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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Tweeting RHOA Style

With my husband gone to Kentucky, visiting the McArthur Clan, I've been finding new and exciting ways in which to occupy my time.  I refer to it as "Real Houseives of Aurora" (RHOA for short).

Deeply rooted into Day 4 of my Christmas Day oath to start the mighty diet, blog more, exercise until my limbs fall off and in general be a better person, I attest to "so far, so good".  Greek yogurt is my friend.  Water bottles are placed in strategic zones throughout the house to ensure that I get 64 oz. delivered to placate the hunger pangs.  Dog leashes are now in both cars to allow the spur of a moment dog walk!  The 6lb min-pin isn't sure what the heck is happening.

In between the various pledges I rendered unto myself, I re-enlisted in Twitter.  Social media is, at least for me, a path towards finding people who share my same point of view on various topics; mostly conservatism and irritation towards the current administration, dismal societal groups, i.e. Ferguson rioters, anti-police/law/military protesters, and the pinheads who wear t-shirts proclaiming, "I Can't Breath [sic]."  The latter being one of my favorites. 

My husband can attest to my recent frustration with the news.  An ardent FOX News viewer, I find myself yelling at the television.  I look forward to Bill O'Reilly's "Word of the Day" as the way to quell my anger with the earlier segments.  Just how many nitwits live in this great country?  Apparently quite a few.  That statistic is at least satisfying with the fact that FOX News is the number one cable news network. 

Most nights you can find me bantering with pundits with opposing points of view, albeit couch side.  I realize the television can not register my opinions, but I enjoy sharing them regardless.  Facebook is fun, but Twitter is a somewhat instantaneous.  I suspect my husband would relish time a bit more if I were not having one sided arguments with the news.  So, social media has become somewhat of a companion of sorts.

In the end, social media is the new path to communicating with one's fellow man, the sharing of opinions, views and dialogue.  Sadly, it also has created a world wherein face to face exchanges are far and few between.  There's the juxtaposition.


  1. We'll have to agree to disagree on this, Annabelle. Hope the holidays were bearable. Hugs, Connie

  2. I love your conservative style, keep it up and help us recover what's left of this nation.