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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Talking Pretty

Lately, due to circumstances beyond my control, I have been hitting the reading racks with ferocity.  Some lovers of books stick to one vein of topics.  Murder/mysteries, crime novels, fact, fiction, poetry, self-help - everyone has something that entices the soul.  For anyone that knows me, I'm a political person who thrives from Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity  & Bill O'Reilly.  I also have a passion towards history. 

Since I injured my back in March 2012, my choice of topics has remained the same, but has now included humor, poetry, classics and an author introduced to me by dear friend - DAVID SEDARIS.  Often times, books can lag bite.  Some people who recommend books might  start their recommendation with "give it time, the first few chapters are a bit slow".  I go through the painstaking labor of endless chapters, and reach the end, all along thinking to myself..."it's got to get better"...alas it never does. 

DAVID SEDARIS is anything but boring.  I will be honest in saying a few chapters left me in a neurotic state - like watching Al Pacino's "Dog Day Afternoon", but what's a little neurosis when the rest of the book threw me into little grins, internal belly laughs, giggling, a smile and thoughts of "did this guy live my life"?   

Me Talk Pretty One Day is a collection of little tidbits of some one's childhood and life's experiences.  While each chapter is laid out like a short story, Sedaris weaves them all together, into a neat little package, and delivers a wonderfully funny book.  With chapters titled "Jesus Shaves" to the "Tapeworm Is In", a casual Barnes & Noble finger flipping browser might be drawing the conclusion of "WTF'???? And truth be told, I very well may have been one of those consumers. 

My dear friends, Don & Connie have known me the span of my life. They are like parents to me.  Both are lovers of literature and language.  I see their polite eye rolling when I announce my love of all things conservative and republican.  However, they are also keenly aware of my deep love for literature and that I do have a sense of humor.  A few months ago, a large, heavy package arrived from Amazon.  Once unwrapped, I found the complete works of e.e. cummings.  Tears rolled down my face - such a marvelous gift.  I caress that book often and each time I open to a new page, another one of e.e.cummings poems graces my eyes.

So, during December, when facing an unreal amount of stress, Amazon delivered another package.  An early Hanukkah present?  Yes!  No card attached, and none was needed.  The minute I saw the title, and read the first chapter, I KNEW!  My friends, my dearest, most treasured parental friends had done it again. 

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