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Friday, January 30, 2015

Blurbs from the 'Burbs

Sticking to New Year's resolutions are never easy.  More often than not, they are made while either heavily marinated in liquid libations of liquor or during some well intentioned examination of failures and dreams within ourselves.

Aside from the usual promises of dieting and eating healthy during 2015, my other resolution was to write more often.  2011-2014 had been torturous.  A moderately severe back injury coupled with serious complications including blood clots and a pulmonary embolism had me sidelined for most of 3 years: 3 long, wasted years.

Chronic pain can be, well, a real pain in the ass.  Pharmacology might as well have become my major for life.  Already somewhat educated in medicine, I read my MRI reports, blood test results, patient summaries with lackluster enthusiasm.  To brighten the situation, I bought a pink flowered walking cane, to replace the bland blue that I had come to rely upon.  And then came the well meaning comments of "your cane matches your clothes so perfectly".  How did it come to this?

So, as 2014 was making its exit, I decided I'd reached my limit and kicked my own ass into gear.  The dieting has been going fairly well.  I'm on track and bad habits are falling away from the picture.  The weight never comes off as a dieter wishes, but at least it's falling off.

My biggest obstacle was to start writing more often.  I love to write.  It releases stress, allows me to vent, gives me peace of mind and most importantly, let's my soul soar!  Living in a fog of narcotics, blood thinners, etc...my creative vein seemed to dry up.  Sure, I continued to write; sometimes serious topics and then, much to some of my friends' dismay, the political rants and raves were bounced around.  Truth be told - I enjoy the rants more.

When my husband began a new job that required a tremendous amount of travel, and time away from home, I knew I'd be in need of activities to stimulate my mind.  I'm not a very good housewife.  Gone are the days of creating some culinary feast.  I've never been good at sewing or other creative crafty things.  So, writing has been my outlet.  It's therapy for me.  And it sure is cheaper as well.

Today FOX News reported that Mitt Romney has decided not to run for the Presidency in 2016.  While I am a conservative & Republican, I couldn't help but sigh a breath of relief.  Mr. Romney is a great gentleman, but sometimes, the third time's a charm mantra is way off. 

The shenanigans of the current clown in the White House has made me even more passionate to see who comes out of the GOP and leads our country back to its once proper place in the world.  Whomever emerges from a list of at least 14 hopefuls, the GOP needs to put forth a candidate who can put a smack down on Mrs. "What Difference Does It Make" Clinton.

So, that's my thoughts for today, 1/30/15.  Exciting?  Maybe yes, maybe no.  But either way, One month into resolutions, I'm determined to stick with it.  I'm going to trim the fat - I hope our government can do the same.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Letter to Al Sharpton - Obama's Advisor

Dear Al: 

Or do you prefer Rev.?  What's with you? 

While most of your public life has been filled with turmoil, ridicule, race baiting, spewing lies, creating half-truths and being like gasoline on a fire, the latest stunt or plea for attention in your imaginary wheel of so-called racism is laughable. 

Calling an "emergency meeting" as to the lack of black actors and actress being nominated for this years Oscars takes the cake.  I'm left wondering if I should laugh or cry.

With all the turmoil around the world; terrorism alive as was evidenced in recent event in Sydney, AU and Paris, France - why on Earth do you equate the Oscars deserved of an emergency meeting?  Beg your pardon, but who the flip cares?

Did Mommy and Daddy not give you enough attention as a little boy?  Were you wronged on the playground after a kickball game?  Did someone steal a pencil from your desk?  You behave like a spoiled brat. 

Have you ever considered a job in construction?  This would be an ideal profession for you.  No one is more capable of moving a molehill into a mountain.  You can move a mound of shit with so much finesse. 

Could it be that the Oscars and those who make the decisions simply did not find any black person who gave a performance that was worthy of a nomination?  Why does it always come down to color with you? 

You need a vacation.  I suggest you visit our brave men and women serving in the middle east, if they'll have you.  There you will find a rainbow of nationalities.  Each and every person of color is treated with equality.  They all get the same chow, the same deluxe sleeping cot, they are all banding together, the same boots that get filled with sand from time to time, the same OD green fatigues,  and the best of our troops is their willingness to consider every person within their group a brother or sister.  They all bleed red.

Consider it, and even better, let me offer you the airfare to get you there. 


An American Who is Fed Up With Your Bullshit.