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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Newt, Mitt, Obama and the Lot

Okay.  Here I go.  Another rant on how disgusted I am with the political field, and how our country seems hell bent on self destruction - at times.

I am no angel.  Please, keep the snickering down in the back.  I'm on my soap box right now.  We all have our faults.  Well,  not GOD, but the rest of us are far from perfect.  We are mortals, fallible and always trying to strive towards perfection.

The latest smut running the gauntlet of political war is that Mitt Romney tithes.  Wow, who knew!  A church going man gives to his church.  Sound the horns, take out a billboard ad, climb the highest peak and let the world in on the biggest conspiracy ever, well at least since Clinton became a Cigar Aficionado - TITHING.  Oh, a big scary word.According to the good book, The Holy Bible, tithing is... 
(Leviticus 27:30; Numbers 18:26; Deuteronomy 14:24; 2 Chronicles 31:5).The Old Testament is peppered with verses regarding the law of tithing.  No, the 10% thing is not a Mormon notion, it's a biblical translation of the amount of money that one should give to the "Church", aka GOD.  

I'm no expert on Mormonism, and truth be told, I have always looked at Mormonism with skepticism.  But, come on folks. We are talking tithing here - not secret handclasps and beehives.  We are talking about age old scripture, both Old and New Testament wherein God commands us to tithe 10% of our income or goods, or however you wish to translate it, to your GOD, vis-a-vis the Church.

When I was a little girl my allowance was $1 a week.  I had some chores that would need to be performed even before the $1 entered my palm.  For all you parents out there - allowances and chores are a great idea.  When applied correctly, it's the building blocks for teaching your kids the benefit of hard work, responsibility, and money.  Of course, now a days,  $1 would be balked at, more than likely by those Occupy dummies, but back in 1969, $1 was a great deal.  You could buy almost anything a 7 year old might desire and/or need.  Save up enough dollars, and you could even buy a bike.  

In our house though, we were taught that tithing was necessary.  And there was no 10% tithing.  We were "requested" to tithe 50%.  So, of the dollar, after Sunday mass, you were left with .50.  If I had that same fifty cents now, I'd be a rich woman.  (Hearty chuckle).  But, the allowance, the tithing, etc. did teach me valuable lessons for life.  Hard work never killed anyone, being honest is an asset, and going to Church is not tedious.  

So, here we are, on the cusp of yet another round of "my penis is bigger than your penis (sorry Ms. Bachmann), I am better than you, I tithe more than you, I make more money than you" pissing match.  I do not care!  I want to have someone in the White House who serves the office with honor.  Who leads of our country well, keeps this nation safe from terror, nuclear war, failing economic woes and restores pride to what is rapidly becoming an absent notion.  Is it really that difficult?

Some may say that how you treat your spouse is not relevant to the running of our country.  I would strongly disagree.  Husband and wives take vows.  These vows are sacred.  If you are not capable of even upholding the vows to your spouse, then how can I even begin to vote for you to lead our country?  Bill Clinton may or may not have been a good president.  But he was a lousy human being.  He liked cigars.  He liked semantics.  He questioned what the definition of "IS" was? Someone asked me if I thought less of Clinton because he cheated on Hillary.  I was more irritated that he lied about it.  If he wanted a barnyard party with sheep, I could have cared less.  But he lied to the people of this country, not to mention Hillary.  Does anyone else find that offensive?

The headlines this morning are that Newt is a crappy husband.  Again, it boils down to how he sees his marital vows.  And here's a news flash Ms. Gingrich.  Since you were a mistress at one point, it's likely that you will be the jilted woman at some point too.  However, the headlines are now fumbling over Newt's treatment of his second wife.  Ugh!  I was not a supporter of Newt before this shocking news, and I sure as hell am not one now.  

The Lot - well thus far B. Hussein Obama has done nothing but lead America down the road of dismay.  He has a penchant for golf. He seems to love vacation.  I would too, if someone else was footing the bill.  He seems far more concerned in pleasing the very leaders who would like to blow America right off the map.  The economy is hovering in a perpetual state of stinky poo-poo.  People are angry.  Pride in America is low.  How is it that so many people were swayed by his mantra of Hope and Change.  I have not seen much of either.  Wait, I take retract that.  To phrase a bumper sticker - I HOPE that things CHANGE.  No O for '12.  

I pray that the GOP gets their act together so we can put forth a candidate who not only will beat the tar out of B. Hussein Obama but restore this country to greatness.  At the rate we are going, things are getting scary.  I feel like some poor blond victim, staring in front of a mirror, saying "Candyman" 3 times.  All this nonsense about tithing is ruining the chances of the GOP putting up a decent candidate that can restore this country.

I'm voting for Mitt Romney! 


  1. Very nice Ann.I enjoyed your writing and opinion.

  2. Thanks Kathy. I enjoy your writing as well. ;-)