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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


So, as of today, June 21, 2011, the first day of summer, President B. Hussein Obama has played 75 rounds of golf.  WOW.  Who would have imagined that as the leader of the free country, one could spend so much time on a golf course.

So, I have a question... and really I believe it is a fair question.  Is this the "hope and change" that this joker went to the voting public with?  Really, 75 rounds of golf, while the economic state of this great country staggers around,  punch drunk from the debt counter ticking so loudly that it creates a vortex of  monetary fog? 

Before anyone gets their panties in a wad, I want to emphatically state that if a Conservative Republican pulled these shenanigans, not only would the liberal, mainstream media be all over it, but I would hold a great amount of disdain as well for those sporting events. 

With the state of this country wavering between recession and depression, I believe that our President owes us, the CITIZENS of this country a whole hearted effort.  Seeing the Prez swinging away at a little white ball, in atrocious golfing outfits is simply downright disgusting.  Sorta reminds me of the now incarcerated O.J. Simpson swinging away on golf courses, "looking for his dead wife's killer"... all talk, no action.  On a happy note, O.J. decided that his true colors needed to be shown, and now he sits in a Clark County jail cell.  I doubt he's going to find Nicole's killer there - oh wait...yes he will.

So, I continue to ask my dear liberal friends if they are satisfied with their Obama votes.  I inquire as to whether or not B. Hussein Obama has fulfilled his campaign promises.  Oddly enough, not one has responded with an answer.  Looking back towards 2007 and months leading up to the election, one would have presumed that Obama was the messiah for America.  He was going to redeem us as a nation, save us from the despair of those big, scary,  mean Republicans, and get a gold star.  Hmm, I'd say that at this point in time, things are no longer looking golden.

Instead of B. Hussein Obama looking for solutions on the golf course, perhaps he'd be better off to take some solid advice from the nation, and start behaving like a president in stead of trying to improve his golf score. 

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