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Saturday, July 16, 2011

RIP Patrick Gartlan - Leader of the Big Fat Gaelic Gartlan Group

Some families only speak to each other with regards to weddings and funerals.  My family, at least some, are no different.  Death is never welcome.  I cry each and every time I receive news of a family members' passing.

This morning's news from Ireland was especially difficult to absorb as it was not too long ago that I blogged about the Big Fat Gaelic Gartlans, and the closeness of our group, the first cousins, far and wide, spread across the world.  This morning I learned that my eldest cousin, dear, dear Patrick Gartlan, had been killed in an accident.  My cousin, Paul V. Gartlan skyped me and was the bearer of this heavy news.

Patrick was the leader.  The eldest of the all the first cousins.  I recall meeting him one summer day back in the late 70's, when he arrived at my parents' doorstep on Yolanda Avenue.  He was a dashingly handsome man, with blond-ish hair, the same color as his mother, Sadee.  I always felt a bit of kinship to Patrick, as I was the other blond in a sea of dark haired Gartlans.

Patrick was also a man of fine craic.  He could tell a story better than most - a true Irish trait.  He was hilarious with his stories, his affinity for our current President, (of course we did disagree on this point) and would marvel at getting my goat as he spoke of all things liberal - I believe he knew this was driving me mad.  He loved vintage cars, loved his wife Diane, adored his daughters Meagan and Sara.  He even got a chuckle out of one of the girls' friends, named Stu Pid.  Yes, that really is the bloke's name.  Stu Pid.

Patrick's daddy was my Uncle Maurice, who was the eldest of the last generation of Gartlans.  Patrick had the stories.  He had them all.  If you had a question about the lineage of one of our family members, a quick ring to Patrick would get you the answer.  He knew everything there is to know about anything.  He was calm, gentle, kind, loving and most of all a Gartlan, through and through.

My last phone call to him, a few weeks ago, was met with a hearty laugh, and the usual, "Ah, well Jesus Christ, and even a Mary & Joseph".  This seems to be a very interesting piece of the Gartlan colloquial expressions uttered from the mouths of Gartlans when we are surprised, shocked, jovial or just plain excited about anything.  "Well Jesus Christ Mary & Joseph.. you don't say".  Patrick's brother Brendan had slipped the pearly gates a few years back, and he often spoke of Brendan, and his gift of the great craic.  I never was able to see the two brothers together...but I can only imagine that right about now, St Peter in heaven is having to settle the two boys down, so that all the angels can get some sleep.

So, on this day of great sadness, my eyes are full of tears, my heart is heavy, but I know that Patrick was a gift to our family,  his memory will continue on with the stories the rest of us will tell, and that the leader of the Big Fat Gaelic Gartlans has left us only for a little while until we all meet again someday, for a pint and a shot of Jameson!
May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rains fall soft upon your fields and,
Until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

God's speed dear cousin, until we meet again.  Love You, Ann Corry 


  1. I had the privilege of knowing Pat. He was a dear man, a truly beautiful soul through and through... The world will definitely be a darker place without him. My husband and Pat were very close, and we will miss him every day. Pat was a blessing in our life and I will be forever grateful for the chance to know him. My love and condolences to Diane, Sara, Meagan and the rest of the family. This post is beautiful and heartwarming ... So glad I stumbled upon it... Was trying to find funeral info.

  2. Pat Gartlan was one of the happiest men I have ever known. He was truly satisfied with his lot in life; in fact, he once expressed to me that he couldn't believe his luck!

    To me personally he was a prince, and my kids looked to him like a father after theirs died. Pat was always so kind to them.

    My heart goes out to Diane and his two beautiful daughters. What a legacy he leaves in them.

    Well done, Pat. I woke up yesterday thinking of your hearty laugh and missed you so much.You were a blessing to us all.

  3. To Nikki and doctorp - Your comments speak volumes to the man I knew and loved - my dear cousin Patrick. It simply reaffirms that Patrick was indeed such a leader; yet within the leadership role of being the eldest of our Gartlan group, he was gentle, kind, and a graceful man. My dear daddy, Peter Gartlan, was the same way, and I believe that all the Gartlans have such a sense of love and compassion towards their fellow man. Patrick's daddy, my Uncle Maurice, was also the "keeper of the stories", and Patrick's brother, Brendan, also taken far too early, seemed to have inherited the gift of fine craic. It warms my heart to read your comments about dear Patrick and know that he was well loved. Thank you for your comments. xx

  4. ooops - I just realized that I logged in under my husband's google..hence the Johnny Mac. This is Ann Gartlan-McArthur... Patrick's first cousin - who apparently needs to still take a few lessons in how to operate and comment on her own blog! Good grief. Regardless --- thank you all for your comments. xx