as we slowly evaporate from being civil?  Now, I know there are dozens of liberals on the other side who will counter this whole statement with some dreadful statement that Romney may have made about some one else, or some Democrat who has dirt of some Republican.

So, tonight I forced myself to stay awake.  Recent back surgery has left me either virtually impossible to stay asleep or impossible to stay awake, and arise before half  the day is gone.  Although I believe things are starting to look up.  The speech from Ann Romney tonight, vs. the speech from Mrs. Michelle Obama some 4 years ago where she arrogantly announced:  " Barack Obama’s wife, Michelle, is under fire for leaving the impression that she hasn’t been proud of her country until now, when Democrats are beginning to rally around her husband’s campaign. Speaking in Milwaukee, Wis., on Monday, she said, “People in this country are ready for change and hungry for a different kind of politics and … for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback.”  Greeted with rousing applause after making the comment in Milwaukee, Obama delivered an amended version of the speech later that day in Madison, Wis. “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country … not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change,” she said. “I have been desperate to see our country moving in that direction and just not feeling so alone in my frustration and disappointment.”
Obama was born in 1964, meaning her adult life began in 1982. Critics quickly seized on the new found national pride.Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,331288,00.html#ixzz24udFcmVh

As for me - Although adopted, I consider myself a legally first generation American citizen.  I am proud of this fact.  I take great pride in announcing that America is my country first and foremost. I am an advocate for the power of the good old American Dream.  It exists!  A long line of military follow my family history.  I am proud of every single member of my family who decided that there was something out there greater then themselves; and they took up arms to defend our nation against the perils of enemies.  When I think of my husband of 20 years, I beam with pride in knowing he defended our country during a time when the middle east was a hot bed of hornets and scorpions, and Muslim Infidels; all who would stop at nothing until they had an American head on a platter and a burned American Flag.

Tonight Mrs. Romney stood before millions and well, "she rocked their socks off".  What I heard was a woman of faith, conviction, honor, integrity, no half ass statements of her contempt for a country, or the first time she became "proud to be an American".  I heard a woman speak eloquently about the years of breast cancer, raising 5 boys, 16 grandchildren, being madly in love with the same man, who brought her home safely from a dance some 42 years earlier.

In the back of  my mind I was reminded of two other great Republican women who displayed dignity under fire.  Mrs. Barbara Bush and Mrs. Laura Bush.  People are either born with class or they are passed over.  All this nonsense that the GOP hates women.  Nonsense.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Getting Older

People, I have been away from my own large screen computer for some time now....getting ready for back surgery, and dog sitting at other people's homes.  Please forgive my last post, which potentially was great in that it pointed out what BOTH SIDES will go to in order to make a political commercial.  Yes, I am very right wing, very conservative, and even more importantly, Catholic.

Actually, I was lucky enough to be raised Catholic... you know the routine.  White little dresses, glove, veils, white shoes, getting the First Holy Communion.  I remember mine clearly in that my Irish Bostonian mother threw a huge party afterwards, and I was sitting with my great aunt, demonstrating how the lady on some tele commercial would ""twing" her crystal goblets together to indicate that they were true crystal.  In my  life, such an innocent action turned into a close call of "Mother Murders Daughter in First Holy Communion Gown".  Not only did I shatter two very expensive long stemmed Waterford goblets, but I managed to soak my little white dress with red wine.  Looking back on it, I remember my mother lunging towards me, but my dear old aunt was there to rescue her favorite niece from sure death.

Perhaps the red stain on the white dress has set the tone for my life as it has managed to go thus far.  It sounds almost exorcism in the making. Shit, I could have been in movies.

My second sacrament was confession.  Weekdays of CCD, and nuns and priests, God Love Them, trying to convince me that I was in the right class, and that "no" since Jesus was a Jew, I could not convert.  Damn.  Well, as classes of confession training, on how you enter the little room, and a little light goes on to let busy bodies behind you in line that you are in there, spilling all your worldly secrets to a priest who is thinking....what can a 8 year old possible say?  Well, they had not met old Annie Mac yet.  I entered that little room, with a bench kneeler and a screen.  I immediately needed to stick my finger in the screen, just to see what it was made of.  That did not fare well with the priest who was probably nipping the sherry...well he would be if he were smart.  I got in there, put a little hole in the screen, and then proceeded to tell the priest that I hated my brothers and sister, wanted to be an only child, thought God was not real.  I asked him what he ate for dinner.  Did he like it?  I asked him what the worst sin was he had ever heard confessed.  By the end of 20 minutes in the confessional, I suspect  they were wanting to be rid of me.  I was instructed through the little screen to recite my learned prayers, and that for penance, I was to tell me siblings that I did not hate them.  Truth be told, if I was in a secret confessional, telling a priest something, then why the need to even mention it to my siblings.

I never did get to confirmation as I rebelled against organized religion at that age, was a hellion, and created some sort of havoc where ever our family went.  I think they have special places for kids like me know.  It's called military school, which I might have actually done quite well at - why?  Structure, but punishment for a reason, not a threat. Of course now, at 48, i recognize the importance of the confirmation, and have been confirmed.  I'm in the club now.

Well, look at this...way overboard on what I actually wanted to say.  The font on my previous post about commercials in in some idiotic ultra small style which I can barely read, bifocals on and off.  Does that mean its time for trifocals? 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Dirty Political commercials

The Dirty Business of Political Commercials

A life long friend of mine and I were discussing tonight, via modern technology referred to as IM FB, topics to blog about.  One of the ideas that ran the gauntlet was about the recent stench emanating from the political ad dealing with a gentleman's wife succumbing to what I believe was breast cancer.  You have my deepest sympathies with regard to that one sir.  It was a commercial that was painting Romney as a murderer.

Now, those words tend to be a bit strong.  No, in fact, they are over the top. Come now, a murderer is someone who walks into a full movie theater dressed in head to to Kevlar, a murderer(s) walks into a school in Columbine and assassinates his classmates as they plead for their lives.  Charlie Manson comes to mind; but old Charlie really holds his own little circle.  

Are we that numb to political commercials, coming from both sides that we are eager enough to call a candidate a murderer?  Moron, idiot, fool, nitwit, benighted, a sham, demoralized, vitiated...these are words I'd feel comfortable settling with.

Add to which indignity the thousands of United States citizens who have in one way or another been effected by the evilest of evils, CANCER?

From Solyndra, VOLT to Bain, to healthcare one way or another, I am almost at the point where I no longer am listening.  I'm a die hard conservative Republican.  I have been one my entire life.  My brother reminds me that I did a wee jig the day LBJ passed away, which threw my liberal Democratic, peanut roasting, Kennedy hanging on the wall next to the Pope, parents into some lecture as to how we do NOT celebrate death of people.  

Unless someone discovers that Mr. Romney has taken a blow torch to our planet, or committed the most heinous of crimes, wearing short shirt sleeves after Labor Day, I'll be casting my vote towards him.  
Some readers will expect this from me; actually all that know me, understand my derision towards all things B. Hussein Obama.  Often times I wonder if it's a personal flaw in him that churns my stomach or if it is just that he is in way over his head.  After some due thought, I'd say both.  I think he lives in a fairyland world, where everything is daisies and wonderful, the sun shines all the time and there are no mischievous little imps around to remind him of the reality that the debt is $15,917,222,316,403.85 , as of right now (@ 2253 8Aug12).  

Now, I started blogging about a year ago.  This idea came to fruition from a co-worker at the time who insisted that I should write my ideas down.  She was a Hilary Clinton supporter.  I guess the notion of writing down rants, raves and what-ifs sounded like a good idea.  When I lost my job, as part of the down sizing scam, this blog became my money maker.  I'm not making millions, and if you do the math on that current debt, my portion of the national debt if $50,000+.  Hello Washington D.C. , I'm a "domestic goddess" otherwise referred to as retired, Suzy homemaker, and my husband's marketing specialist when it comes to promoting his (mollydogimages.com) -  go ahead and click on that word epic to see what hubby captures from nature - epic would be an understatement to my husband's talent from what comes through his camera lens.  So how have I been gifted a $50,000+ debt? 

In the end, I am not looking forward to any merriment as to the onslaught of "he said, he said" political ads.  For me it's a matter of cut & dry, simple words from the horse's own mouth.  Does anyone remember this:  The Big Lie .  Go ahead and click on it...It makes for good listening.  There are other fables he has uttered throughout his presidency.  

As I close on this matter, tossing my television out the window for the next few months seems to be the smartest of decisions.  However, I'd miss the return of SouthLAnd, and Chopped. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Dirty Business of Political Commercials

A life long friend of mine and I were discussing tonight, via modern technology referred to as IM FB, topics to blog about.  One of the ideas that ran the gauntlet was about the recent stench emanating from the political ad dealing with a gentleman's wife succumbing to what I believe was breast cancer.  You have my deepest sympathies with regard to that one sir.  It was a commercial that was painting Romney as a murderer.

Now, those words tend to be a bit strong.  No, in fact, they are over the top. Come now, a murderer is someone who walks into a full movie theater dressed in head to to Kevlar, a murderer(s) walks into a school in Columbine and assassinates his classmates as they plead for their lives.  Charlie Manson comes to mind; but old Charlie really holds his own little circle.  

Are we that numb to political commercials, coming from both sides that we are eager enough to call a candidate a murderer?  Moron, idiot, fool, nitwit, benighted, a sham, demoralized, vitiated...these are words I'd feel comfortable settling with.

Add to which indignity the thousands of United States citizens who have in one way or another been effected by the evilest of evils, CANCER?

From Solyndra, VOLT to Bain, to healthcare one way or another, I am almost at the point where I no longer am listening.  I'm a die hard conservative Republican.  I have been one my entire life.  My brother reminds me that I did a wee jig the day LBJ passed away, which threw my liberal Democratic, peanut roasting, Kennedy hanging on the wall next to the Pope, parents into some lecture as to how we do NOT celebrate death of people.  

Unless someone discovers that Mr. Romney has taken a blow torch to our planet, or committed the most heinous of crimes, wearing short shirt sleeves after Labor Day, I'll be casting my vote towards him.  
Some readers will expect this from me; actually all that know me, understand my derision towards all things B. Hussein Obama.  Often times I wonder if it's a personal flaw in him that churns my stomach or if it is just that he is in way over his head.  After some due thought, I'd say both.  I think he lives in a fairyland world, where everything is daisies and wonderful, the sun shines all the time and there are no mischievous little imps around to remind him of the reality that the debt is $15,917,222,316,403.85 , as of right now (@ 2253 8Aug12).  

Now, I started blogging about a year ago.  This idea came to fruition from a co-worker at the time who insisted that I should write my ideas down.  She was a Hilary Clinton supporter.  I guess the notion of writing down rants, raves and what-ifs sounded like a good idea.  When I lost my job, as part of the down sizing scam, this blog became my money maker.  I'm not making millions, and if you do the math on that current debt, my portion of the national debt if $50,000+.  Hello Washington D.C. , I'm a "domestic goddess" otherwise referred to as retired, Suzy homemaker, and my husband's marketing specialist when it comes to promoting his (mollydogimages.com) -  go ahead and click on that word epic to see what hubby captures from nature - epic would be an understatement to my husband's talent from what comes through his camera lens.  So how have I been gifted a $50,000+ debt? 

In the end, I am not looking forward to any merriment as to the onslaught of "he said, he said" political ads.  For me it's a matter of cut & dry, simple words from the horse's own mouth.  Does anyone remember this:  The Big Lie .  Go ahead and click on it...It makes for good listening.  There are other fables he has uttered throughout his presidency.  

As I close on this matter, tossing my television out the window for the next few months seems to be the smartest of decisions.  However, I'd miss the return of SouthLAnd, and Chopped. 


Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Dog Knows It All..I Just Hold The Leash

Feeling just a wee bit biblical today - no particular reason.  Any conversation with Mother Dearest seems to resonate some sort of religious prying - "Are you going to mass"?  With major back surgery just a few weeks away, at least I know that my Mother will be praying for me, along with those on her prayer list. According to my brother, Mother has acquired volumes of notebooks of every single message ever left on her answering machine.  There are volumes; almost encyclopedic.  I was happy to hear that I might be bequeathed Volume 27.  Oh the joy.

So  Mother, with no doubt of over hearing my blog, which she refers to as "a waste of time" and "why do you do that", although Mother doesn't even own a computer, I quote the following:

..."Put not your trust in the princes, in man, in whom there is no salvation.  When his spirit departs he returns to his earth; on that day his plans perish"...Psalm 146:3-4".  I get the small booklet, Living Faith from Mass and its is good for about 3  months, and so it has some interest to me as I read the daily dose of  Holy Bible and then some sort of astute paragraph from someone.  I found today's reading and Ms. Amy Welborn's mentions to be of particular interest.  Amy looks at the tenet this way:  "As I navigate, choose and concern-in whom am I trusting? The "princes" of the world who make all kinds of promises but have no power to save me?Or of God who created me and put me here, knowing the way that will bring me true peace? "

I have got to leave it to Ms. Amy but she really does make a point.  We take these two candidates as the princes.  Now, as a Republican, Conservative, Catholic (a mouthful I know) The "prince" I see when I gaze towards Washington D.C. is not a prince of light and hope.  I see an evil man, pro abortion, corrupt, looking at socialism and the even-steven world of communism as a future for this country.  Our fore fathers...I ponder at what they must have been thinking when the sat in a room, and slowly debated and then drew the documents which would help in the creation of this great nation.

In 1773 came the Tea Act and the Boston Tea Party.  Now, really, when you think about it, isn't this what the modern day Tea Party is trying to accomplish?  But somehow, the liberal MSM depicts the Tea Party as a group of wild savages who are behind everything from Ms. Gabby Gifford, of Tucson, AZ (of whom I hold the greatest of respect & admiration for) forward to Batman's opening night at a theater in Aurora, CO.  Maybe I should pick up my 2nd Amendment and blame the Tea Party for my inability to make a proper Creme Brulee at elevations over 6,800ft.

Thomas Paine, the author of Common Sense written in January, 1776 was a mess.  By today's ravenous standards, no doubt some liberal would have run him out of town,  He had two failed marriages, two failed businesses (one as a tobacconist) [as I am smoking a fine cigar at the moment] and the other making corsets. Obviously he proved to be a better writer then his previous endeavors. Sometimes I feel like Thomas Paine...not a great writer but rather a failure at everything I try.  According to some, I tend to be somewhat  haughty, top lofty and  baroque -and that comes from those who actually like me.  Mostly my enemies find me to be a butcher and full of something.

Then came along one of  America's greatest President.  No, not the goon who thinks himself to be the greatest, B. Hussein Obama, but rather Abraham Lincoln(R).  Thus began the Confederate War and the discourse between those who could not fathom a life without their slaves and a country who wanted every man to be free and equal as our Constitution so eloquently states..."All men are created equal". Lincoln believed that this was a "moral and legal issue, not a military or political one" [A Patriot's History, page 328]..
Aside from the historical Gettysburg Address, Lincoln was also quoted as saying: "With malice towards none; with charity for all; firmness in the right, God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in;  to bind up a nation's wounds; to care for him who shall have borne the battle; and for his widow, his orphan - to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves, and with all nations" {A Patriot's History of the United States page 347]

Sadly, Lincoln never saw his plans come to fruition as John Wilkes Booth took our great President with a bullet to the back of the head at Ford Theater on April 15, 1865.

So where are we now?  Are we any better than the dreams the Lincoln held so dear, or are we slowly sinking into depravity and a country struggling..  Timothy Leary did a number on amplifying the thoughts of the post Vietnam era.  Fuck the family, and all this bullshit.  Forget about those U.S. soldiers who fought the enemy in Vietnam, Korea, and other world wars which put the United States and her freedoms in jeopardy.  Leary enticed a glossy perversion that really all that matters was sex, drugs and rock & roll.  LSD started making it rounds and then a sub-culture was born out of the poet Allen Ginsburg. Those drop outs, or even college graduates of Berkeley started to spout off about their free speech. Did you know that only liberals are allowed the utterance of free speech?  Just ask any chicken!

Free love then began.  How many of us today came out of that movement, either as a participant or the result of it?  I'm raising my hand right now.  Also, I am of the latter,  It seems to me that the "United" fell right off the paper; which was undoubtedly used to smoke pot with.   America started to idolize all types of princes.  Sadly none of these morons possessed the ultimate promise of an eternal life in heaven.  They may have promised groovy rides while dropping acid, or telling the government to go fuck themselves.

Nixon made a mess of things, whether intentionally or not.  I still find him to be one of the greater Presidents of our modern day.  Carter was moronic.  How my parents voted for the peanut farmer is beyond me. I had an auntie, from South Africa , who came for holiday one year, and during that visit asked,,,"who are the rascals who elected Jimmy Carter?"  I pointed my index finger in the direction of her baby brother, my father, the forever liberal.  She was a pip, indeed.  And called them as she saw them.  Then we got Ronald Reagan and the country was once again led by a man of greatness.  People who complain, or  find themselves dissatisfied with anything Republican, will find fault with Ronnie, but I believe he united our country when we needed it most.  And then came Clinton, who while a fairly decent President, seemed to have an overwhelmingly and almost lowborn affection with the brassy, white trash women of America.  How many were there?  Do we really know?  Ms. Lewinsky found out pretty darn fast that love is not a fine Cuban cigar but rather how far Clinton will go to smoke it once he's done flavoring it.

People would ask me, "Ann does it bother you that he had sex with women while in the White House, and no doubt with U.S. Secret Service help"?  My answer is always the same.  "He could be having sex with barnyard animals for all I care.  His dalliances are between him and Mrs. Clinton.  What bothers me is that he wasted so much time involving the courts' precious time debating definitions of "Is" and that he lied about it."  He lied royally while holding the most important position in our nation.  Personally, if I had no choice, and was tied to a chair and forced to look at naked pictures of Barney Frank, I would have voted for Mrs. Clinton.  She's a helluva alot smarter than her penis happy husband.  But, now she leaves me with great sadness as she sold her soul to getting ahead in politics and stayed with the schmuck.  I don't know what to say, Mrs. Clinton.

So, now to modern days Princes.  The ones I admire are William and Harry, who have so nobly taken up their mother's passion for helping the common man.  They aren't going to assure me a spot in heaven; but my admiration runs deep for those 2 boys.

The KING we seem stuck with at present, this joker in the White House in no Prince.  Although for a ride on our tax dollars maybe the Obamas will get "Prince" to perform at the White House. He has no clue about the common man.  He has the "audacity" - his favorite word, to stand in front of a crowd and with his mouthpiece, claim that things are so much better.  Does he take all Americans for morons?  The debt is a wretched mess, unemployment is terrible, the United States credit rating is no longer outstanding.  This country no longer has a moral or ethical compass in which to steer by.  Isn't the man elected by the people, for people supposed to be leading by example?  What example has he set?   He got Bin Laden, with the help and surveillance set up by the previous administration, and our tremendous men in arms, the U.S.Navy Seals.  Obama likes to play on a team of ONE.  He runs a solo show.  Just the other day we were informed that none of  us built anything.  That came as a big shock to the farmer standing in a field, or the rancher in Colorado, the police officer who spends nights protecting the streets, the firemen who say good bye to their families, not knowing if they'll return,  What about the Small Business owner who may go out of business as a result of the greatest tax hike in UNITED STATES History otherwise deceptively referred to as ObamaCare.

At night, when all is quiet, and I battle my insomnia, it isn't the "Princes" in current government I am praying to for help, guidance and salvation.  It's my Lord and Savior getting me through it.   How do you sleep at night?