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Monday, October 28, 2013

Queen of the Double Wide on Wheels

Sammy Kershaw serenaded the country audience back in the '90s with "Queen of My Double Wide Trailer", and I found myself astonished as to who might want to live in a trailer park.  Those were the days when I was more of a snob.

Words that come back around to take a large chunk out of my ass - a big bite ... here I sit, in my RV, in a trailer park, writing about this very topic. 

We bought a RV in March, 2013.  Our condo recently went under contract, and hopefully will close at the end of November.  We've been living in very rural North Routt County, Clark, Colorado since Father's Day weekend.  Off grid has been an adventure.  No internet, no cable.  Water being brought in, rather than just turning on a faucet.  It's been a reality check, but a great reality check.

So, when winter came knocking a few weeks ago, the logistics had to be reconsidered.  In an area that easily sees up to 500 inches + of snow, living in the back 40 was not going to be very wise.  We moved in to town this past weekend, and smack dab in to the KOA campground.  A real life trailer park.

Looking around at the diversity of RVs, I am blown away.  You have the hippie stoner dudes who live in a small Streamline; I'm not sure how they all fit in there.  Next to them, a large 5th wheel Voltage with 2 slide-outs; I believe they are hunters, as I have not seen them since we arrived, and it's rifle season.  Last night an immense 5th wheel rolled in, pulled by a semi-cab, with license plates from Montana; a real palace - 3 slide outs.  They stayed one night. 

Today 2 friends from ski patrol moved in.  One has been coming here for 11 years, and filled me in on the skinny as to who lives here during the winter season.  He told me about some couple who own a million dollar rig, are also "swingers" and were on the hunt for people to swing with them - that sounds like the people I envisioned to living in a trailer park. 

I'm still a snob, although I've mellowed over the years.  A trailer park will do that to you!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Idiosyncrasies of Men

A recent conversation with my brother had me thinking that he had figured out the female race.  Oh, how wrong he is!

As I sit here at The Clark Store, plugged into my lifeline, otherwise known as the free wifi table, I can easily overhear the guys' take on life.  Oh how I wish my brother was here.

4 men, all with coffee or cokes, grubby clothes from shoveling shit - all types of "shit" and an odor or cow poo and mud, are discussing today's issues.  They are the champions of the world, or so they think.  It's enlightening to hear the conversations that range from moving big piece of wood with a skid steer, to family visits, how the "little lady" NEEDS their help for chores around the house, doctor visits, the price for a head of cattle, sharing pictures on their smart phones, sports scores, shooting bear,  outfitters in town,  killing, preparing, seasoning and then eating bear.  They are also discussing who pulled which tag for where, who has the BIGGEST, ha ha.....elk.  I'm loving it. Oh, and don't forget the guy who just killed the "biggest moose I ever saw, down in Soda Creek".

I know where all the great hunting spots are now; not that I really care to  know.  I'd rather hunt democrats.  But, in case you need to know...down near Ted Turner's ranch, boy scout ranch, Cimarron, soda creek, brown's park, 20mile.  Of course, if you're not from the Rockies, these locations might need a Garmin to locate. 

I love my brother dearly.  Aside from being my brother, he is my friend.  But he is slightly clueless when it comes to how he perceives women vs men.  These 4 ranchers at the table next to me are even sharing recipes as to the proper way to make jerky; while one even laments that he has never heard of a jerky cutter. 

Even more entertaining, is one young buck talking about how "tight his AR-15" is.  What would an old fashion man party be without gun talk.  But then again, Steamboat did just host a female gun shoot. 

Life is good, and every once in awhile it's very, very informative to hear how the opposite sex perceives the never ending battle between the sexes. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Government Shut Down - Get A Pet Instead

It's been a long two months since I have written anything on my personal blog.  I have been devoting my time to my husband's blog site (www.mollydogimages.com)  and also traveling a bit before the snow flies.  Truth be told, it's already begun its flight.  Ugh, the white stuff - which I disdain.  I suppose residing in the Rocky Mountains has something to do with the weather that follows fall.  Silly me.

Living off grid has advantages and disadvantages.  Peace, tranquility, unencumbered lifestyle - you get all this and more when you reside in your RV, on a piece of property.  However, the down side, if you were to even consider it such would be the small toilet, small stove, the amazing one gallon shower, no Internet, television, cable reception, etc.  Mix it all together, and I believe it balances everything out in the long run.

The government shut down.  I've been just ready to explode over this news.  One of the things that irks me more than anything is that Congress, the Senate and THE POTUS are still receiving their paychecks, while other government workers are being furloughed.  Can anyone recognize the hypocrisy of that one?  In states like Utah, where multiple National Parks are located, a force government closure will deeply resonate through the pocketbooks of those who rely upon tourism that comes from nature's ample parks.  Even here in Colorado, we've been affected.  The closure of Trailridge Road means that those who were nearly wiped out during the recent flooding are pretty much stuck with very, very limited ways to escape.  Up until the government closure, at least some of those stuck in Lyons, Drake, etc were able to utilize Trailridge Road.  No more.  Does anyone in Washington, D.C. even listen or care about the "little person" suffering?  Does the wooden headed Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid care an ounce for those who are without fresh water?

So, I've been away from my own blog for 2 months.  During that time, I enrolled in school.  I'm taking small steps to further my medical career.  I am the oldest person in my class.  That's okay with me.  With age comes experience, and perhaps an ability to add something to the subject at hand.

While away from life in general, I've been surfing the 'net more often and come upon many, many rescue sites for animals.  I've always had a yearning; somewhat of a mythical draw towards animals.  They love unconditionally, they do not judge.  Everyday has the potential for something new.  I love it. http://www.vrcpitbull.net/dog/ , Is one of my favorite websites along with http://bestfriends.org/.  If dreams could come true, I'd love to work for either of
these organizations.  Their mission statements are a near to exact of my sentiments towards life. 


Look into the eyes of this happy little creature , named Brinkley, that lives at www.villalobos.com in Louisiana, and tell me his little smile doesn't bring instantaneous relief to a heavy day.

Or this handsome man, named Douglas who lives at www.bestfriends.org in southern Utah.  There are close to 1500 animals at this red rocked sanctuary, and they are always looking for volunteers.  Having spent a few volunteer visits to Best Friends, I never felt more loved.  There were special cats and dogs that just captured my heart.  In fact, when our beloved Mac dog died, we had him buried at Angels Landing, within the shade of red rocks on the Best Friends' grounds.  The place is magical.

So, while the government dicks around with our future, I try to look at it one day at a time.  To see deer in our front yard, or simply helping a small bird who flew into a glass porch door, we look at the marvels of the animal kingdom, and almost can forget what is happening around the rest of the work.