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Monday, July 1, 2013

When Hell Shows Up On Earth - June 30, 2013

June 30, 2013.  The Inferno raged, and 19 brave souls left this world.  GOD loves the firefighter.  He admires their bravery.  The heart of a firefighter beats eternally through the brothers and sisters they leave behind.  Memories are forever, they say.  This must be true.

The devil may lick the hot air, sending it's raging fury in orange red flames, soaring with angry fingertips, touching all around it.  But, GOD sends his army - an army of firefighters to quell the rage of the devil.  The alarm bells sound, the firefighter knows the time has come.

GOD knows some may fall by the side of the road; consumed by the ravaged evil of the flames.  But, they suffer not.  GOD sees to it that the angels bring a respite of cool embraces to carry the brave firefighter to heaven upon angels' wings. 

High above the fury of flames, 19 firefighters curse the devil with all their might.  To heaven they are bound.  Their loved ones left behind.  "Cry if you must", they utter with a whisper.  "I have not left you forever.  We will meet again.  We shall share an embrace". 

The devil never wins these torched battles.  GOD sees to it that the land is reborn; green grass, trees, flowers all return to blanket the ash-laden ground.  The memory of 19 brave souls are also reborn...as angels in heaven, forever watching their brother and sister firefighters.  "We will meet again, my friends.  We will meet again."

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