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Monday, May 9, 2011

How art thou, Dear Bladder

Frank Zappa said it best... "Don't eat the yellow snow".   With all that is menopause, can't urinary problems fall by the wayside?  Do we really need another feather in the cap?  Depends or Poise?  Why do the names of these products need to sound as though someone is full of grace, beauty and serenity?  Come on - it's not like a ballet dance, or a new fad...it's a PAD.   A big fat PAD.  After you get finished with the major inconvenience of your "monthly bill" or "the friend who comes without invitation", you think its all over with. No more walking backwards, away from the group because  of leaking, no more worries about shopping the feminine hygiene aisle.  KOTEX is just another word that leaves your vocabulary all together.  But, with age, birthing of babies and menopause comes bladder troubles.  What exactly does GOD have against women?  So, we ate the apple in the garden, and tempted man to do the same.  Do we need to carry the burden of one little slip up for the rest of our lives?  The question of whether GOD is a man or woman is as clear as a blue sky - GOD is a man.  Hanes Undies however are definitely a female creation.  Victoria's Secret - well it's all a farce - how in the hell will a Poise PAD ever fit in a g-string?   

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  1. I've been told when God created man She was only kidding. And She knows darn good and well what doesn't kill us - MAKES US STRONGER.