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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ann Coulter's Dishwasher

Reading Ann Coulter is one of my favorite past times.  Her last essay was in regard to the annoyance of a silent dishwasher.  For those of you who think Ms. Coulter is a political antagonist, you are wrong!  Well, perhaps just misguided or uninformed.

Ms. Coulter starts off with a mention of her irritation with political happenings and all things Washington,  D.C.  With this, I must agree.  If 2012 was a thorn in my political side, 2013 isn't starting off much better. 

A friend recently blogged about variations of terms such as "kicking the can down the street" and "fiscal cliffs".  I thought, after reading his blog, that both those phrases could go hand in hand when describing the shenanigans happening in good old Washington, D.C. 

The fiscal cliff has been, or was, or will be and might even continue to be, the phrase of a decade.  Some refer to it as "looming" or a "Thelma & Louise" moment.  I am but a mere menopausal housewife, and my interpretation of it is a bunch of idiots who haven't the slightest idea of how to create a budget and live by it.  Just what are we paying these goons in Washington for, anyways?  Even worse, how did they get elected?  Oh, that's right - we, THE PEOPLE, lost our minds, and voted for dummies.

In the middle of this stench pile is our POTUS.  He gets in his tax payer jet, flies to Hawaii for a few short days, then flies back to Washington to deal with the impending doom of a fiscal cliff, and then, egregiously flies back to Hawaii to resume his vacation.  How many wasted gallons of jet fuel did that cost the United States?  Before anyone gets their panties in a wad, I am not besmirching the POTUS a vacation, but when we are asking everyday Americans to live within their means, nickle and dime their budgets, go without because of a failing dollar, etc, then how can we, THE PEOPLE, take any of these suggestions to heart when we see the POTUS flying back and forth, simply to stick his nose into the fiscal cliff .

I've got to ask - why didn't he just save the tax payers a few bucks, stay in Washington in the first place?  He could have done his arguing with John Boehner, wasted time, then when it was all said and done, board Air Force 1, head over to Hawaii and enjoy time with his family.  It should be that simple.

I like Ann Coulter's stories about silent dishwashers - I believe the House, the Senate and the POTUS could take a lesson from that.

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