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Friday, August 10, 2012

Dirty Political commercials

The Dirty Business of Political Commercials

A life long friend of mine and I were discussing tonight, via modern technology referred to as IM FB, topics to blog about.  One of the ideas that ran the gauntlet was about the recent stench emanating from the political ad dealing with a gentleman's wife succumbing to what I believe was breast cancer.  You have my deepest sympathies with regard to that one sir.  It was a commercial that was painting Romney as a murderer.

Now, those words tend to be a bit strong.  No, in fact, they are over the top. Come now, a murderer is someone who walks into a full movie theater dressed in head to to Kevlar, a murderer(s) walks into a school in Columbine and assassinates his classmates as they plead for their lives.  Charlie Manson comes to mind; but old Charlie really holds his own little circle.  

Are we that numb to political commercials, coming from both sides that we are eager enough to call a candidate a murderer?  Moron, idiot, fool, nitwit, benighted, a sham, demoralized, vitiated...these are words I'd feel comfortable settling with.

Add to which indignity the thousands of United States citizens who have in one way or another been effected by the evilest of evils, CANCER?

From Solyndra, VOLT to Bain, to healthcare one way or another, I am almost at the point where I no longer am listening.  I'm a die hard conservative Republican.  I have been one my entire life.  My brother reminds me that I did a wee jig the day LBJ passed away, which threw my liberal Democratic, peanut roasting, Kennedy hanging on the wall next to the Pope, parents into some lecture as to how we do NOT celebrate death of people.  

Unless someone discovers that Mr. Romney has taken a blow torch to our planet, or committed the most heinous of crimes, wearing short shirt sleeves after Labor Day, I'll be casting my vote towards him.  
Some readers will expect this from me; actually all that know me, understand my derision towards all things B. Hussein Obama.  Often times I wonder if it's a personal flaw in him that churns my stomach or if it is just that he is in way over his head.  After some due thought, I'd say both.  I think he lives in a fairyland world, where everything is daisies and wonderful, the sun shines all the time and there are no mischievous little imps around to remind him of the reality that the debt is $15,917,222,316,403.85 , as of right now (@ 2253 8Aug12).  

Now, I started blogging about a year ago.  This idea came to fruition from a co-worker at the time who insisted that I should write my ideas down.  She was a Hilary Clinton supporter.  I guess the notion of writing down rants, raves and what-ifs sounded like a good idea.  When I lost my job, as part of the down sizing scam, this blog became my money maker.  I'm not making millions, and if you do the math on that current debt, my portion of the national debt if $50,000+.  Hello Washington D.C. , I'm a "domestic goddess" otherwise referred to as retired, Suzy homemaker, and my husband's marketing specialist when it comes to promoting his (mollydogimages.com) -  go ahead and click on that word epic to see what hubby captures from nature - epic would be an understatement to my husband's talent from what comes through his camera lens.  So how have I been gifted a $50,000+ debt? 

In the end, I am not looking forward to any merriment as to the onslaught of "he said, he said" political ads.  For me it's a matter of cut & dry, simple words from the horse's own mouth.  Does anyone remember this:  The Big Lie .  Go ahead and click on it...It makes for good listening.  There are other fables he has uttered throughout his presidency.  

As I close on this matter, tossing my television out the window for the next few months seems to be the smartest of decisions.  However, I'd miss the return of SouthLAnd, and Chopped. 

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