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Monday, May 9, 2011

menopause and men

HOT FLASHES, NIGHT SWEATS, MOOD SWINGS AND MEN.  Just some of the joys of aging in today's world.

The decision to create a blog came without much trepidation.  How can a woman get all her thoughts out in the open without causing undue strife in her marriage?  Call it freedom of speech, call it whatever you wish.  Quite frankly, who really cares? 

Men, you have it made.  Although at times, I must admit, that my own loving husband is going through this change right along with me.  What were those vows..."for better or worse, in sickness and in health...for estrogen and premarin for all..." !!!  Little did he realize that his loving and supportive wife would suddenly turn into a raging maniac before his very eyes.  No more, "Honey, what can I make you for dinner", but rather "do whatever you want...I don't care... you can do it yourself.".  So, like a good husband, he discovered the Food Network, Paula Dean and Iron Chef. He took to the stove, spatula in hand, ready to fend for  himself, and along the way becoming quite apt in his culinary skills.  Bravo dear, bravo!!! 

Along with menopause came the news that my daughter was pregnant.  Can it get any more trying?  I can deal with the hair that has started to come out in droves from the top of my head, but then to add insult to injury and have those same hairs being reborn through my chin... well its almost too much. Thank God for Vaniqua and Estrace. 

Somewhere along the line of the hormone hustle, my weight started to revolt.  Actually, its down right revolting.  In order to keep the zip code of Steamboat Springs safe from hideous sights, I no longer wear a bathing suit.  Little kids have enough to be scared about right now.  After all, the President (the guy who rhymes for Osama) is spending our social security like there's no tomorrow - why trouble little children with scary cellulite! 

A small fan sits at my desk in the Emergency Room, where I spend my days working.  A constant reminder of the hot flashes that besiege me!  To make the fan more of a sexual experience (the libido goes to hell in a hand basket, ladies), there is a small picture of Tom Selleck.  Magnum P.I. stirs my desires, reminding me of days gone by when breasts were perky, thighs did not jiggle and being "hot" was a reference to a sexual state of being.

Well, here goes nothing.  The first of many posts to come on the topic of menopause and the joys that await us all.


  1. Fun to read - and you're just getting warmed up. I'm thinking Erma B. but with a much harder punch once you really get rolling.