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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

who owns this blog?

So apparently I write about myself too much on my own blog.  This was discovered when I inquired of some friends as to whether or not they had read the blog and what they thought about it.  I don't mind criticism, comment or curt replies.  I asked and I indeed, received.  But I am left in a bit of a fog - Musings from Menopause... well who should the blog be about?  A man in  menopause?

I have been on the road for 3 weeks now.  I attempted to get a job in Southern California.  One was offered, however, the rate of pay would not allow me to cover the home in Colorado as well as a place in Ventura, CA.  I spent 2 weeks; divided between the coast and the Valley.  The weather was accommodating, and I was reminded of the utter joy of driving on the 405 during torrential rain, and even an extra special treat of the 405 north, right where the 5 and 405 merge, during rush hour traffic.  It was sublime, I tell you!  Nothing says, "I love LA" more than edging along a single line of traffic, moving at a snail's pace of 4 mph.  Really, 4 mph.  My friend's son Sean and I had a hearty laugh and imagined what all the other suckers were thinking as we inched through a maze of vehicles.  Sheer utopia!

I saw the Pacific coastline (SMILE) and the sound of the waves.  There is nothing more relaxing to me than the sites, sounds and smell of the coastline.  After a week, it was time to head to Santa Clarita, the Valley and other visits.  I stomped on old stomping grounds; as if this is some type of ritual when someone gets older and is faced with the realization that we are all mortal. Truth be told, the Valley has really taken a beating.  There are more and more homeless standing on corners these days.  The economy is taking its toll on the City of Angels.  Trust me when I say that its not that I lack compassion, but simply, that I no longer have spare change to give some people.  Wait, I think B. Hussein Obama has some "change"!

After one week in the Valley, I have headed east, to Phoenix, where I now bask in the joy of 95 degree days, sunshine and a good book.  Sadly, this leg of the trip is nearing an end.  I have heard that there has been snowfall in the 'Boat, (Steamboat, to the lay person) and the highs this week have not even crested 50.  Ugh, do I really need to go home? 

My mother has a dead tree in her front yard, and after some discussion it was thought that the best way in which to remove this scab on the desert landscape was to tie a rope/chain around it, hook it to my tow bar on my SUV, and yank.  However, this could have caused my front end to be forcefully removed if not gauged correctly - weight/force/etc...  I uttered in jubilation - Does a front end reconstruction allow me to stay throughout the winter?  Nope!  Darn.  I almost felt the need to head to Target for sun tan oil.

Alas, I should head the car north, towards the Rockies, and what awaits me.  Snow.  Of course, there are the high points of this idea. John is probably missing me, and the over use of the personal pronoun ******  "  I  "..!!!!

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