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Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Dog Knows It All..I Just Hold The Leash

Feeling just a wee bit biblical today - no particular reason.  Any conversation with Mother Dearest seems to resonate some sort of religious prying - "Are you going to mass"?  With major back surgery just a few weeks away, at least I know that my Mother will be praying for me, along with those on her prayer list. According to my brother, Mother has acquired volumes of notebooks of every single message ever left on her answering machine.  There are volumes; almost encyclopedic.  I was happy to hear that I might be bequeathed Volume 27.  Oh the joy.

So  Mother, with no doubt of over hearing my blog, which she refers to as "a waste of time" and "why do you do that", although Mother doesn't even own a computer, I quote the following:

..."Put not your trust in the princes, in man, in whom there is no salvation.  When his spirit departs he returns to his earth; on that day his plans perish"...Psalm 146:3-4".  I get the small booklet, Living Faith from Mass and its is good for about 3  months, and so it has some interest to me as I read the daily dose of  Holy Bible and then some sort of astute paragraph from someone.  I found today's reading and Ms. Amy Welborn's mentions to be of particular interest.  Amy looks at the tenet this way:  "As I navigate, choose and concern-in whom am I trusting? The "princes" of the world who make all kinds of promises but have no power to save me?Or of God who created me and put me here, knowing the way that will bring me true peace? "

I have got to leave it to Ms. Amy but she really does make a point.  We take these two candidates as the princes.  Now, as a Republican, Conservative, Catholic (a mouthful I know) The "prince" I see when I gaze towards Washington D.C. is not a prince of light and hope.  I see an evil man, pro abortion, corrupt, looking at socialism and the even-steven world of communism as a future for this country.  Our fore fathers...I ponder at what they must have been thinking when the sat in a room, and slowly debated and then drew the documents which would help in the creation of this great nation.

In 1773 came the Tea Act and the Boston Tea Party.  Now, really, when you think about it, isn't this what the modern day Tea Party is trying to accomplish?  But somehow, the liberal MSM depicts the Tea Party as a group of wild savages who are behind everything from Ms. Gabby Gifford, of Tucson, AZ (of whom I hold the greatest of respect & admiration for) forward to Batman's opening night at a theater in Aurora, CO.  Maybe I should pick up my 2nd Amendment and blame the Tea Party for my inability to make a proper Creme Brulee at elevations over 6,800ft.

Thomas Paine, the author of Common Sense written in January, 1776 was a mess.  By today's ravenous standards, no doubt some liberal would have run him out of town,  He had two failed marriages, two failed businesses (one as a tobacconist) [as I am smoking a fine cigar at the moment] and the other making corsets. Obviously he proved to be a better writer then his previous endeavors. Sometimes I feel like Thomas Paine...not a great writer but rather a failure at everything I try.  According to some, I tend to be somewhat  haughty, top lofty and  baroque -and that comes from those who actually like me.  Mostly my enemies find me to be a butcher and full of something.

Then came along one of  America's greatest President.  No, not the goon who thinks himself to be the greatest, B. Hussein Obama, but rather Abraham Lincoln(R).  Thus began the Confederate War and the discourse between those who could not fathom a life without their slaves and a country who wanted every man to be free and equal as our Constitution so eloquently states..."All men are created equal". Lincoln believed that this was a "moral and legal issue, not a military or political one" [A Patriot's History, page 328]..
Aside from the historical Gettysburg Address, Lincoln was also quoted as saying: "With malice towards none; with charity for all; firmness in the right, God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in;  to bind up a nation's wounds; to care for him who shall have borne the battle; and for his widow, his orphan - to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves, and with all nations" {A Patriot's History of the United States page 347]

Sadly, Lincoln never saw his plans come to fruition as John Wilkes Booth took our great President with a bullet to the back of the head at Ford Theater on April 15, 1865.

So where are we now?  Are we any better than the dreams the Lincoln held so dear, or are we slowly sinking into depravity and a country struggling..  Timothy Leary did a number on amplifying the thoughts of the post Vietnam era.  Fuck the family, and all this bullshit.  Forget about those U.S. soldiers who fought the enemy in Vietnam, Korea, and other world wars which put the United States and her freedoms in jeopardy.  Leary enticed a glossy perversion that really all that matters was sex, drugs and rock & roll.  LSD started making it rounds and then a sub-culture was born out of the poet Allen Ginsburg. Those drop outs, or even college graduates of Berkeley started to spout off about their free speech. Did you know that only liberals are allowed the utterance of free speech?  Just ask any chicken!

Free love then began.  How many of us today came out of that movement, either as a participant or the result of it?  I'm raising my hand right now.  Also, I am of the latter,  It seems to me that the "United" fell right off the paper; which was undoubtedly used to smoke pot with.   America started to idolize all types of princes.  Sadly none of these morons possessed the ultimate promise of an eternal life in heaven.  They may have promised groovy rides while dropping acid, or telling the government to go fuck themselves.

Nixon made a mess of things, whether intentionally or not.  I still find him to be one of the greater Presidents of our modern day.  Carter was moronic.  How my parents voted for the peanut farmer is beyond me. I had an auntie, from South Africa , who came for holiday one year, and during that visit asked,,,"who are the rascals who elected Jimmy Carter?"  I pointed my index finger in the direction of her baby brother, my father, the forever liberal.  She was a pip, indeed.  And called them as she saw them.  Then we got Ronald Reagan and the country was once again led by a man of greatness.  People who complain, or  find themselves dissatisfied with anything Republican, will find fault with Ronnie, but I believe he united our country when we needed it most.  And then came Clinton, who while a fairly decent President, seemed to have an overwhelmingly and almost lowborn affection with the brassy, white trash women of America.  How many were there?  Do we really know?  Ms. Lewinsky found out pretty darn fast that love is not a fine Cuban cigar but rather how far Clinton will go to smoke it once he's done flavoring it.

People would ask me, "Ann does it bother you that he had sex with women while in the White House, and no doubt with U.S. Secret Service help"?  My answer is always the same.  "He could be having sex with barnyard animals for all I care.  His dalliances are between him and Mrs. Clinton.  What bothers me is that he wasted so much time involving the courts' precious time debating definitions of "Is" and that he lied about it."  He lied royally while holding the most important position in our nation.  Personally, if I had no choice, and was tied to a chair and forced to look at naked pictures of Barney Frank, I would have voted for Mrs. Clinton.  She's a helluva alot smarter than her penis happy husband.  But, now she leaves me with great sadness as she sold her soul to getting ahead in politics and stayed with the schmuck.  I don't know what to say, Mrs. Clinton.

So, now to modern days Princes.  The ones I admire are William and Harry, who have so nobly taken up their mother's passion for helping the common man.  They aren't going to assure me a spot in heaven; but my admiration runs deep for those 2 boys.

The KING we seem stuck with at present, this joker in the White House in no Prince.  Although for a ride on our tax dollars maybe the Obamas will get "Prince" to perform at the White House. He has no clue about the common man.  He has the "audacity" - his favorite word, to stand in front of a crowd and with his mouthpiece, claim that things are so much better.  Does he take all Americans for morons?  The debt is a wretched mess, unemployment is terrible, the United States credit rating is no longer outstanding.  This country no longer has a moral or ethical compass in which to steer by.  Isn't the man elected by the people, for people supposed to be leading by example?  What example has he set?   He got Bin Laden, with the help and surveillance set up by the previous administration, and our tremendous men in arms, the U.S.Navy Seals.  Obama likes to play on a team of ONE.  He runs a solo show.  Just the other day we were informed that none of  us built anything.  That came as a big shock to the farmer standing in a field, or the rancher in Colorado, the police officer who spends nights protecting the streets, the firemen who say good bye to their families, not knowing if they'll return,  What about the Small Business owner who may go out of business as a result of the greatest tax hike in UNITED STATES History otherwise deceptively referred to as ObamaCare.

At night, when all is quiet, and I battle my insomnia, it isn't the "Princes" in current government I am praying to for help, guidance and salvation.  It's my Lord and Savior getting me through it.   How do you sleep at night?

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