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Monday, October 22, 2012

Foreign Policy vs. Blood Clots

My "Summer of George" has not exactly been as I would have wished. After successful back surgery (I'm an expert at herniated discs at this point) performed by Dr. Henry Fabian of Steamboat Springs, relief seemed to be just around the corner. And relief did come, as it related to the herniated disc. If ever you want professionalism and expertise, Dr. Fabian is your man.

Then came the wonderful word, DVT.  Well shit!  For the non-medical readers, DVT stands for Deep Vein Thrombosis, aka blood clot.  These pesty little buggers usually settle in for a good time after surgery. They are not the result of the surgeon, but rather surgery itself.  Not everyone will be on the blood clot fan club list.  They find homes within your veins, and there they sit until one day they either lose their guts and go away, or, in my case, break free from their uninvited presence, and make their move into your lungs.  Then they cause PEs.  This is not to be confused with physical education.  Pulmonary Embolisms.  No fun, and often times lethal.

The luck of my family's  Irish-ness was shining upon me, and I had enough sense to realize that the shortness of breath I felt on a Friday evening, in September was not the result of viewing 72 hours straight of news on the shitcan disaster of Libya, but a true medical emergency.  "No way", I thought to myself as I struggled to make sense of my cell phone and the realization that 911 was the call I needed to make.

Having been a EMT since 2001, I knew what was going on.  What I wasn't looking forward to was seeing my friends OR THEM SEEING ME, in my very own medical drama.  Age has a way of creeping in slowly, when the paramedic is a young kid you went to EMT school with.  I was one of the "older" students in my EMT class. So, to see a youngster at my bedside just set the tone for evening.  I thought maybe the fact that I had a scented candle burning next to the Lysol can was going to be my thrill.

The ride of a lifetime in the "big red box" would have been just enough for this old granny, but then my medic realized that the only way to properly affix the 12 leads was to slice open my nightgown.  All dignity and vanity flew right out the window.  And there they were, the "sisters" for this poor young medic to have to look at.  I wonder now if he has recovered?  If seeing the sisters wasn't enough of a thrill, the "secret stealth blood clot pantyhose" would be the topper of the most miserable and humiliating event of my lifetime.

Once at the emergency room, lots of familiar faces, and a CT Scan, the diagnosis was easy.  I was the proud owner of my first and hopefully last PE.  I earned myself months of coumadin, and the latest fashion trend of secret, sexy blood clot pantyhose.  Arrrrgh, a huge grimace is upon my face with the slightest mention of these shockingly white, tight and impossible to get on, medical pantyhose that help alleviate more blood clots.

So, what does my "Summer of George" medical history have to do with Foreign Policy?  Have any of you ever tried to put on blood clot hose?  I know a few tricks of the trade; plastic bags on your feet to help slip the hose on. And of course, after having back surgery, one can only imagine how difficult it is to attempt to bend over to apply the clot hose, hereinafter referred to as "TED hose".   

TED hose are the enemy, just as the ever present Al Qaeda are!  Cut off one pair of  TED hose, and another appears.  If you listen to the POTUS babble, he claims that Al Qaeda are no more, and that he has defeated them with his omnipotence and killer instinct.  Oh poor silly man, Obama!  Al Qadea is like a lizard.  You grab the lizard by his tail, and another tail grows.  Cut the head of Al Qaeda or the Taliban, and this enemy multiplies by 100 more.

The mentality of these vicious cowards is that they will achieve their eternal rewards in the hereafter with dozens of vaginas, oops, I meant to say virgins and martyrdom.  Since not one Taliban bad man has returned from his den of virgins in the next world, I will take the words of Our Lord and know that these bastards are headed on a one way trip to the bowels of hell.  I'm sure Lucifer and his minions are getting their jollies with a full house right about now.

On the eve of  what is to be last Presidential Debate in 2012, Foreign Policy is the topic.  How far have we come as a nation when it boils down to relationships with the evils of this world?  Chavez, Castro, Putin, Al Qadea, North Korea, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood - the evils that proliferate in alarming numbers; are these criminals under control? Oddly enough, our current POTUS seems disinterested in these very, very present and perilous warriors of evil.  Their mission is to seek out the infidels (The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) and murder us and democracy.

I look at the Muslim Terrorists, Extremists or whatever politically correct term they wish to have branded upon them as the nemesis I faced earlier this summer - a nasty blood clot that needs to be sent packing, whether its coumadin or a scud missile.  

"I believe with all my heart that our first priority must be world peace, and that use of force is always and only a last resort, when everything else has failed, and then only with regard to our national security."  President Ronald Reagan, Presidential Debates with President Jimmy Carter.

So, what defines a "last resort" as President Reagan stated on October 28, 1980?  One would think that any number of recent events coming out of the Middle East could easily be defined as a threat to our national security.  Al Qaeda hasn't gone away, or been quelled, even though President Obama claims it has in the last debate.  bin Laden may be dead, courtesy of the UNITED STATES NAVY SEALs, but there are more of these crazy terrorists that will rise up and take bin Laden's place.  Are we to sweep Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith under the rug?  Do we look the other way at 2996 souls who died on 9/11/01 and the four brave men mentioned above who died on 9/11/12?  Do we discount the thousands of men and women who have fought for our freedoms while under President Obama's reign?

Why do we, America, continue to play poker with opponents who cheat, lie, steal, kill and destroy like Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and other factions of terrorists throughout the world?  At what point will Obama decide that a LAST RESORT isn't an Eagles song, or some catch phrase and that this great nation is still in the cross hairs of  evil, and the time for playing cards or golf  is over.  

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