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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Moms on Parade - My Oven Thanks You

All this time, I could have sworn up and down that being a housewife, EMT, mother and writer was hard work.  Days that reach beyond the conventional 12 hours, and last well into the night; alarm clocks that are set for 0530, just to give us a little bit more time to slather a slice of bread with peanut butter and jelly, and pack healthy lunches for our kids, maybe squeeze in a load of laundry before 0630 and then dress ourselves, run a comb through our hair and throw some make up on our weary faces, just to learn that SOME people think Ann Romney doesn't know diddly-doo about working hard.  Come walk a mile in my shoes, then you can exclaim how you think Ann Romney doesn't have the first inkling about hard work.

I suppose I am lucky right now as the only jobs I have are as a caretaker of a  82 y/o ALS patient, wife and writer.  If I had only the job as wife and homemaker, I would still defend Ann Romney's decision to stay at home and raise her family.  In today's society, the general public seems to have the notion that a woman is nothing of value if she isn't out in the daily grind of the work force, earning a dollar.

For those DINK folks, take a gaze at the cost of child care.  It ain't cheap!  So, Ann Romney made the choice to stay at home, raise her 5 kids, and be a loving wife.  What's wrong with that?  What's wrong with a family with two parents, and a hearty set of family values.  What's wrong with being a school volunteer, or cub scout leader, or sitting around with a bunch of little Girl Scouts, or driving little kids to sporting activities?  Without citing an abundance of statistics, don't most families of two parents, with moms staying at home, turn out better, well rounded kids? Hold on to your panties...single parents do a fantastic jobs, too. I may not be perfect (hey, keep that snickering down), but I feel blessed that I had a mother who stayed at home, and had 4 kids, and along the way, taught us about becoming viable members of society. 

Democratic strategist, Hilary Rosen stepped in a monumental pile of shit the other day.  For a government party or individual to make such an outlandish statement about being a mom, all while Dems are pandering to the women of this country, attempting to malign Romney for being out of touch with the women of this country, simply mystifies me. Why are women always attacking women?  I swear we are our own worst enemies at time.  Watch an episode of Survivor, and to me, it appears that the women on that show always fall prey to ferocious, catty, female like behavior.  Have we learned nothing from our bra burning generations?

Of course, the N.O.W. wouldn't be caught dead standing up for people like Ann Romney.  Their mission claims some sort of alliance towards the woman of today.  So, what's wrong with standing behind someone like Ann Romney, and supporting her decision to stay at home and raise 5 apparently well rounded young men, aka 5 boys?  Are women only validated by the wage they earn?

The POTUS made the comment in regards to his wife that "they could not afford the 'luxury' of having her stay home with the children". In 2005, old Barry was making $162,100. with the U.S. Senate.  Here's a new flash Mr. President - families in middle income America make it by with salaries that are half of that - all while the wife/mother stays home with the kids. A salary is not necessarily a mandate as to who should stay at home.

Why does the American mentality seem to look down upon a family dynamic that seems to be of no threat to anyone?  I think about the jobs I have now, and let me tell you, it's not easy.  My husband works very hard to provide a good life for us.  We are fortunate that our children are adults, grown, out on their own, and doing well.  Our responsibilities are now geared towards retirement, and enjoying our time with each other.  I relish in being a housewife.  I also am proud to be a caretaker for someone with ALS.  My daily life is probably no different than most women in America.  I am consumed with pride when my husband leaves the house with a clean shirt, or comes home to a well cooked meal (actually, our son is the gourmet chef in the family).  I enjoy being a wife.  I don't find the title to be demeaning, or in some way, make me feel less or not equal to the woman who makes the choice to work and be a mom.

Sadly, it seems to be mainstream America who stands in the front row and screams in high pitched rants that being just a housewife and mom is some sort of black mark against women in general.  I gaze over from my computer desk right now, look adoringly and with great pride at the pristine condition of my stove and oven.  I spent my early morning hours scrubbing the appliances until they were clean enough for the Virgin Mary to cook a meal.  I am a huge fan of Easy Off Oven Cleaner, Ajax, Clorox Clean-Up and of course hamburger on sale.  Ah, such is the life of this domestic goddess!

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