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Monday, July 23, 2012

Get My Gun, Annie Mac

The past few days have been a daze.  I was dog sitting at a friend's house ( a future Olympic swimmer if you ask me), and the ever present and almost as annoying insomnia monster came a calling. He finds me no matter where I am.  Since I was staying at their house, so that Kenai and Isabul would feel more comfortable, I could not blog.  Maybe it's a good thing.  I fell asleep at 0300, and at 0600 was awakened by the local Denver station.  I usually watch Fox & Friends, but what I saw on Denver's NBC affiliate took my breath away.  Massacre at Batman Premier in Aurora, CO - 12 dead, dozens injured,  Wait a cotton pickin' minute - now I know that with the pain killers and the insomnia meds I have on board due to a couple of herniated discs, maybe, just maybe, the warning labels meant to say, "Danger, Bizarre dreams and unexplained disasters are possible".  But this was no joke, and I sat up in bed, wondering how in the hell did this occur? 

Shit, I still recall Columbine.  The lack on control you find in your spirit the what ifs, how comes, whys and of  course, the OH my God;  they all come racing in.  A school?  A school full of kids!  You are helpless to day anything at all.  If you have an ounce of compassion, these are the emotions that race through our minds.

I rolled out of bed, which lately is the easiest way to get out of bed due to my back.  Took the dog downstairs for his morning ritual, fed the cat, and then got a fresh ice pack.  At this point I wasn't going to be missing much as every channel had the same thing on.  Well, of course there was the moronic reporter who attempted to link the Tea Party to all of this mess.  Really, what fool of a journalist seizes a moment of terror, and turns it into a mocking, finger pointing debacle? PINHEAD AWARD TODAY.

In my mind, I surmised the next finger that was going to start getting pointed would be those who are against gun control and the Second Amendment.  Shortly after 0800 MST, the first utterances of gun control started to come forth.  I seemed more confused as to what kind of parent brings a 6 year old little girl to a midnight showing of BATMAN.  For drying out loud. you should have called me; I would have babysat for free.  Do not take me for a person who does not care, but really, 6 year olds belong at home, in bed, dreaming about ice cream cones, fairy princesses and bike riding all summer long.  Then came the further irritation of the mother who takes the prize of toting along her 3 month old.  Unfortunately, the is no cure for stupidity and dumb.  There, I said it.

So, back to the Second Amendment and gun  control.  Some lament that if any of the poor souls in the front rows had legally concealed weapons, perhaps they could have taken this orange haired crazy fool down.  Easy to say, hard to do.  I'm a fairly good shot, but to be blinded by a tear gas canister, in blackness, and chaos, the last thing we'd want to see is unprofessional gun ownership, taking shots at anything moving.  And before any one disputes me, GUNS DON'T KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE.

So, here we are, back on the Right to Bear Arms and the Second Amendment.  This country has been around for some 237 years, and up until the POTUS started thinking he could, should and most undoubtedly will re-write some of our constitutional  rights and "guidelines", there has never been a fear that resonates through my law abiding body more than the thought of someone attempting to legally remove me from my guns.  This house has some plurality to it, and neither my husband nor I are irrational human beings.  My husband, a former military soldier and retired police officer is an excellent shot.  I feel safe around him.  I've got a rather mean right hook, and some nice red hot pepper spray that will put you down fast.  We feel safe.

What scares the living hell out of me is that when horrific, and unexplainable tragedies occur here in our country, the first thing nut bag politicians want to do is start a gun ban.  They compare us to foreign shores who have gun control.  Sure, other countries may have control, but they also lack precious civil rights,  And after this madman exterminated 12 innocent people he then told them how he had booby trapped his apartment.  So, what do you do when facing a madman who is dead set on killing?  Anyone who experiences violence and reality on the streets, knows that guns are easy to but for a price.  No waiting periods, nothing.  You simply put the word out that you want a "piece".  And I am not joking.

People can use England as an example when it comes to guns.  Bobbies don't carry weapons.  But, look back into Britis history and read about how many people have been killed.  Go to Ireland and ask how many of our poor Irish relatives have lost their lives due to other killing devices, including bombs.

Meanwhile, Mr. Responsible is at a gun store, looking and learning about guns and how they operate, what is best for home protection, what he can and should be able to handle.  People take CCW classes for the purpose of carrying a weapon, legally.

The Second Amendment was written for a reason.  To protect us from our government, which lately is dangerously close to stripping our rights from us.  Shame on each and every person who thought hope and change were going to save us all.  But, that's another blog.

What I want, and thus far are still legally to do is put a hole in the face of a bad man illegally entering my home with the intent to inflict harm against me or my family.  I will not hesitate to put a hole in them.  I'm a God fearing Catholic who thinks nothing of pulling the trigger on a criminal who enters my home illegally, or whom I might meet on a street, hell bent on rape.

I don't tread lightly.  And I'm not dead either.


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