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Sunday, July 6, 2014

BBQs and ice cream

20+ years of marriage have me wondering if my dear husband really knows me.  By all means, he does have some items down to a tee.  For this my dear husband, I am eternally grateful.  I adore you and feel blessed by your presence.

BUT, warnings beware for you loving husbands out there who venture to the grocery store.  STOP!  Think about this brazen while well-intentioned move.  What may seem like a wise decision at first, might get you feeling a bit unappreciated at the end.

I often wondered whether or not my spouse actually "hears" me when I am speaking either directly to him, or making comments to an experience we're sharing together.  I start with the comment, and if after 2-3 vocalizations, I am met with no response or even more contemptible, a grunt or non-committal, "uh-huh" or "yeah" - I begin tossing out one liners.  "I am pregnant, I maxed the credit card, I bought a new car, I'm moving to the beach".  If there is no indication that the one liners are absorbed, it is  then that I stand over my partner of life and turn off the power to whatever distracts him.

Today hubby announced he was going to the local Wal-Mart to buy a BBQ.  This is a great purchase since we enjoying having grilled food.  Ah, good hubby, good man.  As with Target, our local Wal-Mart is a "Super" as well.  I love this perk as having a grocery store and retail store in one is a great fun. 

My goal, while the man of my dreams was shopping for the epitome of testosterone, a grill - was to complete my domestic Sunday chores - ah fresh laundry,  watch a bit of House Hunters International, and put my face on, walk the dog, etc.  I figured that John wanted to wander the world of wacky Wal-Mart.  Surely he'd return before grocery shopping, or even attempting such a feat. 

I was wrong.  Wrong on so many levels.  If after 20 years, one is not capable of  completing grocery shopping netting items that both partners enjoy - well, then...off with your head!

John purchased  Haagen-Dazs Gelato.  Ok..impressive.  He knows I love Haagen Dazs.  Oh, big party foul - Sea Salt Caramel.  This is disturbing for me.  It proves my point - the one I mentioned early on at the beginning of this.  You know.  The one where I stated the plain and simple fact that I may speak but that doesn't mean John hears or listens.  I had purchased a pint of Ben & Jerry's salted caramel cored ice cream.  I made a point of telling John that while I do love caramel - the salted stuff simply is NOT for me.  Upon putting the fresh pint in the freezer, I played it low and asked, "Oh, are you trying the gelato"?  He told me it was for me.  You never want to hurt delicate man feelings. 

So, with a deep breath, and keeping in mind that John is a truly sensitive soul, likely to take all this personally..."John, did you even hear what I said the other night when I told you that I did not care for the salted caramel"? I will not mention that Lemon Meringue pie - another item I don't care for.  Who knew!

The grill looks nice by the way.