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Friday, September 7, 2012

Genocide vs. Genocide and the Choice

I can already hear the roar.  It's either going to be coming from my pro-choice pals or the PRO-LIFE pals.  The way I see it, there's only one way to look at this - and it's coming from the PRO-LIFE corner of the boxing match.

Thank GOD that the RNC and DNC rallies are over.  I've seen enough of fools dressed as pink, fuzzy vaginas, and signs proclaiming that the Democrats are Pro Woman, and those terrible Republicans are all about taking away the rights of women.  Last time I checked, I am a Republican, and still have all my God given Constitutional Rights attached to my vote.

Ted Kennedy made an appearance, albeit, posthumously, and exalted the POTUS to near messiah levels.  For a party that spins its wheels pontificating, while dressed  in large screaming pink vagina costumes, that they are the party for protecting women and their rights of vaginas, the only person missing that night was Mary Jo.  Oh, that's right, Ted the do-gooder of women left her in a car underwater. The night would have been complete if they'd put JFK and Bobby up and all their dalliances.  Wait, did I see Marilyn Monroe in the audience?

Then came the night of the never ending speech from every one's favorite uncle, Billy Bubba Clinton.  He's got lousy "taste" in women.  But for Hillary, the rest of them look like something out of a dipsy dumpster, or what a wayward beach goer might find washed up on an empty beach. Others are European beauties with names no one has ever heard of.   He has no idea what a humidor is, and insists that cigars needs a good dipping before being smoked.  He finds women who have little to no self-esteem and then exploits the hell out of them.  I must ask you Bill - what if your daughter was treated in the same way you allegedly treated Ms. Lewinsky, Ms. Flowers, Ms. Stronach, Ms. Gershon, Ms. Karimova, Ms. Robson, Ms. Hurley, Ms. Klum, Ms. Mondale, Ms. Stone, Ms. Duff, Ms. Grucen, Ms. Perdue and  Ms. Browning?  Again, what are the Democrats thinking when they hold Bill up as a savior of the womens' rights movement.  All those in vagina costumes - close your lips.

It's not as though the Republican Party is exempt from this either.  What is it about politicians who seem to think that winning an election is like an open invitation to fuck whatever walks in front of them?  And why on earth are there some women dumb enough to fall into bed with a man who has a (D) or (R) after his name.  If you want to talk about the Rights of Women, let's start with building up the confidence and self esteem of women so that they are not putting themselves on some all you can eat buffet table for wayward politicians.      
So, what's all this got to do with genocide?  It is estimated that over 6 million Jews, Christians, gypsies and homosexuals were exterminated by the madman Adolph Hitler.  No one thought it could happen.  News of such atrocities reached the United States and even our government, initially found this difficult to comprehend.  "Mass graves" "concentration camps"  in a modern day society, never.  Time and time again, history repeats itself, yet we never learn. Obama can't seem to figure out if he's friends with Israel or Iran.  Hint, POTUS, go with Israel.  Take a glance at the Shoah Foundation (click on the link - LOOK, LISTEN AND LEARN)  One of the bravest women I admire is Anne Frank - the young lady who chronicled her life, hidden behind a wall, safe from Nazis, until she was found and died in the camps. Or even Miep Geis, the Dutch woman who saved that very same journal so that the world would be able to know the dreams of Anne. 

Even still, the POTUS wants to make nice with Iran.  Who the hell is he kidding?  The tyrant from Iran denies the Holocaust even took place. Iran's hatred of the United States and Israel.  Are we to believe that if the POTUS is, (GOD & HEAVEN HELP US) re-elected, Iran will become our new best buddy?  Like schoolyard bullies who gang up on Israel?  If so, my bets on Israel wiping Iran right off the map.

Then we come to the crisis of the other modern day genocide.  Abortion.  Argue with me or any pro-lifer all you wish, but it is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for a man and woman who copulate, to create anything other than a human being.  Any scientist on this planet can not prove otherwise.  Humans only are capable of creating another human.  We don't make Hostess Cupcakes or Dolly Madison Zingers. Planned Parenthood can sit by and boldly and contumaciously claim that a human being isn't a human being until the first breath is taken and the "fetus" has been completely expelled from the mother, but the simple fact remains, that a baby is a baby at the point of conception.

Since Roe v. Wade became legal in 1973, 50 million abortions have been performed legally.  50 million.   Does this number give you pause?  It makes me want to vomit.   61.8% of that 50 million are performed prior to 9 weeks of gestation.  The statistics are mind numbing.  What if one of those 50 million  had the cure for cancer?  What if one of those 50 million was able to bring about world peace?  50 million.  Let it sink in. [source, Guttmacher Institute]

Furthermore, the Democratic Party opposes any law which would cease the rights of a woman to make the choice to abort her baby. LATE TERM ABORTIONS. Again, read the facts.

Women who have donned their fuzzy pink vagina Halloween costumes a little too early,  I ask you this:  Of the 50 million abortions performed LEGALLY since 1973, how many of those babies were females?  Were you their in your vagina costumes to support their rights?  Did you protest the late term abortions performed on VIABLE babies? Are we to presume that the Pink Vaginas, sounds like a punk rock group, are only concerned with Womens' Rights when it comes to white, Anglo-Saxon, American women?  I sound harsh; some of you might even hate me right now.  But come on, women, don't be fooled.

We are smart, savvy, intelligent, loving, compassionate human beings capable of creating life.  We can cure disease, we can run for political office, we can vote, we can dry tears, hug children with boo-boos.  We can be authors, mothers, presidents, saints, sinners, Nobel Peace prize winners, such as Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma.  We can sit in the back of the bus and create a movement of civil rights (Thank you Rosa Parks).  We can create art, music, words of wisdom, we can be Grandma Moses..  We can sit on the Supreme Court.

In all the greatness that women can create, sadly the only thing we've been either been unable or unwilling to protect ourselves from the ultimate exploitation of abortion, stealthy hidden behind the word CHOICE. 

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