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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Idiosyncrasies of Men

A recent conversation with my brother had me thinking that he had figured out the female race.  Oh, how wrong he is!

As I sit here at The Clark Store, plugged into my lifeline, otherwise known as the free wifi table, I can easily overhear the guys' take on life.  Oh how I wish my brother was here.

4 men, all with coffee or cokes, grubby clothes from shoveling shit - all types of "shit" and an odor or cow poo and mud, are discussing today's issues.  They are the champions of the world, or so they think.  It's enlightening to hear the conversations that range from moving big piece of wood with a skid steer, to family visits, how the "little lady" NEEDS their help for chores around the house, doctor visits, the price for a head of cattle, sharing pictures on their smart phones, sports scores, shooting bear,  outfitters in town,  killing, preparing, seasoning and then eating bear.  They are also discussing who pulled which tag for where, who has the BIGGEST, ha ha.....elk.  I'm loving it. Oh, and don't forget the guy who just killed the "biggest moose I ever saw, down in Soda Creek".

I know where all the great hunting spots are now; not that I really care to  know.  I'd rather hunt democrats.  But, in case you need to know...down near Ted Turner's ranch, boy scout ranch, Cimarron, soda creek, brown's park, 20mile.  Of course, if you're not from the Rockies, these locations might need a Garmin to locate. 

I love my brother dearly.  Aside from being my brother, he is my friend.  But he is slightly clueless when it comes to how he perceives women vs men.  These 4 ranchers at the table next to me are even sharing recipes as to the proper way to make jerky; while one even laments that he has never heard of a jerky cutter. 

Even more entertaining, is one young buck talking about how "tight his AR-15" is.  What would an old fashion man party be without gun talk.  But then again, Steamboat did just host a female gun shoot. 

Life is good, and every once in awhile it's very, very informative to hear how the opposite sex perceives the never ending battle between the sexes. 

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