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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shopping at Target - Michelle Obama Style

So, Michelle had a date with old David Letterman on the boob tube.  Ann Curry commented on Mrs. Obama's dress.  She loves the color of blues in the dress. And all this is news - why? 

Well, in what appears to be an excellent photo op, or a feeble attempt to market herself and the POTUS as regular folk, Mrs. Obama decided to go to Target some months ago.The purpose of the trip?  It's not like she absolutely had to have the latest and greatest Zumba work out pants, or Target brand water, or even fabric dryer sheets for the laundry she most likely does not do in the White House.  Even regular folk like me have slight disdain for heading to Target.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I love Target.  I like that I can usually find relatively good deals on laundry detergent, dog food, cat litter, and even jockey's for my husband's bare bottom.  But, like any major department store, you must know the times to hit the aisles, otherwise you are caught up in a mess of traffic jams, screaming kids, fresh out of school, and in need of a nap, or tweenies who insist on trying on everything in the store, standing 4 abreast, all asking each other if this or that makes my butt look big.  Honey, listen, at age 13 until 18, don't worry about your butt looking big.  That critique should be left for those of us who are in menopause, and really should be asking our girlfriends if we look like a beached whale on dirty sand?

So, Michelle Obama headed to Target.  Was the White House out of gum?  Was she sneaking a copy of People Magazine?  And why is it even worth mentioning on David Letterman or any other show for that matter unless you are eager to cast yourself off as just one of the ordinary, every day peeps that live in this country with the sagging economy.  Sagging like 2 boobs after one too many kids breastfeeding.

Come on folks...this is the family that loves publicity.  Whether its the POTUS wasting his time on the golf course, or looking down his nose on the rest of us, or taking off on yet another vacation, or his daughter now in Mexico for her school break, or even Michelle telling school children to have more fruits and veggies on their school menus, this family loves the camera.  Perhaps the day that old Michelle hit Target, there wasn't much going on.

So, here she is, on David Letterman telling a little story about her travels at Target and how she almost thought the gig was up when some lady asked if the enormous Attila the Hun First Lady could reach the laundry soap.  If its an opportunity, Michelle can reach tall buildings in a single bound!  All that was missing would have been some stiletto heels, and a dress cut up to there, and low enough in the front to show her cleavage.  I don't suppose that the U.S. Secret Service around her would have maybe, just maybe given the whole gig away. 

According to S.S. Title 18, Crimes and Criminal Procedures, Sec 305(a)(2), the boys in suits, secret microphones and weapons goes everywhere with the First Family.  Of course, for all I know, everyone at Target on that particular visit were brain dead and unaware of the surveillance styled RE/CON team guarding code name "Renaissance".  If Wal-Mart can attract every cross dresser, men in pink tights, women with fur hats that look like something out of a beaver trap, maybe Target attracts a higher class of dressers, and so men in suits doesn't look too out of the ordinary.  I think the debate is still out on that. Wal-Mart vs. Target consumers and their dressing attires.

What I really want to know is what was so important that Mrs. Obama felt the need to head on over to her neighborhood Target, waste the tax payers dollars for the Secret Service protection, and if she really just had to have a pair of Zumba pants?

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