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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Estrogen & The Middle East

So, as the title of my blog page actually is Musings from Menopause, I suppose I will preface this latest blog entry under the guise of actually being menopausal, and now without the use of my beloved Estrogen any longer.

That magic drug kept me sane, even keeled, fair minded and a gentle lady.  Well, now that the estrogen doctor said, "Sorry Annie, a blood clot and pulmonary embolism have now earned you the cessation of estrogen forever":.  My heart sunk and I began to feel a familiar feeling over take my mind and body.

No more calm Annie Mac.  The glove are off.  Some of you might think - "well, given how you pull Obama apart, wing by wing, why should we expect anything different?"  Watch out people...the Irish temper has been heating up since Friday.

We all know what we were doing 11 years ago, when Muslim Terrorists attacked our country.  I don't owe any apologies nor am I afraid to call them what they were and apparently still are:  Muslim Terrorists.  Obama is the Captain of the Ship of Apologies, and he needs his ship to sink before he does any more damage to our country.

Here we are 11, years later.  Has anything changed?  No.  Do Muslim Terrorists still hate us?  Yes.  Does the Koran call for killing of all infidels?  Yes.  Do we have a President with a set (insert your own imaginative phrase here please) __________, to announce to the world that we, as Americans will not stand idly by and watch as our allys', which Jim Carney and others want to debate as to its actual meaning.  Art, war, friend or foe, I don't care...Let's just get the nasty mothers (followed by the expletive that sounds like puckers) and do it right once and for all.  After that, let America attempt to set up some sort of protection for our friends, Israel.

Let's see - Pakistan apparently was unaware the the big bad guy UBL, was hiding out in their country.  The U.S. Navy Seals took care of that piece of shit.  Libya and Egypt both receive monetary aid from our Country, who's credit rating has dropped yet again.  WE give the nutjobs money, they rape our Ambassador Chris Stevens, and then throughout the Middle East, Muslim Terrorists are attacking our marines, and killing them.

At what point will Obama quit fucking around (let's be honest, I couldn't hold my manners any more - blame the estrogen) and declare these atrocities to be acts of war against the United States.  The Rules of Engagement are pretty clear...I'm but a mere civilian, and can't believe we have not taken further pre-emptive movements towards the Muslim Terrorists.

Maybe tomorrow on the View, Whoopi and Joy will get upset and walk off their own show declaring that it wasn't Muslims who attacked us, but simply terrorists.  I'm sure at some point, my doctors are going to need to find a way for me to handle my menopause.  Until then, watch out Muslim Terrorists.  I'm one hell of an angry woman; with no fear of saying what I want.

Mr, President, might I suggest you forget about your campaign stops, and the lying, and for the rest of your dismal presidency, get to the task of giving our military the support they need, have earned and either pull them out of harm's way, or give them permission to blow the mothers out of their little sand holes.  Also, please fix the economy you have managed to make worse in 3 years, and then go back to Chicago or even better, hit Benghazi - They could probably use a community organizer.

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