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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Lady Who Wasn't Proud to be An American

Tonight brought all the pundits out; although some were along the coast of Florida wondering what happened to Issac, while the 9th ward and New Orleans wondered just how much God really disliked them.  Imagine the odds; another hurricane (albeit Cat. 1) almost 7 years to the day.  Odds like that make money makers in Vegas nervous. I personally enjoyed hearing that Samuel L. Jackson felt it unfair that the RNC was spared the Hurricane.  Oh, so sad for you Mr. Jackson.  Such a great talent, such a bitter human being.

Tuesday's speakers brought to center stage the effervescent and dynamic Ann Romney.  Not since The 19th Amendment was ratified, has the power of the women in politics held so much at stake. Granted, there are no women running for the top prize; although Michelle Bachmann could have given some of these men a run for their money.

But, the voters spoke, and Michelle gracefully and with class bowed out of the race on January 4, 2012.  She left the race with dignity.  No murky remarks, or underhanded, sly stabs against her all male opponents.  She rallied the Republicans, Conservatives, Tea Partiers, Independents and undecided together and spoke of the ability to make America GREAT.  I listened to Mrs. Bachmann's speech that morning,  I was not a supporter of her spot for the White House, but anyone with a drop of common sense could hear a well worded, and heartfelt convivial utterance of words.  She garnered my respect on that cold January  morning.

Chastisement has been the main headline of late.  Never has there been such turmoil over women.  Democrats care more;  no, it's Republicans.  At this point, I am sure on only one thing, the only man I know who gives a rat's ass about my well being is my husband.

"The Story So Far: two days ago, the Obama administration – using the fig-leaf/cutout of Super PAC Priorities USA – accused Mitt Romney of being a murderer because a company that Romney used to own closed down a steel mill (several years after Romney left that company) and that meant that the wife of the husband who lost his job at that steel mill (one Joe Soptic) didn’t have any insurance after the wife left her job several years after the layoff and several years after all of that the wife was diagnosed with cancer and then died. As Erick notes in the link above: if that’s an acceptable logic chain that legitimately leads one to a charge of murder, then (to give just one example) this administration murdered US Border Agent Brian Terry and Eric Holder needs to give himself up right now.
But wait! It gets even more convoluted. You see, the Media is balkingabsolutely balking - at taking this line of attack seriously, and the Obama administration has already done its best to distance itself from the Priorities USA ad, to the point where Obama for America (OfA) spokesman Stephanie Cutter denied that they had any knowledge of Soptic’s story.
So… who’s that voice at the end of this conference call, Stephanie? Your evil twin?"

Really?  Is this what we come to as we slowly evaporate from being civil?  Now, I know there are dozens of liberals on the other side who will counter this whole statement with some dreadful statement that Romney may have made about some one else, or some Democrat who has dirt of some Republican.

So, tonight I forced myself to stay awake.  Recent back surgery has left me either virtually impossible to stay asleep or impossible to stay awake, and arise before half  the day is gone.  Although I believe things are starting to look up.  The speech from Ann Romney tonight, vs. the speech from Mrs. Michelle Obama some 4 years ago where she arrogantly announced:  " Barack Obama’s wife, Michelle, is under fire for leaving the impression that she hasn’t been proud of her country until now, when Democrats are beginning to rally around her husband’s campaign. Speaking in Milwaukee, Wis., on Monday, she said, “People in this country are ready for change and hungry for a different kind of politics and … for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback.”  Greeted with rousing applause after making the comment in Milwaukee, Obama delivered an amended version of the speech later that day in Madison, Wis. “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country … not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change,” she said. “I have been desperate to see our country moving in that direction and just not feeling so alone in my frustration and disappointment.”
Obama was born in 1964, meaning her adult life began in 1982. Critics quickly seized on the new found national pride.Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,331288,00.html#ixzz24udFcmVh

As for me - Although adopted, I consider myself a legally first generation American citizen.  I am proud of this fact.  I take great pride in announcing that America is my country first and foremost. I am an advocate for the power of the good old American Dream.  It exists!  A long line of military follow my family history.  I am proud of every single member of my family who decided that there was something out there greater then themselves; and they took up arms to defend our nation against the perils of enemies.  When I think of my husband of 20 years, I beam with pride in knowing he defended our country during a time when the middle east was a hot bed of hornets and scorpions, and Muslim Infidels; all who would stop at nothing until they had an American head on a platter and a burned American Flag.

Tonight Mrs. Romney stood before millions and well, "she rocked their socks off".  What I heard was a woman of faith, conviction, honor, integrity, no half ass statements of her contempt for a country, or the first time she became "proud to be an American".  I heard a woman speak eloquently about the years of breast cancer, raising 5 boys, 16 grandchildren, being madly in love with the same man, who brought her home safely from a dance some 42 years earlier.

In the back of  my mind I was reminded of two other great Republican women who displayed dignity under fire.  Mrs. Barbara Bush and Mrs. Laura Bush.  People are either born with class or they are passed over.  All this nonsense that the GOP hates women.  Nonsense.

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