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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Crowbar in Passwords

Lately, I have become overwhelmed and perturbed by the world of passwords.  We have them for everything.  Secret numbers, symbols, letters all lined up and then jiggled, like one might do if they we trying to resolve a running toilet.  It's annoying.

I'm not the type of person who is particularly fond of asswords, ooops a Freudian slip.  Of course I meant to say passwords.  This blog vehicle requires passwords that are cannibalistic.  Half the time, I find myself shaking my head, as though someone will create some type of atonement for the times I was cursing at the computer screen.

But really, consider this whole thing.  In a population that is forever growing, how many people, who are somewhat computer savvy, can actually exclaim a conquest over the turbulent maze of "your password is too short, or does not have an enough numbers, or needs a symbols such as an %,&,#,@ "? 

Blog Spot, which I really enjoy for blogging provides you with a password so that you can share or email your blog entry.  I find myself turning my computer to odd angles, or take my glasses off, which are bifocals, or shaking my head wherein to pretend disorganizing the bugs in my brain.  Alas, no path seems to offer a solution to the password trick.

So, under symptoms of  menopause or just plain age related eyesight, I can be  patient until Tom Selleck decides to come to my house and enter passwords all day while I admire him, through the bi-focals!