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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Boxers, Briefs or a Thong?

Recent headlines made mention of yet another thwarted attempt by our envious terrorist group, Al Qeada and the Taliban to sneak a bomb on to a plane, lingerie style.  Seems that the shoe attempts were failures, and that at least, for the time being, our great nation is rising above all the Taliban's lame attempts to bring Lady Liberty to her knees.

After 9/11, this country has buckled down and shouted, in deafening chants, "We will not falter"!!!!!  Bravo to the U.S.A.  Even with an absurd and feeble attempt to build a mosque close to Ground Zero, where 2996 people lost their lives, America has prevailed by keeping our dignity in check.  Of all the zip codes where one might erect a mosque, what good is it to build such a place of worship near a still healing wound?

Not too long ago (early May, 2012) , the POTUS was quoted as saying that  Reconciliation with the Taliban could be possible,  Excuse me, Mr. President?  Surely you must have some lingering and nasty residual side affects from your pot smoking days to think for even one minute that lunatics such as the Taliban have no interest in making nice with the United States.

The latest attempt against the United States was a pantie-filled eplosive load, not to be confused with literal fecal matter of  Al-Qeada, coming out of Yemen. How is it that any rational human being would even entertain the notion that the United States should reach some sort of reconciliation with such radical groups who would like nothing more than to see another 9/11 strike our shores.  Most people celebrating anniversaries do so in a respectful manner; i.e. flowers on the grave of a loved one, or even having a Mass said in the memory of a loved one.  However, such barbarians as innovative terrorists out of the middle east, interpret the most effective and dignified way to mark the death of their leader supreme, Bin Laden,  by shoving a bomb into a pair of men's unmentionables, and attempting to remind the United States that the terrorist groups are still in control.  Wouldn't a delivery of Mr. Ripple's favorite toilet paper, Charmin, and its squeezable soft roll say so much more?

With all the recent headlines, such as Greek Banks failing, the Euro faltering, even the gay marriage CRISIS (good grief), what's our POTUS doing to calm the nation?  He's headed to yet another guest spot on the womens' crack pot show, The View.  What does this make, Mr. President - 4 appearances thus far?  Surely you have better things to do?  And if things were not bad enough, the joker in the White House, who doubles as a President, can answer, correctly, that Kim Kardashian was married for a mere lifetime of 72 days before tossing in the towel on what must have been a harrowing ordeal to say the very least.  And of all the questions that someone could ask a President, during an election year, it was the ding-a-ling Joy Behar who poised that very intellectual question to Barry O.

Common sense dictates to me, and millions of other concerned Americans that if the Taliban and Al Qeada are persistent in their attempts to re-locate parts of every day America with shoe bombs, or underwear, why on Earth would we, the greatest country on the planet, even make one single, solitary step towards making peace with a group of thugs who haven't a clue on the proper use of underwear.

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