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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Baiting a Hook - Fishing Tips

Recent headlines have left some groups whirling in a dirty dust pile.  All the colors of the rainbow have been brought to the forefront of the human gene pool.  You can be black. You can be white.  Hispanic, Asian, etc.  You can be half, or a 1/3, 1/4.  To hear some media outlets describe race, it sounds like a recipe for baking an upside down pineapple cake with chocolate frosting and whip cream.  Ludicrous.

The way I see it, liberal media spends far too much time poking a stick in the race card.  It's as if a small child, with a sharp stick, is prodding and poking at a very ripe, and very dead carcass  The carcass in this case being America.  An America as we knew it was.  As a whole, we humans haven't evolved completely.

News stories report that a dozen or so black teens were murdered in Chicago during the course of the Zimmerman trial.  Where was the outrage and media coverage for those kids?  Did Sharpton and Jackson suddenly become deaf mutes?  Ignoring the obvious facts that crime exists on a constant basis; that statistics from the FBI show proof that 91% of homicides upon blacks were executed by other blacks, doesn't make for happy race baiting fodder.  Sharpton and other race baiters mock and ridicule their own race by ignoring those facts.  Perhaps race baiters garner some sort of macabre personal gratification by pontificating on the nonsense of alleged racial inequality within the borders of America.

Sure, it's easy for me, a white woman, to point a finger at the race baiters and easily see through their thin veils, and realize they are serving only their best interests.  Where was the outrage of liberal media, liberal leaders, race baiters, etc when O.J. Simpson got off vis-à-vis "jury nullification"?  Don't hide in the shadows and imagine or pretend for one moment that Simpson wasn't guilty as sin in the heinous murders of Brown-Simpson and Goldman.  All evidence pointed in that direction. 

My mother recently said to me..."You don't need to be so outspoken.  Sometimes it's better to sit quietly"...  Ah, Mother.  I'm not a radical by any means, but when I see something that is wrong, I am going to say something.  I'm not a sideline kind of girl.  I'm not a pick a fight kind of gal, either. 

I often wonder about blacks, and their choices of role models.  There are so many positive, wonderful blacks who have excelled in society, government, medicine, music and history.   If I can, as a white woman, see all these incredible attributes, why then do the youth of today pivot towards the negative?   Is it a lack of higher education, or the absence of a male father figure in their upbringing?  Is it the drug scene, and the money, bling, cars and women? 

What it would it be like if race baiters switched bait, and started tossing a line out to the positive role models that exist in abundance?  Why not promote education, staying in school, defying the false enticements of the drug scene?  Why do race baiters dangle victim bait in front of the kids who have yet to form solid opinions, and push them into the belief system that society as a whole "owes" them something?  What about the positive notion that hard work does pay off.  That being a moral, decent person is something to be proud of?

The tackle box is full of bait, but sadly, and at the expense of today's floundering youth, the likes of the Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and liberal media are hooking our children, and then tossing them back out into a sea of troubles.

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