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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gay Marriage. Happy Marriage

It's a taboo subject, and no doubt what ever your opinion, someone ends up opposing them, or feels alienated, insulted, elated or down right disgusted.

I posted a comment today, on my Facebook page, regarding the blatantly obvious double standard (oh my, really, double standards, surely you jest?) when it comes to what the Royal Haughtiness of the United States says, and what the Republican candidate says.  Call it "flip flopping" or "evolving" but its all the same thing - a pig in lipstick.

As of this blog posting, I have received 2 comments to my post.  One person (a friend I admire) stated ..."he [Mitt Romney] hates gay people".  I have NEVER heard Mr. Romney utter those words.  Come on people, admit it - the way the mainstream liberal media swings, if Romney had ever uttered such a statement, the media would have tarred & feathered him and we'd be finding Romney hanging from the longest yard arm in modern day history.  The other person (another admired friend) responded that "B.O. would do anything for a vote".  I tend to believe that statement to be correct.  Do I believe either candidate is homophobic?  No.

Here's what I do believe to be true.  Mitt Romney is a man of his religious convictions.  He is a man who has lived his entire life immersed within his Mormon faith.  The POTUS is also a man with religious faith, although sadly, his former minister, Rev. Wright,  seems to be a man clouded in hateful rhetoric and ties to crooks.  Either way,  in my opinion, I could give two shits if you are Jewish, Catholic, Mormon, Baptist or like to dance around naked under a full moon.  My main concern with regards to the upcoming election is that YOU (the candidate) ARE A REPRESENTATIVE FOR WE, THE PEOPLE, working to serve our great country!

Wow, capital letters - I must be very emphatic about this.   Some 200 years ago, a bunch of men got together and drafted documents that would help create, and serve as, guidelines on how to govern.  However, I have been sitting up nights, worried as to what those founding fathers might be thinking about politicians who, by their own actions, do not care when it comes to re-vamping the Constitution.

Some things are worth a second glance.  The 19th Amendment.  As a woman, I whole-heartily support this.  Ben Franklin and George Washington probably were not even thinking of  Mrs. Martha Washington voting over 200 years ago.  Abolishing slavery - a big Amen to that one.  With those Amendments stated, let's face that fact that this country was founded upon Judea-Christian beliefs, and that the bible (King James and Catholic) are pretty clear about homosexuality.

Now, before anyone reading this gets their feathers puffed, let me be clear.  I am NOT homophobic.  I have several family members who are gay.  I have close friends who are also choosing a lifestyle that suits them.  Knock yourself out - it's none of my business.  All I care about is that you treat your partner with respect and dignity, love each other with a full and honest heart, and are kind to dogs & cats.  What you do in the privacy of your own home is your business.  I love my friends and family, no matter who they choose to be with, based upon their character and not who they make love with. I have my Catholic faith, and that faith is what dictates a lifestyle for me. Last time I checked, I am not God.

However, with that said, what does fry my ass is Obummy pandering.  Don't get fooled.  Look up the definition, and call it what it is - PANDERING. i.e."Today I am of the belief,  that marriage is a contract between a man & woman, but tomorrow, depending on which way the pendulum is swinging, I will say I am in favor and/ or opposed towards gay marriage".  The POTUS needs to make up his mind and stand up for something solid.

Am I opposed to gay "marriage", as defined to be a respectful union between two consenting adults?  No.  As a matter of religious law, I am opposed to gay marriage.  Do I believe in a civil and legally binding contract between 2 consenting adults who wish to live a certain lifestyle?  Yes, and twice on Tuesdays.  Do I believe that politicians today should be dabbling into our Constitution in order to appease a certain group when it comes to marriage. No!

It seems to me that the argument should be with the families who are so hell bent and stubborn in their belief systems that they would deny a member of their own family to call upon their "spouse", "partner" "life companion" to be included in end of life matters, etc.

If Barney Frank can be involved with Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae inasmuch as it relates to a contractual relationship, or Smith & Wesson can be a corporation of the highest caliber, then why is it the gay & lesbian groups can not enter into the same style of legal contracts?  Why do gay & lesbian groups need to have the word "marriage" thrown into it?  Why does this whole thing need to be at the cost of slowing shredding the Constitution down to just a piece of paper, not even fit for toilet paper?

This country has far too much at stake right now to be quibbling over such matters as what goes on in some one's bedroom.  The economy is in the tank, gas prices are unreasonably ridiculous, unemployment is at an all time high, and the moral of our country is waning.

Has the POTUS done anything in the past 4 years that would lead me to believe he deserves to be re-elected?  Nope.  

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