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Saturday, November 1, 2014

For Greatness of our Military

November we remember our Veterans.  Today, as I recover from recent surgery in the ever evolving saga that is my spine, I watched Black Hawk Down.  The  1999 film, based upon the battle in Mogadishu, Somalia which left 18 military heroes dead,  struck a chord, as it has done every time I watch it.

Our veterans, as well as current military members, deserve so much more than they receive.  Our media, for the most part (certain mainstream media being much more guilty than others) seem to thrive upon a negative headline rather than the countless positives that emanate from our brave soldiers.

Why is it that society can't grasp the heart of our military and what they and their families endure for US, the free of the United States?  Consider recent events in every corner of our world.  Does the average citizen care to entertain the bravery that still is alive, battling terrorism, ISIS, Al Qeada?  Are you brave enough to look into the eyes of a soldier caught in the talons of PTSD and its mind demons?  We take so much for granted, yet never consider the cost.

My husband, a Naval Veteran and I had the honor to hear author and USNavy SEAL Jason Redman speak when he was in Steamboat Springs, Colorado this past spring.  He wore his bravery on his face; battle scars obvious.  But his words resounded the line:  "Overcome".  While always patriotic, respectful and ardent supporters of our U.S. Military family members, hearing Jason speak of his time in the throws of fierce battle, loss of team members and then the long but victorious battle of rebuilding his battered body, one couldn't help but have a sense of awe to what Jason,  as well as others in our braves forces have endured.

Why do they do it?  It certainly couldn't be the great pay, vacations, exotic locations - none of those are really part of the military experience.  A soldier does it for the guy next to him, his fellow man, his best friend...the soldier next to him.  They do it because they value a silent call that echoes something greater than themselves.  They do it for us; so we can lay our heads down at night, knowing we're safe because of that one soldier who thought of freedom, its cost and everything but themselves.

... “The best day and the worst day of my life was when I served in Mogadishu, Somalia, on October 3, 1993, as a part of Task Force Ranger.”  Retired Command Sgt. Maj. Robert Gallagher 1962-2014