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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Do You Remember Your Vacation?

When I was a little girl, one of the greatest times of the year was summer vacation.  Sure, we had weekends with our parents, but a summer vacation was a real treat. My parents spent quite a bit of time planning where they would take the family for 10 days.  There were the camping trips.  One year my parents even sprang for a trip to England and Ireland, a glorious dream vacation, even though I did manage to come down with rubella.

What I remember most about vacations was that you saved up for them.  You worked hard, full time jobs, with 40+ hours a week, made sacrifices, pinched pennies, and in our case, drove to all our summer destinations.  My parents had a hideous yellow Plymouth station wagon, and no FM radio.  6 people in a car, with no air-conditioning, vinyl seats and summer in southern California, need I say more?  More often than not, I recall melting to the back seat from the heat, and non-absorbent material. 

Although my parents owned a beach house, often times the house was being rented out, and hence, we did not spend a multitude of time there.  We had camping trips in Carpenteria, Yosemite, the Sequoias, Death Valley and Mammoth Mountain.  Each and every vacation holds special remembrances.

What puzzles me now is the amount of vacation time that our current president and his family seem to be enjoying.  Now, one can say that some of these overseas trips are business trips, all with the best interests of our country at hand.  And some might say that all past presidents have done then same.  But, with the country in dire straits,  and people without jobs, insurance, hope or change, appearances are everything.

Michelle Obama has a deep affinity for french fries.  And she apparently enjoys them immensely, in South Africa.  I suppose that if you were on a field trip in a foreign country, any type of food would be a culinary explosion.  But, in case Ms. Obama has forgotten, the United States, Chicago in particular, has loads of french fries.  And in case B. Hussein Obama has let it slip his community organizing mind, golf isn't the latest, greatest way to manage a country.

As with every president, first families have from time to time, traveled with their parents.  But, this current president seems to think that there is an limitless supply of frequent flyer miles to be had.  The 2 Obama girls are having the time of their lives, traveling the globe with their Mom, while somewhere there are children who went to bed hungry, because Daddy lost his job, and works at Costco just to make ends meet. 

And let us not forget that every time B. Hussein Obama boards Air Force One, the dollar signs begin to add up.  Secret Service,  FBI, military pre-planning, security,  food, fuel, etc, etc.  And when Michelle Obama hops on a plane with her daughters, the tally counts even higher.  Where does this money come from?  Does anyone stop to question that?  It amazes me that this president and his wife are living high on the hog while people are trying to locate their lost teddy bears in tornado-ravaged Joplin, MO.

Somehow, the Obamas have sold a bill of faulty goods to this country, and there were some people dense enough to buy into the hope & change sermon. 

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