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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pinheads and the American Way

What do Nancy Pelosi, Alan Colmes, Michael Moore/Rosie O'Donnell (the two aforementioned are really the same), Joy Behar  and any other liberal pundits have in common?  They stink to high heaven of bullshit.  Not your ordinary bullshit, but rather low grade, mushroom fertilizing, cow pasture stench, empty headed bullshit. 

With the recent extermination of Public Enemy No. 1, Osama bin Laden, the silly goons are coming out of the wood work, pontificating on how We, the American Nation of Greatness could have done better.  We should have had a tribunal, a god-fearing trial for the worst of the worst.  Comparisons to Adolph Hitler and the Nazis, and how the United States took those scum to the Haig and had a trial found them guilty.  Its the "American Way" as Michael Moore likes to say.   I thought country singer Toby Keith put it in lyrics much more aptly... "We'll put a boot in your ass, its the American Way". 

Nancy Pelosi, who is in a constant stage of fright, (looking at her own reflection) and utter confusion in chasing her tail, was quoted back in '05  in regards to the question posed her:  "What if President Bush were to get Bin Laden?"  With her lip smacking smugness, she replied, "Well, that would be a little too late, now wouldn't."?  Ah, Nancy, its now 2011, and you should really do something about that face.  Her response the other day to the news of Bin Laden getting the ultimate head job, "exuberantly triumph" and near orgasmic fawning over her favorite wooden headed pinhead, B. Hussein Obama.  At what point is it truly "too late"?

Somehow the liberal pinheaded pundits have swift and mighty justice confused with 2996 victims of Jihad.  Lets be real here.  When a reporter asked Todd Beamer's father how he felt about the demise (someone hand me a tissue, please)  of Bin Laden, he stated he felt happy.  He did, however, state that he was dismayed by the President "overuse of a personal pronoun".     Last time I checked Mr. President, "there is no I in the word TEAM".

So, Michael Moore, and the rest of the Hugo Chavez loving goons think America has committed an injustice by not giving Bin Laden his trial.  Seems to me that the ultimate trial is taking place right now in a little place referred to as FINAL JUSTICE.  The head judge is none other than the Almighty, and I suspect the jury is those innocent men, women and children who have fallen as a result of the Jihadist movement.  Let's face it - Where in the hell would someone even begin to find a "jury of his peers"?  I think Satan and Hell is full of possible candidates - but I doubt they would get past the TSA Airport screening gurus.

It is the ultimate irony in this recent debacle that the Left still refuses to give some credit where it is so richly due.  President Bush took a fierce and fiery stance to Al Qaida (just how many spellings are there for this terror group anyways).  Our military men and women have been kicking ass on foreign shores, capturing the bad guys, and along the way clearing the sinus cavities, the best Neti-Pot around,  for some stuffed up Git-Mo detainees.    If the liberal pundits are so convinced that we did something wrong in taking out the worst scum ever, why did they not offer other lines of constructive assistance?.  It's really easy for Moore to sit on his fat ass, making movies that other silly liberals will spend money on, but to say anything positive for the nation that allows him his free speech - well, I guess that is just asking way to much.

The media is careful, as is President Osama, whoops, I mean Obama, to say our war is not against Islam or Muslims.  What I find interesting is that no high profile Muslim leader has come forward to celebrate the death of Osama.  Not one Muslim nation has uttered a press statement stating how much safer the world is without Osama.  And why is Pakistan still getting some sort of goodie bag from the United States when they had the bastard hidden for so long? 

Menopause or not - This proud American says thank you President Bush, thank you U.S. Military !

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