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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Facebook once had a section where one could write "notes", that you could then publish.  It was sort of a cheat sheet so that a "status" would not turn into some sort of manifesto, with no ending in sight.  Apparently, the notes section no longer exists, or I am simply too old to find it.  Thus, I return to my blog site, a week sooner than expected, to blog about BIG BIRD.

When I was younger, my parents banned quite a bit from us when it came to television viewing.  On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd say my folks were a well meaning 50!  Of course, there were only three channels to make a selection from.  CBS, ABC, NBC.  Oh and let's not forget PBS.  As time passed, there were more channels, which my mother was convinced were going to corrupt us; becoming delinquents in society.  If watching "Happy Days" could turn a youngster into a gangster, well that might explain the rise of crime in modern day America.  Go Fonzi!

I'd say the constant viewing of the leftist CBS and Walter Cronkite were some sort of brainwashing experiment my Democratic parents were conducting.  Sadly, God love them, the experiment failed, and out of 4 children, all voting adults now, 3 of us saw beyond the tactics and cast our votes to the right side, while my youngest brother has fallen into a hole of no return.  A giant bunny hole, where Obama and Nancy Pelosi sit at a little table, grinning at each other like Cheshire cats.  They're are both despicable.

A recent stint in our local hospital, after a unexplained syncope episode, gave me the opportunity to watch the Presidential Debates.  Okay, so I was stoned out of my gourd on valium, oxycodone and other treats, but I recognize and appreciate a good ass whooping when I see it.  The first showing was somewhat vague as I had nurses and my doctor coming into the room, taking those pesty vital signs, and making sure my cardiac functions were normal.  However, after all the fuss was over, I sat in a state of glory watching Chris Matthews have a mental, head spinning meltdown, and even more entertaining, hearing Al Gore try to explain that high altitude must have melted Obama's brain.  BIG MYSTERY HERE.  I LIVE AT 6,800 FT, STEAMBOAT, COLORADO, AND AS OF YET, MY BRAIN HAS NOT MELTED DUE TO ALTITUDE.  Thank God, FOX News replayed the entire debate at midnight, thus I was able to view it, without interruption.

So, what's with the Big Bird remark?  I like Big Bird.  He's a funny Muppet, although not quite as entertaining as those two curmudgeons who would sit up in the eaves, giving their own satirical take on the Muppet Show.  Jim Henson was an incredibly gifted man, creative, funny and most likely helped raise quite a large number of latch key kids, who sat at home for hours alone.  I just can't find myself having that much malice to go after a deceased icon such as Jim Henson.  Who doesn't love Kermit?

Recent television commercials put forth out of Camp Obama are now replaying the PBS/Big Bird comment made by Mitt Romney, who by the way, handed the POTUS his ass during the debate.  Has anyone ever noticed that Obama can't give a straight answer?  This country is faced with one of the most important elections of modern times.  Our country sits in an ever ticking $16+ trillion debt, the Muslim Brotherhood hates our guts, Libya and Egypt are countries out of control, Sandra Fluke is some sort of modern day Joan of Arc because she feels WE, AMERICA, should pay for her birth control, and that there is some mysterious war on women.  Hmm, I'm a woman, and do not feel even the slightest breath of war against me coming from the Republican Party.  Unless Obama somehow flips his mind, shows us a Muslim side, which we all really know exists within him, I feel pretty content in holding on to my clitoris, and its safety from being hacked off.  (a delightful practice, still commonplace for thousands of Muslim women...).  Why aren't these gals like Sandra Fluke, Eva Longoria, Roseanne Barr, or Nancy Pelosi getting on their soap boxes and trying to make women worldwide aware of this inhumane Muslim ritual?

Back to the PBS/Sesame Street tragedy.  My kids are grown and gone now, but they did learn their ABCs, in part, from the public station.  Of course, things were much more mundane then.  Now things are more subversive. As a mom, I'd like to offer the more adult version of the ABCs since Obama seems to fixated on Big Bird.

A - Well, that's easy.  A is for Ann
B - Barack, Joy Behar,  Biden, Burt, Big Bird, BENGHAZI
C - corruption Chicago style, Chris Matthews, cookie monster
D - Democrat (I like corruption and Democrat together)
E - Egypt, or excuses Obama uses, Ernie
F - Fatwah
H - Haiti (millions of dollars sent, but to whom) HAWAII, are we sure he was born there?
I - Islam, Iran (Bless ISRAEL, DEAR GOD)
J - Jihad or worse Valerie Jarrett
K- Killing of American Soldiers, KENYA, Kermit the Frog
L -Lincoln's Bedroom for Rent, Las Vegas...where Obama goes after Benghazi murders
M-Moochelle, Muslim Brotherhood, MSNBC, Miss Piggy
N- never working, always on the golf course, thus no time for Netanyahu
O - JUST VOTE NO FOR "O", OBAMACARE, Oscar the Grouch
P - Pelosi(she should also have a sub category as the CLOWN from "IT")
Q - Qouran (one of many spellings)
R - Regulations
T- Tehran, Taxes
U - Unemployment in the UNITED STATES
V - VOLT cars, veto, The VIEW
W - world power according to Rev. Wright
X - xanax needed to endure Obama speech
Y - Yemen, another Muslim hot spot

There is no need to do the 1-10 numbers lesson as each and every number is contained in the $16+ trillion debt.

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