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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sometimes bumblebrains host TV shows

Always a fan of the sardonic, caustic, flame throwing bitch, Ann Coulter, I relish when she makes guest appearances on silly daytime shows like ABC's The View.  The thought of 5 women with not much common sense between them, presuming they are going to banter with the likes of Ann Coulter gives me the energy to entertain myself with a wee Irish jig.  I almost feel super human.  Maybe it's the name, Ann.  An excellent first name if I say so myself.

So, Ms. Coulter can whip out books faster than Obama get the hell out of Washington D.C. after learning of the murder of Ambassador Stevens.  I have every single one of her books, and read them with vim and vigor.

Apparently, during the re-election of George W., my debating style became too much for a few people, and one nice elderly gentleman referred to me as the sardonic, caustic, fire breathing, flame throwing bitch from hell.  Being raised in a household where one should always respect their elders, I typed vigorously, and with a broad smile on my face..."Well, thank you for the kind and gracious compliment, sir". I'm not a elder bashing kind of flame thrower.  I usually take aim at people who can handle themselves, hold a conversation and keep personal insults to a minimum.  Usually when the personal slams come out of a bag, you can draw the only possible conclusion - they feel cornered, and are getting ready to shoot sharp quills in your direction.

The View's hostess with the mostess,  Whoopi, caught a little wind of irritation today when Ann Coutler apparently did not offer the politically correct, regurgitated love poems of liberals.  Let's face it, The View ladies reach near orgasmic levels when they have their EYE CANDY POTUS in their midst.  It's all fuzzy, warm, with loads of love.  Almost like a Woodstock moment, and free love to be had.  The stage seems to drip with the odor of liberals getting ready to spawn.  It's easy to run a talk show with guests who hang on your every word, taking it in as though it was gospel.  However, when arguing a point, I personally believe it leads to far more weight in your favor if you spout or exclaim your point of view with clear, historical facts.  None of the pop cultural dialogue with these crazy dames makes sense.

So, Ms. Whoopi exclaims that Ms. Coulter has no idea as to what black people are thinking because well, let's face it, Ann Coulter isn't black.  However, Ms. Coulter brings documented historical facts to the table.  What Whoopi, Behar and the other gals don't realize is that Ms. Coulter, if she so desired, could turn all those gals into liver pate with a single swipe.

Apparently Ms. Goldberg has neither attended college and is alleged to have dropped out of high school.  Joy Behar did attend and earn a degree from Queens College and the State University of New York ) at Stony Brook. She also worked as a junior high school English teacher in 1968.  Sherri Shepard, earned a high school diploma, then attended technical school to learn secretarial skills.  She is a comedian by trade. Elizabeth Hasselback attended St. Mary's Academy Bay View in Riverside, Rhode Island, and then went on to earn a degree in Fine Arts from Boston College.  And she even did a stint on CBS' popular show, "Survivor", an adventure  that no doubt has probably prepared her to sit with the other ding dongs.And finally, the grand dame of them all, Mrs. Barbara Walter, attended Ethical Culture Fieldston School and Birch Wathen Lenox School,[16][17] private schools in New York City,[13] Walters graduated from Miami Beach High School in 1947. In 1951 she received a B.A. in English from Sarah Lawrence College

Ms. Coulter's resume reads as follows: Graduated with honors from Cornell University in 1984 and received her law degree at University of Michigan Law School, where she was an editor of The Michigan Law Review.  Coulter served as a law clerk in Kansas City for Pasco Bowman II of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit. After briefly working in private practice in New York City, Coulter went to work for the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee in 1995, handling crime and immigration issues for Sen. Spencer Abraham of Michigan. She is a frequent top 10 author on the New York Times list. She earned herself not 1, but 2 terminations from MSNBC.  Main stream medic can't handle strong willed, educated women.  I suspect the likes of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow suit the comic rhetoric of the sheeple audience over at MSNBC. 

So, Ms. Goldberg's voir dire to sit as a juror (hell judge and jury) on the panel of The View, pales in comparison to Ms. Coulter's accolades.  I'm not implying that a high school drop out can not obtain a self taught education, but Ms. Coulter's education is followed by a long line of accomplishments; alas no Academy Award nomination as of yet.  Maybe that's Ms. Goldberg's hidden ace. But after today's latest rant, it seems to me that Whoopi was having a difficult time grasping Ms.Coulter's responses to silly questions.  What the media received was a long drawn out soliloquy from Whoopi, that I still can't piece together in English, or pig latin.

What I do know is that at no time during the angry, estrogen filled, foul mouthed tirade from the hostess Goldberg, did she appear to even listen to Ms. Coulter's responses to questions being asked of her.  Calling our current POTUS, the Food Stamp President, doesn't sound the least prejudicial or racist.  Ms. Behar seems to glaze over with a smirk of malcontent when she thinks she's gained an upper hand.  However, food stamp kings can come in any color, and it just so happens that Obama is leading in the application for, and thus deliverance of food stamp aid.

Somehow we've turned into a country where some people want to throw a race card around.  Why is that?  I detest the periods of slavery in this nation.  It's a sad part of U.S. history.  However, almost every nationality in this country has had some sort of discrimination against them.  Irish, Jews, Catholics, Italians, Poles, Russians...you name it, and history can back it up.  We are a melting pot of opportunities in this country, although Mr. Obama seems to have stuck a dull thumbtack into the land of opportunity.  I'm fed up with hearing about the victims of racism.  It's time to move forward with this country's attitude that if you did not vote for Obama, no where does it warrant a label of being racist.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Budget Woes, 911 and Drugs

Usually, public radio, or even certain programs on PBS drive me crazy.  NPR for instance - the firing of Juan Williams, a liberal democrat drove me out of my mind.  Remembering that I am a conservative Republican, I may not have agreed with Juan Williams on most topics, but I believed and still believe him to be a fair and honest reporter. I also believe in Free Speech, whether uttered responsibly or not.  Hell, you have to start thinking that for FOX News; the "bad guys" against main stream media, to back Juan when he was dismissed from NPR, that there is indeed validity to my assertion of Mr. Williams' level of professionalism.

So, a routine Saturday evening found me watching a program on PBS about the history of the state park system in my native California.  I am of the belief that you can value the state park system and still be a Republican. Nothing can bring me more clarity then walking on a shaded trail, listening to silence. The sights, sounds and smells of a park can almost completely quell my anxieties.

Anyways, the state park budget woes.  The message, if you will, of this PBS program was chatting up one side and down the other of what I can only refer to as "confusion" of the masses.  PBS had different experts lamenting as to the budget woes in California.  Their argument was that more state parks and trails are falling to the wayside and being closed due to a budgetary crisis in the state.   While I can certainly appreciate their devotion to the preservation of California's beauty and the state parks, I'm also realistic that first and foremost, job preservation takes precedence over fig trees and forest space.

I'm not a cold hearted bitch.  I'm just speaking plainly about where the priorities of our nation needs to be; even where our states need to be.  In my opinion, jobs that create safety i.e. police, ems and fire need to be taken care of over state parks.  I love animals, and little furry creatures that run through state parks across our nation.  But what if we, as a nation, decided to pour money into land rather than paying our public safety servants a wage they so richly deserve?  Who cares if the spotted owl is endangered, when drug cartels own the streets, threaten our safety and there is no one to protect us?

I saw the movie, "End of Watch" over the weekend.  It's a very intense film.  If you can hear past the coarse language, and the displays of violence, there are many lessons to be learned from the movie.  Having lived in the Los Angeles suburbs growing up, we simply did not know about the gangs.  That was somewhere else; it was someone else's problem.  I knew that if I were to be on Parthenia Avenue, near Corbin Street, I was going to see a ghetto type neighborhood.  That was 40 years ago, and the gang infestation of Los Angeles continues.

Often times I ponder as to whether or not people living in the 'burbs realize just how hard core south central L.A. is, or what the drug cartels are doing to the City of Angels.  Our borders are simply not being protected enough.  I wonder if our President stops to think, between his rounds of golf, visits to The View, his jiggy fun time with celebrities,  the hard core cartels are making their way over our borders, filling our kids with drugs, and also putting our public servants at risk.

The POTUS is really just the white junk that comes out of a really big zit when you try to squeeze it. The meat of the pimple is the local politicians on the state levels.  Does Mayor Villaraigosa pay any attention to the LAPD, LA City Fire and/or EMS?  What about Moonbeam Jerry Brown?  Does he bring into consideration that cops are dying on the streets fighting against criminals that have body piercing ammo, being fired from weapons bought with illegal drug monies?  
Why do we hesitate to deport those who are in this country illegally?  How is it that Border Agent Terry was shot and killed with weapons that came from this country to fight the border wars?  Why is Eric Holder not being held responsible?  Shouldn't we, as voters, expect the people we vote into office to be held at a higher standard rather than keeping those same corrupt or inept politicians in office?

The argument being made on the program I watched via PBS lamented as to what will happen if California doesn't fight to preserve the state parks.  I think the state is on the verge of bankruptcy, and first and foremost, they need to be worrying about border control, protection of the private citizens and hefty raises for those men and women who so bravely walk out their front doors every day, to fight the good fight by protecting us.  What good is a spotted owl to a drug cartel?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Estrogen & The Middle East

So, as the title of my blog page actually is Musings from Menopause, I suppose I will preface this latest blog entry under the guise of actually being menopausal, and now without the use of my beloved Estrogen any longer.

That magic drug kept me sane, even keeled, fair minded and a gentle lady.  Well, now that the estrogen doctor said, "Sorry Annie, a blood clot and pulmonary embolism have now earned you the cessation of estrogen forever":.  My heart sunk and I began to feel a familiar feeling over take my mind and body.

No more calm Annie Mac.  The glove are off.  Some of you might think - "well, given how you pull Obama apart, wing by wing, why should we expect anything different?"  Watch out people...the Irish temper has been heating up since Friday.

We all know what we were doing 11 years ago, when Muslim Terrorists attacked our country.  I don't owe any apologies nor am I afraid to call them what they were and apparently still are:  Muslim Terrorists.  Obama is the Captain of the Ship of Apologies, and he needs his ship to sink before he does any more damage to our country.

Here we are 11, years later.  Has anything changed?  No.  Do Muslim Terrorists still hate us?  Yes.  Does the Koran call for killing of all infidels?  Yes.  Do we have a President with a set (insert your own imaginative phrase here please) __________, to announce to the world that we, as Americans will not stand idly by and watch as our allys', which Jim Carney and others want to debate as to its actual meaning.  Art, war, friend or foe, I don't care...Let's just get the nasty mothers (followed by the expletive that sounds like puckers) and do it right once and for all.  After that, let America attempt to set up some sort of protection for our friends, Israel.

Let's see - Pakistan apparently was unaware the the big bad guy UBL, was hiding out in their country.  The U.S. Navy Seals took care of that piece of shit.  Libya and Egypt both receive monetary aid from our Country, who's credit rating has dropped yet again.  WE give the nutjobs money, they rape our Ambassador Chris Stevens, and then throughout the Middle East, Muslim Terrorists are attacking our marines, and killing them.

At what point will Obama quit fucking around (let's be honest, I couldn't hold my manners any more - blame the estrogen) and declare these atrocities to be acts of war against the United States.  The Rules of Engagement are pretty clear...I'm but a mere civilian, and can't believe we have not taken further pre-emptive movements towards the Muslim Terrorists.

Maybe tomorrow on the View, Whoopi and Joy will get upset and walk off their own show declaring that it wasn't Muslims who attacked us, but simply terrorists.  I'm sure at some point, my doctors are going to need to find a way for me to handle my menopause.  Until then, watch out Muslim Terrorists.  I'm one hell of an angry woman; with no fear of saying what I want.

Mr, President, might I suggest you forget about your campaign stops, and the lying, and for the rest of your dismal presidency, get to the task of giving our military the support they need, have earned and either pull them out of harm's way, or give them permission to blow the mothers out of their little sand holes.  Also, please fix the economy you have managed to make worse in 3 years, and then go back to Chicago or even better, hit Benghazi - They could probably use a community organizer.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Genocide vs. Genocide and the Choice

I can already hear the roar.  It's either going to be coming from my pro-choice pals or the PRO-LIFE pals.  The way I see it, there's only one way to look at this - and it's coming from the PRO-LIFE corner of the boxing match.

Thank GOD that the RNC and DNC rallies are over.  I've seen enough of fools dressed as pink, fuzzy vaginas, and signs proclaiming that the Democrats are Pro Woman, and those terrible Republicans are all about taking away the rights of women.  Last time I checked, I am a Republican, and still have all my God given Constitutional Rights attached to my vote.

Ted Kennedy made an appearance, albeit, posthumously, and exalted the POTUS to near messiah levels.  For a party that spins its wheels pontificating, while dressed  in large screaming pink vagina costumes, that they are the party for protecting women and their rights of vaginas, the only person missing that night was Mary Jo.  Oh, that's right, Ted the do-gooder of women left her in a car underwater. The night would have been complete if they'd put JFK and Bobby up and all their dalliances.  Wait, did I see Marilyn Monroe in the audience?

Then came the night of the never ending speech from every one's favorite uncle, Billy Bubba Clinton.  He's got lousy "taste" in women.  But for Hillary, the rest of them look like something out of a dipsy dumpster, or what a wayward beach goer might find washed up on an empty beach. Others are European beauties with names no one has ever heard of.   He has no idea what a humidor is, and insists that cigars needs a good dipping before being smoked.  He finds women who have little to no self-esteem and then exploits the hell out of them.  I must ask you Bill - what if your daughter was treated in the same way you allegedly treated Ms. Lewinsky, Ms. Flowers, Ms. Stronach, Ms. Gershon, Ms. Karimova, Ms. Robson, Ms. Hurley, Ms. Klum, Ms. Mondale, Ms. Stone, Ms. Duff, Ms. Grucen, Ms. Perdue and  Ms. Browning?  Again, what are the Democrats thinking when they hold Bill up as a savior of the womens' rights movement.  All those in vagina costumes - close your lips.

It's not as though the Republican Party is exempt from this either.  What is it about politicians who seem to think that winning an election is like an open invitation to fuck whatever walks in front of them?  And why on earth are there some women dumb enough to fall into bed with a man who has a (D) or (R) after his name.  If you want to talk about the Rights of Women, let's start with building up the confidence and self esteem of women so that they are not putting themselves on some all you can eat buffet table for wayward politicians.      
So, what's all this got to do with genocide?  It is estimated that over 6 million Jews, Christians, gypsies and homosexuals were exterminated by the madman Adolph Hitler.  No one thought it could happen.  News of such atrocities reached the United States and even our government, initially found this difficult to comprehend.  "Mass graves" "concentration camps"  in a modern day society, never.  Time and time again, history repeats itself, yet we never learn. Obama can't seem to figure out if he's friends with Israel or Iran.  Hint, POTUS, go with Israel.  Take a glance at the Shoah Foundation (click on the link - LOOK, LISTEN AND LEARN)  One of the bravest women I admire is Anne Frank - the young lady who chronicled her life, hidden behind a wall, safe from Nazis, until she was found and died in the camps. Or even Miep Geis, the Dutch woman who saved that very same journal so that the world would be able to know the dreams of Anne. 

Even still, the POTUS wants to make nice with Iran.  Who the hell is he kidding?  The tyrant from Iran denies the Holocaust even took place. Iran's hatred of the United States and Israel.  Are we to believe that if the POTUS is, (GOD & HEAVEN HELP US) re-elected, Iran will become our new best buddy?  Like schoolyard bullies who gang up on Israel?  If so, my bets on Israel wiping Iran right off the map.

Then we come to the crisis of the other modern day genocide.  Abortion.  Argue with me or any pro-lifer all you wish, but it is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for a man and woman who copulate, to create anything other than a human being.  Any scientist on this planet can not prove otherwise.  Humans only are capable of creating another human.  We don't make Hostess Cupcakes or Dolly Madison Zingers. Planned Parenthood can sit by and boldly and contumaciously claim that a human being isn't a human being until the first breath is taken and the "fetus" has been completely expelled from the mother, but the simple fact remains, that a baby is a baby at the point of conception.

Since Roe v. Wade became legal in 1973, 50 million abortions have been performed legally.  50 million.   Does this number give you pause?  It makes me want to vomit.   61.8% of that 50 million are performed prior to 9 weeks of gestation.  The statistics are mind numbing.  What if one of those 50 million  had the cure for cancer?  What if one of those 50 million was able to bring about world peace?  50 million.  Let it sink in. [source, Guttmacher Institute]

Furthermore, the Democratic Party opposes any law which would cease the rights of a woman to make the choice to abort her baby. LATE TERM ABORTIONS. Again, read the facts.

Women who have donned their fuzzy pink vagina Halloween costumes a little too early,  I ask you this:  Of the 50 million abortions performed LEGALLY since 1973, how many of those babies were females?  Were you their in your vagina costumes to support their rights?  Did you protest the late term abortions performed on VIABLE babies? Are we to presume that the Pink Vaginas, sounds like a punk rock group, are only concerned with Womens' Rights when it comes to white, Anglo-Saxon, American women?  I sound harsh; some of you might even hate me right now.  But come on, women, don't be fooled.

We are smart, savvy, intelligent, loving, compassionate human beings capable of creating life.  We can cure disease, we can run for political office, we can vote, we can dry tears, hug children with boo-boos.  We can be authors, mothers, presidents, saints, sinners, Nobel Peace prize winners, such as Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma.  We can sit in the back of the bus and create a movement of civil rights (Thank you Rosa Parks).  We can create art, music, words of wisdom, we can be Grandma Moses..  We can sit on the Supreme Court.

In all the greatness that women can create, sadly the only thing we've been either been unable or unwilling to protect ourselves from the ultimate exploitation of abortion, stealthy hidden behind the word CHOICE.