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Friday, November 25, 2011

XBox360, Pepper Spray and Insanity

Really?  I mean, REALLY?

Tis the season to be stupid.  Fa-la-la-la.  I suppose I can plead some level of ignorance as to why XBox360 is even worth standing in line for, at night, with other morons.  It's not as though some person is handing out free $100 bills - It's standing in line for a video game.

What's wrong with society?  Well, I can tell you the possible root for some of the major dysfunction which seems to be taking over the United States. GREED,  a sense of ENTITLEMENT, and people who spend worthless hours in front of a television playing video games.  When you see the major news stories of the evening, several things seem to fill the first 10 minutes.  The Occupy Goons are camped out in city parks, picking up lice, communicable diseases and stinking up the joint.  They are refusing to go out and get jobs.  Sure, I can appreciate the irritation at bankers and corporations that we, the American tax payers bailed out, and who are now are receiving bonuses.  So, I will give the protesters that.  But, what may have started as a novel idea, has run its course, and is now nothing more than an excuse to sit around, chant silly statements, and go without a bath.  Sorry, your time is up.

Next item on the agenda - look at the silly parents across the country, willing to stand in lines, occupying the sidewalk all in hopes of snagging some video game for their kid.  We talk, and talk, and talk about the economy dwindling and the failure of an American made product.  Yet, at Christmas time we flock in hoards to stores so we can buy foreign made toys. We buy products from China.  Yep, that's right, CHINA.  Last time I checked, America was up to its credit card ASS in debt to China.  Has anyone seen the Target commercial of some bipolar looking manic red suited lady, "training" for her big day of shopping?  That's enough to give anyone nightmares.

I purchased some pepper spray a few months ago as a means of personal protection.  I had some psychopath who made some threats towards me, and so I felt the need for personal protection.  Pepper Spray seems to be the answer for me, although packing a gun is a little more comforting.  But, the pepper spray can put down an assailant pretty fast.  Bad men beware that if you intend to hurt me, I will have no regrets in giving you a face full of pepper.

Thankfully there are a few things I will not be doing any time soon.  I will not be in any occupy movements in the near future.   I do not want cooties from some fool who thinks sitting in a park, living in a tent, chanting about how "We" owe him something is the end all experience of a lifetime.  I can attest to the fact that I will never, ever, wake up at midnight to go out and stand in a line with a bunch of greedy consumers, looking for the perfect deal.  There is nothing I "need" nor "want" that bad.  CORRECTION - I will stand in a line to vote Obama OUT OF OFFICE,  I am more content in drifting off to a turkey coma on Thanksgiving night.  I do not understand, nor do I have any interest in learning how to play XBOX360.  I have a hard enough time trying to figure out how to get the little smile face icon to appear on my Skype screen.

And thankfully,  my pepper spray is safe in my purse, only to be discharged if a bad man tries to hurt me.

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