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Friday, March 23, 2012

Passing the Buck

This morning I awoke after a fitful night of rest, and shuffled out to commence the morning ritual of coffee worship.  I suppose life has trained me well, since I have this little routine I perform when I get out of bed.  I walk down the hall, open the bathroom door to let the biggest annoyance, otherwise known as the cat, out of his night jail cell, then head to the kitchen and the altar of java beans, to pay homage, and then get the two little doggies and out we go to decorate the lawn with brown piles, which I then get to pick up and toss in the garbage.  Some women pay big bucks for morning routines, like slathering night cream and/or day cream on their faces, and having their husbands bring them coffee in bed, but my routine is far more domestic goddess than that.  It's sheer utopia to know that you can use a nicely marketed product like a "muffin mitt" to pick up dog-poo!

Back into the house I march, like a robot on auto pilot, and then turn on Fox News, and grab the hot cup of 'joe and flip on the computer.  This morning's headline on the Drudge Report is a picture of the joker in the White House and the simple sentence..."It's Not My Fault". I am suddenly catapulted back to my childhood years and the famous statement of passing the buck vis-a-vis, passing the buck.  Come on, we all did it, we all know what its about, and unless you were an only child, it was always a sure fire, first line of defense, soliloquy you could spit out to the parents in hopes of getting out of some grievous error you may or may not have committed.  "Its Not My Fault". 

The blame game.  The devil made me do it.  Pass the buck.  The POTUS, as an only child, or so he says, is a master at this game.  Blame everyone, take responsibility for a scant few things, and divert attention elsewhere.  As a community organizer, this guy is top notch.  But as a President, he is seriously lacking in leading.  From Solyndra to gas prices, to unemployment, the POTUS has got the game of blame down to a tee.  I'd love to call it March Madness, but alas, we're then talking hoops,  and Barry has already picked his brackets for that game.  If he comes up a loser on his college teams, I am sure somewhere along the way, he'll figure out a way to cast blame off to George W. Bush. 

" President Obama’s Hall of Blame by Keith Koffler on March 23, 2012, 9:18 am
President Obama has passed the buck to others – mainly George W. Bush – for no less than 13 problems that characterize his presidency, suggesting time and again that his own policies are not to blame for his difficulties and he is simply doing the best that can be done with the cards he was dealt."

If you ever get the opportunity, check this guy out.  The White Dossier.  Fantastic reading.  Fun, smart, witty and always amusing.

So, the POTUS and blame. At what point does an adult abuse the pass the buck defense?  It's like Barry is a little talking parrot and the only sentence he has learned from his master is "It's not my fault".  Time to learn a new phrase!  The economy is still dismal, gas prices are outrageous, and all Barry can do is pass the buck.   Well, he can also pick his basketball teams.  What I do not understand is how sensible people can sit back and not be concerned that this country is slowing creeping towards socialism.  Are we really that dense?  Good God - Socialism. 

My kids were wonderful when they were younger.  As young adults, they are still wonderful.  I love them to death.  They were each unique in their own way.  But one thing that they seemed to follow was the blame game, or perhaps it was more like tattling.  I approached this saga with just leveling the playing field and passing out punishment for both the offender and finger pointer.  After one or two times of getting punished for ratting out their sibling, my 2 super intelligent kids got the message, and the blame game fell by the wayside.  It's not a fun game when you realize that if you rat out your sibling, you are facing the same punishment.  I wanted my kids to understand that it takes far more character to own your mistakes, take possession of them, and then rectify the problem.  I was raised that way as well.  I suppose I was a bit more fortunate in that there were 4 kids in my family, and my kids just had each other.  At one point I recall being able to bribe my little brother with minimal amounts of money to take the blame.  But hey, we were kids. 

As adults, you just can't go through life, casting blame off your own back, and saddling someone else with it.  The expression "Man Up" comes to mind.  Has the POTUS never heard this expression?  What gives Barry?  At what point in your Presidency are you going to take the ball, own it, and accept the fact that you are in way over your head, and the clock is ticking? 

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