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Monday, June 3, 2013

House of Cards - A Real Life Political Play

Lately, I have found myself utterly captivated by an original series on Netflicks.  House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright is an exceptional series about the political plays going on inside Washington.  If it were not so utterly plausible, it would not be as entertaining.

Kevin Spacey's character is a politician who seems to be running the other politicians around, dictating just how and when to pull schemes out of hats, like a magician of sorts.  His dutiful wife, Robin Wright, seems to tolerate the political life, although she spends a great deal of time cavorting with a former lover.  Not to be outdone by Kevin Spacey's character, who is also dancing between the sheets with a naive political reporter.  A kind of sex for inside tidbits for the goings on inside Washington's dysfunctional whore house.

I have established that Spacey's character is a democrat and most of the characters are also democrats.  This really is not relevant.  The hysterical parts for me are events like true life Republican Sanford who got lost along the Appalachian Trail a few years ago, and was found to be doing the no-no dance with his mistress instead.  And if his paltry resignation years ago was not pathetic enough, somehow  he is like the prodigal son to South Carolina, and has been re-elected again, beating out Stephen Colbert.  So, the point being, playing footsie is a bi-partisan event.

House of Cards is riveting.  There are new plots running through every episode, with twists and turns along the way.  There are familiar faces throughout the show.  What is scary, almost petrifying about the series is that I imagine real life Washington to be almost a carbon copy for Kevin Spacey's naughty and conniving political figure.  It's as if I have turned on Fox News (any news source would suffice) and am seeing all the dirty politics going on in today's world.  We have the IRS, Atty Gen Eric Holder and what might appear to be a very scary incident involving reporter James Rosen, and investigation which make me believe that Big Brother is really watching us.  We have the Benghazi murders being covered up, which Obama is finding out will be more difficult than perhaps he might have initially imagined. 

Maybe House of Cards and current politics are simply mirroring each other's playbooks.  Oh, that's downright mortifying.

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