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Friday, March 2, 2012

Vitriol, Garbage and Hate - The Mantra of the Far Left. Rest Easy Mr. Breitbart

So, conservative mind speaker Andrew Breitbart died suddenly at the age of 43.  This is tragic.  Anyone, and I do mean, anyone who dies suddenly at the young age (younger than me) of 43, leaving behind family is tragic.

However, when death befalls such a polarizing, public figure, I do find it disgusting to read the comments from the alleged "peace loving" party of the Left.  I was surfing the net the other day, and came upon the L.A. Times story about the passing of Mr. Breitbart.  I was stunned, sickened and sad. 

"Goodbye and good riddance, the b@stard got what he deserved an early exit from the human race of which he was barely a member anyway!"  says Scott Rooney of Temecula, CA.  "he was a republican scumbag i;m glad ges dead! all he ever did was destroy peoples lives and their futures so good riddance to the perverted creep! john george columbus ohio."  says John George from Columbus, Ohio. and one of my favorites, "Damon Eric Harrell Sr.
"...the death of Andrew Breitbart simply proves that God, if he does exist, is a Democrat..."  

Really, I mean seriously...God is a Democrat?  I thought SHE had more sense than that!  

Bloggers, such as myself, like to write.  We choose subjects that fascinate us.  Some blog about dirty baby diapers, or how to find the best deal in a faltering economy.  I like to pick on several topics; menopause and the humor of it, as well as the complete absurdities in life.  For those that know me on a personal level, I believe that most would say I am a fairly decent person.  Yes, they would say I am opinionated.  Yes, they would say I like to push buttons.  But, I believe that most would say I am a decent human being.  We can share absolutely different points of view, and yet in the middle of that chaos, find common ground and mutual respect.  Truth be told, its the common ground and respect that will get anyone further in this life.  Common ground and common sense

What I do find reprehensible is someone spewing hate.  Wishing death upon someone, and then putting it out there on facebook or commenting about it through a public forum, goes beyond anything I know about, or can begin to comprehend.  One any given day, if you were to ask me my opinion about Arianna Huffington, I would most likely tell you I think she is off her rocker, when it comes to her opinions and points of view.  Yet, I read her comments in regard to the sudden death of Andrew Breitbart, and I was happy to read her fitting tribute to her friend. Where one was Left, the other was Right.  Yet, they were past that. Once you start with the hate speech, you are no better than the piece of dog shit under my shoe.  In fact, I'd say the dog shit is better.  

The other day I blogged about free speech.  I love free speech.  But, like all great things, you need to look out for those who take something great, twist it out of its original intent, and make it ugly.  Such are my opinions based upon my personal experiences with the Left and how they morph free speech into something that our fore fathers would be retching about.  I conducted a personal, social experiment vis-a-vis my car's rear window.  I wrote in loud, bold letters, "Vote Republican", and then left my car in a underground parking lot where key access was required.  I was gone from my car a mere 3 hours, yet in that time, someone had smeared the Republican part of my free speech and thus defaced my car.  I may be blond, but I'd bet my life savings, meager as it is, that someone who enjoys a Leftist perception of free speech felt the need to touch my personal property and deface my proclamation.  Isn't it amusing to watch those who are self proclaimed representatives of the peaceful way of life divert from respect, manners and freedom, and destroy it?  

I'd rather have the trots then listen to our POTUS.  I think he's far off base when it comes to leading this country.  Truth be told, I can not wait to see him voted out of office.  Watching Rachel Maddow on MSNBC gives me gastrointestinal discomfort.  Nancy Pelosi - wow, I can't even begin to take that one at this early hour, prior to a full cup of coffee.  However, with all my disdain towards those pinheads, I will go to my grave to defend their rights to speak freely.  I may not agree with them, I might even think them to be nuts, but as soon as we, as a free society start to pick and choose who should be able to voice opinion, we might as well pack our bags and let the Taliban run this country.  

The Left sided haters might be wise to consider that.

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